Regional transit system best for Mahoning Valley

Regional transit system best for Mahoning Valley
It was reported in The Vindicator that the city of Warren is considering bus transportation for that community.
In the early 1970s, I was president of the Mahoning/Trumbull Regional Transit Authority. At that time, a plan was development for a single transit system covering both counties. It also included the transportation of school children and represented a very comprehensive, cost-effective plan.
The only survivor of that plan is the Western Reserve Transit Authority which was established by supportive voters of the city of Youngstown.
Although that plan of over 30 years is outdated, the concept of a regional transit program under the Western Reserve Transit Authority is reasonable and should be considered.
The former Youngstown Regional Airport is now the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport. That concept should be used for bus transportation in the two-county area as another tool for our region's economic development.
We must not view this kind of proposal as too big or too complicated for our communities to develop because it is not. There are a number of "tailor-made" bus systems operating in both communities, and they should continue to operate, but a comprehensive system is long overdue.
I believe the board of the Western Reserve Transit Authority should meet with the mayors of Youngstown and Warren, and the county commissioners of both Mahoning and Trumbull counties to see if after 30 years, a progressive bus transportation system for our communities can be developed.
Personal attacks won't help Craig Beach Village
At times, it's hard to understand people's motives. In a Vindicator article on the special council meeting called in Craig Beach on June 20, Councilperson Champion refers to me as a "yes man." This was quite a surprise to me because prior to the meeting, Mr. Champion shook my hand and stated that his leaving the meeting had nothing to do with me personally as he didn't know me, but that he was opposed to the way I came to the council.
Not knowing me is one thing, but making assumptions is another. I took the position as an interim councilperson until the November election, and like most citizens in Craig Beach, I am tired of the fighting and negativism surrounding the council and the village. Good people have become disillusioned with the idea of serving the community and trying to do a good job for the people and not individual groups.
If an item is beneficial to the village, I will vote for it. If it is not, then I will not hesitate to vote against it regardless of who makes the motion.
I am not a politician, but I do believe we have a great village with a lot of potential. The petty name calling, belittling and attacks are needless and definitely do not build bridges to a better government. This takes communication and cooperation.
Craig Beach
National debt will grow
The impending distribution of part of the tax surplus, via the mailing of checks by the IRS to single and married taxpayers, is just another way the Republicans can avoid paying the national debt.
It seems obvious that if the debt is completely paid off, the ultra-wealthy will no longer have the luxury of investing in Treasury bills, bonds and notes, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States, i.e. the taxpayers.
So the debt will not be paid off and, as in President Reagan's administration, it will grow and grow, as the current Bush administration comes face to face with the need to fund essential programs essentially called boondoggle appropriations benefiting lobbyist constituents.