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Published: Sun, June 24, 2001 @ 12:00 a.m.


Marriage licenses

Arthur J. Johnston II, 24, of 515 Atlantic St., Warren, and Traci D. Knapp, 22, of same.

Michael L. Burns, 29, of 4856 Warren-Sharon Road, Vienna, and Cheryl Hacker, 27, of 671 Woodbine Ave., Warren.

Fritz V. Birkhimer, 31, of 16371 Wilson Ave., Warren, and Jodi L. Genova, 24, of same.

Michael R. Jankuj, 22, of 1061 state Route 305, Cortland, and Jill M. Gregory, 21, of 463 Everett Hull Road, Cortland.

Daniel P. Davis, 21, of 106 Amy Place, Cortland, and Shannon M. Brown, 22, of same.

James H. Black Jr., 22, of 2508 Chestnut St., Girard, and Teona L. Bennant, 18, of 120 W. Prospect, Girard.

Daniel Wilms, 31, of 3160 Niles-Cortland Road, Cortland, and Jennifer Beebe, 31, of same.

James A. Risinger Jr., 30, of 22 Botelho Drive, Portsmouth, R.I., and Kristie L. Wynkoop, 30, of same.

Rudy L. Schober, 37, of 325 Rain Tree, Lewisville, Texas, and Bridget D. Blaney, 27, of same.

Michael Davila, 42, of 908 Mansell Drive, Liberty, and Lillian Nunn, 38, of same.

Kurt A. Miller, 21, of 3053-B Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland, and Tiffany R. Carter, 21, of same.

David L. Shaffer Jr., 26, of 831 Gramercy St., Winston-Salem, N.C., and Rebecca M. Solida, 23, of same.

James W. Woods, 33, of 1184 Harvard Drive S.E., Warren, and Jennifer L. Thompson, 30, of 1040 Willard Ave. S.E., Warren.

Mitchell Jarzynkowski, 37, of 896 Dana St., Warren, and Amy M. Simpson, 24, of 257 N. Colonial St., Cortland.

Donald L. Reider, 58, of 871 Ellsworth Bailey Road, Warren, and Julia L. Salmons, 51, of same.

Johnny B. Hough, 44, of 29 Woodland Chase, Niles, and Katherine L. McCarthy, 53, of same.

Edward C. Frederick, 21, of 3511 Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland, and Laurel L. Chisholm, 22, of same.

Muhammad Fahim, 28, of 1070 Patricia Drive, Girard, and Shirley K. Hill, 38, of same.

David A. Whipkey, 21, of 1374 Westwood Drive, Warren, and Kelly R. Mattern, 21, of same.

James J. Foster, 28, of 87 Poplar St., Niles, and Sally J. Palm, 46, of same.

Andrew L. Yoder, 30, of 28 Fox St., Hubbard, and Laura A. Jones, 28, of same.

Jeffery W. Zanolli, 33, of 389 S. Albright McKay Road, Brookfield, and Virginia A. Flavell, 53, of same.

Kevin D. Kifer, 25, of 5408 Kuszmaul Ave. N.W., Warren, and Jenna R. Smolak, 23, of 9041 Gilbert Road, Ravenna.

Scott D. Rich, 45, of 141 Pittsburgh Ave., Girard, and Susan M. Kramer, 37, of same.

Brian M. Granelly, 31, of 7 Richard Drive, Vienna, and Millie M. Love, 37, of 925 Adelaide S.E., Warren.

Paul A. Lamphear, 38, of 6868 Phillip Rice Road, Cortland, and Martha I. Clapper, 29, of same.

Scott S. Halicki, 30, of 109 Charles St., Hubbard, and Patricia L. Barnes, 29, of same.

John M. Wilcox, 21, of 2025 Tod Ave. S.W., Warren, and Karen J. Cramer, 19, of same.

Dissolutions filed

Wilma Brinsky and Timothy Brinsky.

Gerald Brandenstein Jr. and Kelly A. Brandenstein.

Wanda G. Carnahan and Edward B. Carnahan Sr.

Jaye T. Weston and Jeffrey L. Weston.

Kerry D. Kistler and William A. Kistler.

Edna S. Samons and Chad O. Samons.

Karen P. Kuper and Kevin J. Kuper.

Kristine R. Betts and Timothy A. Betts.

Douglas Wayt and Stacey L. Wayt.

Angie Eckenrode and Thomas J. Eckenrode II.

Judy E. Reichert and Scott P. Reichert.

Pamela Deemer and Mark Deemer.

Alan W. Zubyk and Melissa N. Zubyk.

Gloria J. Mastro and Joseph A. Mastro.

Divorces filed

Richard K. Harvey vs. Paula M. Harvey.

Shawn A. Osmon vs. Brenda J. Osmon.

Patti Lamoureaux Keller vs. Randy L. Keller.

Arthur M. Adams Jr. vs. Meana M. Adams.

David M. Elkins vs. Shelby J. Elkins.

Delores M. Arnold vs. Randall Arnold.

Traciy. Duncan vs. Ronald D. Duncan.

Diana L. Grant vs. Robert A. Grant.

John T. Machingo vs. Rhonda L. Machingo.

Richard D. Coons vs. Lynn M. Coons.

Jan Skeels vs. William R. Skeels.

Carol L. Nichols vs. Roy L. Nichols.

Barbara J. Fenn vs. Gordon H. Fenn.

Angela Fox vs. William P. Fox.

Lara J. Bloomer vs. Scott M. Bloomer.

Cheryl L. Decavitch vs. David L. Decavitch.

Jennifer J. Roller vs. Joseph J. Roller.

Legal separation filed

Michele A. Bishop vs. Raymond F. Bishop.

David M. McClellan vs. Lynne E. McClellan.

Rhonda R. Martorana vs. Brian L. Martorana.

Randy D. Copenhaver vs. Cathy L. Copenhaver.

Carol J. Beyah vs. Myron S. Beyah.

Cases dismissed

Mark J. Davis vs. Terrie L. Davis.

Valerie Ryan vs. Michael L. Ryan.

Glenn Miller vs. Elizabeth Miller.

Amy Kook vs. Daniel Parise.

Brianne Sallaza vs. Eric David.

Amanda H. Vogle and Anthony Vogle.

Brenda L. Culver vs. James R. Lee Jr.

Michelle Walker vs. Brandon Judd.

Dissolutions granted

Sandra L. Harris and Dwaine Harris.

Wendy J. Elias and Nicholas J. Elias.

Cary C. Carter and Tracy L. Carter.

Kerry A. Fairbanks and Natalie L. Fairbanks.

Janel L. Stuart and George E. Stuart.

Stephanie Wynne and James P. Wynne.

Tammie L. Baylor and Lester J. Baylor.

Robert N. Angott vs. Judith Angott.

Nancy A. Shacklock and Edward C. Shacklock Jr.

Bradley P. Miller and Corinne L. Miller.

Herbert R. Hogue II and Angie M. Hogue.

Allyson M. Ferrier and Sean M. Ferrier.

Dorothy R. Childers and Dana D. Childers.

Gary L. Riggins and Alfreda R. Riggins.

Arma Z. Ford and Charles A. Ford Jr.

Stephanie J. Vorce and Tracy W. Vorce.

Arthur A. Cargill and Neva L. Cargill.

Divorces granted

Robert C. Carlson vs. Sallie J. Carlson, divorce to plaintiff.

Jerilyn E. Cooper vs. Charles L. cooper, divorce to plaintiff.

Cathy C. Foresh vs. Frank A. Foresh, divorce to plaintiff.

Sondra L. Kish vs. Daniel J. Kish Sr., divorce to plaintiff.

Shawna L. Guski vs. Jason M. Guski, divorce to plaintiff.

David A. Allen Jr. vs. Sara J. Allen, divorce to plaintiff.

Margaret A. Williams vs. James A. Williams, divorce to plaintiff.

Jodi M. Walters vs. Kenneth A. Walter, divorce to both.

Linda L. Shipman vs. Roy V. Shipman, divorce to both.

Stacey M. Judy vs. Eric D. Judy, divorce to plaintiff.

Christopher G. Wildman vs. Michelle L. Wildman, divorce to plaintiff.


Guarnieri Land Co. vs. Donald K. Pitzer, settled and dismissed.

Raymond R. Lee Jr. vs. Watt L. Sparks, satisfaction of judgment.

Timothy Ulrich vs. Denman Tire Corp., settled and dismissed.

Joann K. Hatch vs. Carol L. Woodyard, dismissed.

James D. Allen vs. Nam Ko Ko, M.D., dismissed.

Diane M. Daykin vs. BWC, dismissed.

Charles Waller Sr. vs. Microdot Inc. et al, dismissed.

Agnes Noble vs. G.E. Auto and Home, dismissed.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Nancy L. Hayes et al, foreclosure.

First Federal Savings vs. Foster J. Cowles Jr., settled and dismissed.

New Jersey Mtg. et al vs. Curtis Johnson et al, settled and dismissed.

American General Finance vs. Michael J. HUD Sr., foreclosure.

Ocwen Financial Services vs. Marsha L. Richmond, foreclosure.

Motorists Mutual Insurance vs. Manda William, judgment for plaintiff.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Stephen Laslo, settled and dismissed.

Cortland Savings et al vs. Tracey E. Drvodelic, settled and dismissed.

Jonathan A. Little vs. Wojcik Builders Inc., settled and dismissed.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Nicholas Macrinos, dismissed.

Chase Mortgage Co-West vs. Richard A. Miller, dismissed.

Sharron R. Zook vs. Orren W. Zook Jr., settled and dismissed.

Lisa Smith vs. JTH Tax Inc., settled and dismissed.

David M. Schezzini vs. General Motors Corp., dismissed.

Countrywide Home Loans vs. Jerrold A. Makis, confirmation of sale.

Federal National Mortgage vs. Lonnie L. Baker, confirmation of sale.

Alan R. Snyder vs. U.S. Extrusion Tooll & amp; Die, settled and dismissed.

Michelle Guterba vs. Independent Warranty, settled.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Judy L. Eloby et al, dismissed.

Citifinancial Inc. vs. Samuel Ford, default granted for plaintiff.

John Robinson vs. Janet Robinson, dismissed.

Edward Zamarelli vs. William Zamarelli, dismissed.

Walter E. Zysk vs. Robert Hafely, settled and dismissed.

Robert Henderson vs. Jennie H. Budak, settled and dismissed.

Anne Guerra vs. First National Super, settled and dismissed.

Pamela Motton vs. Maria Rozzi, settled.

Amber L. Nezbeth vs. Sandra K. Lauth, settled and dismissed.

Dukes Transportation vs. Winner Aviation Corp., settled.

Excel Extrusions Inc. vs. Charles Hughes et al, dismissed.

Grange Mutual Casualty Co. vs. Bobby Monroe, settled and dismissed.

Manufacturers Traders vs. Tina M. Duffy, foreclosure.

Cigna Insurance vs. Sadie Latouf, settled and dismissed.

Midfirst Bank vs. Jacqueline C. Currie, Richard Roe only, dismissed.

Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Maurice Damelio, dismissed.

Countrywide Home Loans vs. James L. Rumple Jr. et al, settled and dismissed.

Rosemary J. Serbin vs. Verna M. Barnhart, settled and dismissed.

Robert W. Brown vs. Eugene B. Kelson, settled and dismissed.

Peter J. Dovellos vs. Jack Gibson Construction, settled and dismissed.

Gary McClellan vs. Forum Health, dismissed.

Stephen R. Fintor vs. Gregory Hess, dismissed.

Board of County vs. Pennsylvania Lines LLC, settled and dismissed.

David Schezzini vs. C. James Conrad, dismissed.

Joe Herubin vs. John Devaney, settled and dismissed.

Ethyl Mazarakis vs. Dr. Sal Frangiamore, settled and dismissed.

Jean Bianco vs. K-mart Corp., settled and dismissed.

First Federal Savings et al vs. Christopher Shafer, satisfaction of judgment.

Nationwide Insurance Co. vs. Andre West et al, default granted.

Leader Mortgage Co. vs. David B. Zuppan, foreclosure.

Kenneth Gardner vs. Ohio Adult Parole, Watkins only, dismissed.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. George W. Whitacre, dismissed.

GMAC vs. Denise Romancheck, settled and dismissed.

GMAC vs. Arlene M. Waite, dismissed.

New Complaints

National City Bank vs. Kathleen M. Garro, other civil.

Evette G. Kotsatos vs. Delphic Books Inc., other civil.

Household Realty Corp. vs. Jerry H. Fowler, foreclosure.

Susan M. Stancher vs. Kathlene M. Clark, other torts.

Howland Twp. Board et al vs. Age Management Co., other civil.

Louis Lytell vs. Swift Transportation, other civil.

Kathleen M. Benson vs. Ohio Springs Inc./Sheetz, workers' compensation.

Daniel M. Aulizia vs. Westfield National Insurance, other civil.

Citifinancial Inc. vs. Clyde L. Oller, foreclosure.

GE Capital Fleet Service vs. John Myers Jr., replevin.

Shelly Stewart vs. Dennis J. Edmiston, other torts.

Kecia Warr vs. General Motors Corp., workers' compensation.

Raymond Vesey vs. One Health Plan of Ohio, other civil.

Cheryl Hofstetter vs. Charles Roebuck, other civil.

Midland Credit Management Inc. vs. Cathy Barrios, other civil.

WFS Financial vs. Gregory A. Oakes, replevin.

Joseph Millik vs. John C. Smith, other torts.

Bank One NA vs. Edward C. Mahan, foreclosure.

Bank of New York vs. Wallace A. Thomson, foreclosure.

Greenpoint Credit LLC to Dorothy E. Oneil, replevin.

James S. Ferguson vs. David A. Bako, other torts.

Terry L. Brannon vs. City of Warren, other civil.

United State of America vs. Melissa J. Dubravcak, foreclosure.

Gene L. Williot vs. Big Sky Energy Inc., other civil.

Tommie Stewart vs. USX Corp., workers compensation.

Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Andrew J. Hospodor et al, foreclosure.

William P. Russell vs. St. Joseph Health Center, professional tort.

Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Darl E. Manks, foreclosure.

Marilyn Carpenter vs. Ed Garland, other civil.

Warner Realty Inc. vs. Warren City Health District, administrative appeal.

Gregory A. Weir vs. John Myers Jr., other civil.

Michael Albanese vs. Matthew E. Valentz, other torts.

Pennbrook Professional vs. Director Ohio Department, other civil.

Thomas Sayers Sr. vs. Diane L. Currence, other torts.

Nationscredit Financial vs. Eva Mae Brown et al, foreclosure.

U.S. Bank NA vs. Daryl Cowan, foreclosure.

Janet M. Barillare vs. Andree L. Bowers, other torts.

William C. Peters Jr. vs. Jeremy R. Lombardo, other torts.

Bank One NA et al vs. Gayle Leviege, foreclosure.

Betty E. Patterson vs. Jeremy W. Shugarts, other torts.

Larry G. Rusu vs. Robert L. Mills, other torts.

Bank One NA vs. Richard H. Rule, foreclosure.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Kevin L. Hall, foreclosure.

Farmers National Bank vs. Bernard Fronzaglio, foreclosure.

Steven R. Miranda Sr. vs. Norman V. Stroup, other torts.

Joyce Coleman vs. Joseph Petrek, other torts.

Maxine Leaghty vs. Laurie Ann Nursing Home, other torts.

David Zambino vs. C. James Conrad, admin., workers' compensation.

Paul B. Wilfong vs. Joan L. Williams, other civil.

Dvid A. Zajac vs. Heritage Florist Inc., other civil.

Bonnie McCauley vs. Phyllis Jenkins, other torts.

Jessie Maxwell vs. Sonja Rehburg, other torts.

Bryon L. Anderson vs. Martin J. Javorsky, other torts.

Bankers Trust etal vs. Martin G. Gibson, foreclosure.

Richard Benko, executor vs. Robert M. Platt Jr., other civil.


Bankruptcies/Chapter 7

Leroy A. and Martha J. Booth, 1362 West State St., Salem; both retired; liabilities, $29,094; assets, $1,700.

Rick G. Eisenhour, 11403 Market St., North Lima; none; liabilities, $254,279; assets, $189,971.

Kathleen M. Coxey, 11403 Market St., North Lima; recruiter, MCI Worldcom; liabilities, $212,010; assets, $167,545.

Donald A. and Janet A. Simmons, 19955 North Benton West Road, North Benton; he: roofer, Exterior Maintenance; she: Independent Sales Consultant; liabilities, $190,518; assets, $162,225.


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