Fix park problem with a little elbow grease

Fix park problem with a little elbow grease
I am writing in response to a recent letter regarding Perkins Park in Warren. While I applaud the writer's concern for the youth of Warren and his willingness to help, I have an alternative suggestion. Instead of brandishing picket signs at a protest, why don't the parents, coaches and players wield shovels and rakes and head to the park and prepare the field themselves? This would not only get the field ready for play, but also teach the kids valuable lessons in community service and working to obtain goals. This is the way the baseball fields in Firestone Park in Columbiana were maintained when I was a little leaguer.
Justice not fulfilled by capital punishment
I'm totally against the death penalty. Justice can be served by a life-long sentence in prison.
The families of the victims (in the case of Timothy McVeigh) all seemed to desire some sign of repentance in Timothy McVeigh. If only the "time" necessary for repentance had been given to him. We can all be thankful that God doesn't treat us in the same way.
The families of the victims also desired healing. The healing mercy of God is only able to penetrate our souls through our forgiveness of others. Desiring the death of the one who hurts us only harms us in the end. How can the healing mercy of God enter into a "hardened heart" that only desires justice?
Has the heart of our nation become hardened? Robbing convicted killers of the time God intends for their repentance. Robbing the family's of victims of the time God intends for their healing.
Mental illness cannotbe underestimated
I read with great dismay, your editorial regarding what you feel was not justice in the Giancola matter.
Long ago, my wife at the time, suffered from a condition very similar to Mrs. Giancola's. It is a terrible and serious illness.
However, the end results were entirely different. Why?
For one, knowing she was very ill, I saw to it that she was never left alone. Never. There weren't any sharp instruments left unlocked in the house.
Knowing the area (St Angela Drive), it doesn't appear that hiring or in some other manner providing an in-home caretaker would have caused a terminal financial crisis. So, why wasn't it done for Mrs. Giancola?
I can't answer that, because I'm not privy to the details of all the events surrounding this terrible tragedy.
Can they get better? Sure. My wife's doctor best described how a person like that feels. He said, & quot;She would rather feel nothing, than feel how she does. & quot;
So were does this take us?
I believe nobody, I mean nobody, should stand in judgment of a person such as Mrs. Giancola unless they have first-hand personal experience with mental illness, or failing that, consultation with those who are professionals in that field.
You, have, I'm afraid, done a serious injustice to the public, Mrs. Giancola, and the legal system by publishing such a poor, and grossly ignorant editorial.
Let them eat ... mammal?
Mr. Sam Moffie, who aspires to political office, cited a proverb which states that truth seekers eat fish. He went on to say that a Mr. Leo Jennings III should eat a whale.
I think that Mr. Moffie should know that a whale is not a fish; it is a mammal.