Local legislators embarrass the Valley

Local legislators embarrass the Valley
What an embarrassment.
First, our noble representative in Congress loses key staff and associates to criminal indictments and is himself indicted. Then, his would-be replacement, our noble Senate representative in Columbus, sensing political opportunity, thumps his chest in foolhardy support of an ill-conceived boycott of anyone doing business with our largest health care provider. Still, as a community, we have yet to sink to our lowest point. That will happen when all the loyal Traficant Democrats shift their support to Hagan in the next Congressional race. Then we'll really set records for political insignificance.
Hagan plays the same old song our representative has played for years, the & quot;We'll Show Them They Can't Do That To Us Blues & quot; with even less distinct definition of who & quot;they & quot; are, and what they did let alone any constructive plan to deal with real or imagined forces destroying our community. We'll just hear it from a new player; effectively trading in eight track tapes for cassettes while the rest of the world enjoys CDs and MP3 files.
Fellow citizens of the Valley, please pay enough attention to the shenanigans of our alleged political leaders to recognize the difference between behavior that serves you and that which is simply self-serving. We are a joke in surrounding metropolitan communities and across the nation because our public face is that of political buffoonery.
When our congressman makes wildly unsubstantiated claims against law enforcement while pledging his best efforts to exonerate a convicted felon or two, he is not being the sort of & quot;stand up guy & quot; we like to think of ourselves as being. He is simply directing our attention away from the glaring scrutiny being given to his own questionable activities. When our Ohio state senator, who has so little insight to the details of a strike situation that the strikers themselves denounce his public threat to lead a boycott, touts his plan on the 6 o'clock news, he's not speaking on your behalf. He is simply playing the tune he's watched us dance to during the Traficant years and hoping we are tone deaf enough to like his rendition.
Wake up Mahoning Valley, or, at least, elect someone competent enough to turn out the lights when everyone has left.
Why can't more belike Jack C. Hunter?
My collection of political memorabilia would be much smaller, had I gotten rid of all the campaign buttons, pens, pencils, photos etc. of all the corrupt politicians of the past or more recently had accusations against them, been found guilty or jailed, some of whom are in jail today.
Jack Hunter would not be among them.
Mr. Hunter walked the walk, not only in politics but in life itself. He was one of those men who was not only human, but humane.
He displayed high morals and honesty. He had a love for family, country, ordinary people and, mostly, his home town, Youngstown.
His love for schools was evident by the hard work he did on the board of education. He was a fighter and stood up not only for what he believed in but what was good for the city or school.
I didn't know Mr. Hunter personally, but through his visits and calls on the Dan Ryan talk show, other people, newspaper articles in The Vindicator and politics, I felt as though I knew him personally.
He was one of the few good politicians.
He will be missed by many.
Capital punishment raises more questions to answer
Who can judge another man?
Who can decide your fate?
Who can justify taking another man's life for killing 168?
I'm not trying to justify what McVeigh did or say that it's right but who gave anyone the power to take another man's life?
If to live is to die, then I guess his life is over. He will meet his maker, the Judge of Judges.
What happened six years ago is by far a tragedy. But who has the right to administer death intravenously? What has become of our society?
People are wanting another man to die and some are trying to stop it. He who is without sin should cast the first stone, but you know that you watched it. He is indeed a coward and he will be judged. But who is our government and do they deserve our trust? What he wanted was to be remembered and he shall be. But not as a martyr, but as a lost soul and coward.
There is no room for terrorism in our country or in society. But thanks to advanced technology, there are the websites explaining online how to make bombs. So I am surprised that more of these acts aren't going on.
The military breeds killers, and when they get out they are expected to stop -- but they don't. They just get hire as cops. Poverty breeds sin and sin breeds hate. In the end, McVeigh got what he wanted, the front page of every newspaper in the country and an execution date. The country may have won the battle, but we are definitely losing the war.
Park needs to be open for youth baseball
On June 13, I saw the shame of the city of Warren, when Mayor Angelo stated at the city council meeting, & quot;We don't have the money & quot; to get Perkins Park open for youth baseball.
Mr. Angelo, get off your high horse and call your Mr. Stall, and tell him to get his 39 employees down to the park and get it ready for the children of Warren. You should have at least $60,000 extra by having Dave Robinson doing two jobs.
We, the people of Warren, have to stand up for the children to get this park open. I ask that if the parks are not open for the children to play baseball by the 4th of July, that all of the parents, coaches and players from Warren Youth baseball band together and protest, with picket signs and a peaceful demonstration at the horse show. I would be honored to be part of this protest to fight for the future of Warren's children.
We have to give this city back to the people.

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