Marriage licenses
Justin P. Durkin, 23, of 3381 Quentin Drive, Youngstown, and Heather A. Scurti, 24, of same.
David M. Littler, 22, of 7477 Huntington Drive, #2, Boardman, and Heather L. Houston, 22, of 9625 Cherry Hills Drive, Canfield.
Ronald C. Haussman, 29, of 310 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, and Holly Kahn Connolly, 25, of same.
Charles F. Jeswald, 26, of 6560 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, and Cheryl L. VanGorder, 32, of 2239 Watson-Marshall, McDonald.
Edward P. Kemble Jr., 21, of 5 Cardinal Drive, Austintown, and Jennifer L. Johnson, 23, of 5 Crandall Drive, Austintown.
Mark D. Itts, 45, of 7842 state Route 62, Canfield, and Mary C. Scott, 44, of same.
Vincent Babyak, 28, of 9122 Jakes Path, Largo, Fla., and Krista M. Bell, 22, of same.
Ronald L. Gilbert, 61, of 6464 Downs Road, Warren, and Sherry Clark, 36, of 58 McClure St., Struthers.
Milan M. Pavlich, 43, of 15 Homestead Drive, Boardman, and Theresa M. Miller, 41, of same.
Joseph S. Severn, 25, of 3864 Indian Run Drive, Canfield, and Rachelle E. Kent, 27, of 1864 Chapel Hill, Youngstown.
Donald D. Mitchell Jr., 23, of 410 Fairground Blvd., #201, Canfield, and Mandi J. Calve, 23, of 6750 Applewood Blvd., Boardman.
Divorces asked
Jennifer O. Belknap, 2188 Penny Lane Court, Youngstown, vs. John W. Belknap, 15429 Elk Ridge Lane, Chesterfield, Mo.
Lesa M.. Liebhart, 105 S. 15th St., Sebring, vs. David J. Liebhart, 135 S. 17th St., Beloit.
Sandra L. Fell, 3380 Sunnybrook Drive, Youngstown, vs. Walter Lee Fell, to 9606, 650-1-5, California State Penitentiary, Avenal, Calif.
John J. Mihaley III, 12555 Akron-Canfield Road, North Jackson vs. Nicole A. Mihaley, 12555 Akron-Canfield Road, North Jackson.
Tommy R. Butler, 73 Jean St., Campbell vs. Latheresa M. Butler, 1554 Republic, Youngstown.
New complaints
Marcus Thomas vs. Execom Inc. et al, breach of contract.
Gene Rubino et al vs. L. D. Foods Inc. et al, money.
Roger Malamisura vs. Koffee Lilly, money.
Frederick Sattler vs. Ronald Anzevino, money.
Latosha Burkley et al vs. Tex Martin, money.
Randy Graham et al vs. Alfred Snowball Jr. et al, money.
Betty Rogers vs. Mathew Stephenson, money.
Ohio Edison Co. vs. A. P. O'Horo Co., money.
Charles Murphy vs. Ameritech, money.
Ruby Rodriguez vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, workers' compensation.
Janice Burley vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, workers' compensation.
Ann Reicosky vs. Earnest G. Earl Jr. et al, money.
Firstar Bank Milwaukee vs. Robert Scarnecchia et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Michael D. Landwert et al, money.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Walter Ennis et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Russell J. Miklos et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Shirley Gutierrez et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Mary Ann Racin et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Mary L. McCarthy et al, foreclosure.
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Jeremiah G. Blaylock et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Thomas E. Ragland et al, foreclosure.
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Charles Lee Card III admr. et al, foreclosure.
Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez vs. Clara Jennings, breach of contract.
USX Corp. vs. Radco Inc., money.
Ronald J. Ula vs. Onyx Environmental Services et al, workers' compensation.
Joyce Greathouse Williams vs. Charles Pedro, money.
First Place Bank vs. John F. Kosco et al, foreclosure.
Sarah Rose vs. Elizabeth Chamness, money.
U. S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Robert A. Scarnecchia et al, foreclosure.
Michele L. Wright et al vs. Raymond G. Holoman, money.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Harry Hull, money.
Marsha Koscelansky vs. Daniel Pesut, money.
The Free Gospel Church vs. Harvey Minich dba Marion Heating & amp; A. C., breach of contract.
Clear Channel Inc. vs. Restaurant Concepts Unlimited Corp., money.
Docket entries
Mary Pietrzak et al vs. Robert Humes et al, settled and dismissed.
Jane E. Hagberg et al vs. Gary S. Meech et al, settled and dismissed.
Norman R. Inglis vs. Eye Care Assoc. Inc. et al, dismissed.
Justine C. Parks vs. K Mart Corp., dismissed.
Lisa Fazio vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Dennis J. Lehman et al, confirming sale.
Centex Home Equity Corp vs. Sandra L. Giancola et al, dismissed.
First Select vs. Gerald L. Black, judgment for plaintiff.
Adidas America Inc. vs. L and K Soccer Ltd. et al, dismissed.
Farmers National Bank of Canfield vs. Jack D. Mavrikis Jr. et al, dismissed.
Wells Fargo vs. Russell G. Perales et al, foreclosure.
GMAC Mtg. Corp. vs. Robert D. Macala et al, dismissed.
Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. et al vs. Annie B. Armour et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Robert M. Guiraud et al, foreclosure.
Citibank South Dakota vs. Ruthann M. Smith, default judgment for plaintiff.
Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. vs. James Kelly, default judgment for plaintiff.
Evangeline Tiliakos vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center, dismissed.
Caliope Makris et al vs. Scandinavian Health Spa et al, settled and dismissed.
John S. Pallay vs. Giselle Pallay et al, settled and dismissed.
Joyce A. Johnson et al vs. Patricia L. Tsagaris, dismissed.
Norwest Mtg. Inc. vs. Paul R. Martin et al, confirming sale.
Edward Stevens vs. Joseph Curran, settled and dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Frank R. Lucido: estate to wife, Mary.
Will of Mary Lou Messimer: estate to husband, Eugene P.
Will of Harriett J. Kramer: estate to husband, Robert N.
Will of Richard S. Bame: estate to wife, Aldine F.
Will of Thomas B. Wanca: estate to wife, Joan.
Will of Richard Johnson: estate to wife, Caroline.
Will of Stefan Ubelhart: estate to wife, Maria.
Will of Hester Stiles: estate to Calvary Baptist Church, First United Methodist Chuch, Argus Lodge #545 F & amp; AM, Francine Sexton, Sondra Bessell, Robert Pennell, Dennis Bensinger, and Daisy Goddard; with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Robert Krish et al to Dominic A. Precurch, Youngstown, $5,000.
John T. Rudibaugh et al to Ronaldo F. Slipansky Jr., Boardman Twp., $75,200.
DiVito LLC to Mary K. Misier, Boardman Twp., $102,000.
Raymond P. Dickey to Mary E. Morris, Austintown Twp., $48,000.
Barth & amp; Richardson Management Ltd. to Jeff Johnson Construction Services, Springfield Twp., $27,000.
Barth & amp; Richardson Management Ltd. to Ramunno Builders Inc., $27,000.
Francesco F. Centofanti to James L. Thompson et al, Poland Twp., $272,000.
Linda R. Hempstead to Kimberly Marshall, Sebring City, $50,500.
Vada G. Graham to Frank J. Gunger et al, Youngstown, $15,000.
Robert W. Gay et al to Benjamin A. Howard et al, Boardman Twp., $81,900.
Regina S. Best et al to Bishop Thomas Tobin, Youngstown, $9,200.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Steven D. and Stacey L. Williams, 4546 Nantucket, #11, Youngstown; he: laborer, Miller Spreader; she: homemaker; liabilities, $36,125; assets, $2,429.
Emma M. Robb, 456 Raccoon Road, Apt. B-45, Youngstown; laid off; liabilities, $44,658; assets, $545.
Wanda Coleman, 238 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown; nurses assistant, Omni Manor Inc.; liabilities, $36,515; assets, $8,105.
Jose and Luisa Vanlentin, 24 Palmer Ave., Campbell; both: retired; liabilities, $45,173; assets, $21,229.
Dorothy A. Robinson, 964 Plaza View, Apt. C, Youngstown; none; liabilities, $10,596; assets, $750.
Jeneen Evette Biggs, 324 Lucius Ave., Youngstown; housekeeper, Micro-Tel; liabilities, $16,734; assets, $1,100.
Jeffrey S. and Nancy L. Wickham, 3302 Allendale, Youngstown; he: roller, Metal Fab-Andrews Metal Products; she: none; liabilites, $9,037; assets, $1,900.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Patricia Trenik, 1763 Brockton Drive, Youngstown; cashier, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $40,005; assets, $89,400.
Joel B. Sr. and Teresa M. Jennings, 232 Hilton Ave., Youngstown; he: circulation assistant, The Vindicator; she: NA; liabilities, $53,407; assets, $27,268.

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