Received bachelor's degree unless otherwise noted.
Clark -- James Carucci, electrical engineering; Kristine Harakal, management information systems.
Edinburg -- Gretchen Haines, business; Max Roseck, associate in arts and science.
Ellwood City-- John Braymer, associate in hotel, restaurant and institution; Timothy Hutchings, management and information systems; Grandin Rushlander, plastics engineering technology; Renee Sudano, associate in hotel, restaurant and institution; Mary Wojtkiewicz, English.
Farrell -- Misty Cromartie, psychology; Lori Graham, associate in letters, arts and sciences; Susan Grande, business; Jo Lyn Sabol, business; Jennifer Zec, human development and family studies.
Fredonia -- Aki Munnell, animal bioscience.
Greenville -- Peter Baird, advertising-public relations, with highest distinction; Amy Boyles, art; Marshall Chriswell, human development and family studies, with highest distinction; Michelle Derr, associate in letters, arts and science; Mandi Foulk, associate in occupational therapy; Michelle Frydrych, business; Jason Harpst, mechanical engineering; Brian King, management, with distinction; Scott McMarlin, hotel, restaurant and institutional; Craig Montesano, marketing; Rebecca Ramp, associate in human development and family studies; Bryan Redfoot, business; Melissa Rodemoyer, history; Judith Rushton, human development and family studies; Timothy Scobbie, associate in mechanical engineering tech., with distinction; Tammy Taylor, elementary and kindergarten education, with distinction; Alissa Wasser, human development and family studies; Jamie Williams, associate in human development and family studies; Shane Woodworth, accounting.
Grove City -- Susan Garry, psychology; Christopher Painter, psychology; Nathan Savolskis, aerospace engineering; Erin Schleigh, art history, with distinction.
Hadley -- Michael Shepard, petroleum and natural gas engineering; Brian Orr, animal bioscience, with highest distinction.
Hermitage -- Leya Black, associate in business administration; Michele Brozovich, nursing; Nicholas Chapman, management and information systems; Denise Churlik, business; John Comninos, chemistry; Maggie Estock, elementary and kindergarten education; Tamara Fiscus, elementary and kindergarten education; Kelly Garner, psychology, with distinction; Kathie Gross, associate in human development and family study; Jason Kapusta, integrative arts; Amy Kilgore, elementary and kindergarten education; Matthew Kolbrich, hotel, restaurant and institutional; Patricia Lane, human development and family studies; Eric Laskey, business; Lisa Miller, marketing; Monica Reno, business; Jason Rogers, business; Shaun Severin, business; Sonya Snarey, nursing; Kelley Steklachich, business; Geoffrey Sudzina, hotel, restaurant and institutional; Brad Talowsky, biobehavioral health; Daniel Tarkanick, business; David Williams, associate in mechanical engineering tech.; Susan Williams, business, with highest distinction; Victoria Zurko, mathematics; Nancy Reeher, human development and family studies.
Hillsville -- Dina Sainato, psychology.
Jamestown -- Lori Shine, human development and family studies; Eric Williams, business logistics.
Mercer -- Nicole Addicott, human development and family studies; Livia Bayer, nursing; Kelley Clark, business, with distinction; Jason Crawford, finance; Jennifer Detelich, accounting, with highest distinction; Francesc Fillingame, business, with high distinction; Shane Harton, chemical engineering; Carrie Kish, psychology; Valerie Kristof, human development and family studies; Jeffrey Tomko, human development and family studies.
New Castle -- Ann Annarella, journalism, with highest distinction; Kirstin Collins, English; Chenise Corbin, political science; Kourtney Cowart, labor and industrial relations; Mark Cumo, physics; Heather Fleo, health policy and administration; Nicholas Lovaglio, associate in electrical engineering technology; C. Marcella, human development and family studies; Erica Martin, elementary education; Joseph Mielke, electrical engineering, with highest distinction; Beth Paolini, biology; Britt Perrone, business; Ryan Thomas, biology; Michael Bryan, hotel, restaurant and institutional; Valarie Kumrow, hotel, restaurant and institutional; Amy Rispoli, human development and family studies; Courtney Rowe, kinesiology; Leah Swanson, rehabilitiation services; Geoffrey Branscome, business with distinction; Robert Calvert, accounting; Justin DiMuccio, accounting; Loren Elder, associate letters, arts and sciences; Bryan Firmi, marketing; Michael Flamino, electrical engineering; David Hasson, biology; Jon McCaskey, management; Gregory Measel, architectural engineering; Alicia Moosally, elementary and kindergarten education; Christina Newton, marketing; Lauren Peluso, biology; Camille Pia, psychology; Kristen Vanhorn, bio-behavioral health.
New Wilmington -- Susan Garrett, nursing, with high distinction; Matthew McFarland, associate in business administration; Jamie Stroia, marketing.
Pulaski -- Amanda Patton, associate in occupational therapy.
Volant-- Billie Harris, human development and family studies; Wayne Hohmann, associate in mechanical engineering.
West Pittsburg -- Amanda Rhodes, psychology; Stephanie Tony, marketing, with distinction.
Sharon -- Carmen Aiello, marketing; Dion Bilunka, associate in business administration; Geralyn Gasser, associate in occupational therapy, with distinction; Yvonne Harkless, associate in occupational therapy, with high distinction; Skye Lehocky, human development and family studies; Megan Merrill, biology; Kimberly Preston, associate in human development and family studies; Iva Smith, nursing, with high distinction.
Sharpsville -- Matthew Achenbach, management science and information systems; Irene Coryea, human development and family studies; Amanda Donatelli, business; Bonnie Hiryak, advertising-public relations; Margaret Horne, business, with highest distinction; Roger Kwiatkowski, associate in business administration; Elizabeth MacDonald, human development and family studies; Raymond Mariani, landscape architecture; Melissa McIntosh, film and video; Amber Redmond, behavioral health; Amber Zipay, associate in occupational therapy.
Stoneboro--David Galentine, aerospace engineering.
Transfer-- David Miller, business; Christopher Shannon, associate in mechanical engineering tech.; Margaret Stafford, associate in occupational therapy; Melissa Thompson, accounting.
West Middlesex-- Renee Frank, nursing; Melody Christoff, associate in letters, arts and sciences; Adam Gaines, biology; Cassandra Lewis, nursing; Terry Smith, mechanical engineering tech.
Westford -- Rosemary Breedlove, associate in business administration.
Wheatland -- Brenda Fraley, human development and family studies; Myron Jones, business.
Boardman -- Beverly Young, nursing, with high distinction.
Bristolville, Ohio--David Menosky, plastics engineering tech.
Brookfield -- Cacia Wilson, nursing.
Campbell--Jean Ronyak, nursing, with highest distinction; Heather Shiminsky, associate in occupational therapy.
Canfield -- Melissa Hermensky, associate in occupational therapy; Jill Sefcik, business logistics, with high distinction.
Cortland -- Aaron Kitzmiller, plastics engineering tech.
McDonald -- Angelina Barone, journalism.
Masury -- Tracy Hutchinson, associate in occupational therapy; Kristen Murphy, nursing.
Niles -- Elizabeth Kosinski, associate in occupational therapy; Richard Sheely, nursing; Vicki Thompson, nursing.
Warren -- Toni Blank, nursing; Marylee Belski, nursing; Vanessa Boryenace, master's of education, special education; Kathi Downs-Burkett, nursing; Leslie Readman, associate in occupational therapy.
Youngstown -- Shirley Douglas, nursing; Joseph Cessna, associate in occupational therapy.

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