DIFFERENCES Supply and demand

The differences in supply and demand of electricity in Ohio and California.
Did not anticipate high growth in demand; actual growth far exceeded projections.
Peak demand increased 12 percent from 1996-'99.
Demand increased by 5 percent the first 8 months of 2000 compared with the same period in 1999.
Growth high in neighboring states that supply portions of California's power, reducing the amount of power available for export to California.
Higher temperatures and generation outages increased demand and reduced supply, leading to a series of blackouts
Supply increased very little.
Better anticipated growth in demand and encouraged new supply to be built.
Process for siting new generation facilities proven effective and efficient.
New generation being built and planned.
Additional 1,230 megawatts of generation already made available; total of 2,110 megawatts will be available this summer.
Overall potential of 13,771 megawatts of new generation over 1998 levels planned.
Neighboring Indiana also anticipating significant investment in new generation.
Source: PUCO Web site, www.puc.state.oh.us.

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