Marriage licenses
Bradley M. Cluckey, 20, of 183 Atlantic Ave. N.E., Warren, and Agnes A. Schmucker, 20, of 920 Stiles St., Warren.
Lawrence E. Merchant Jr., 28, of 1189 Bedford Road, Masury, and Kandace D. Langley, 25, of same.
Bradley K. Butler, 41, of 3907 state Route 305, Southington, and Janice M. Bland, 29, of same.
Roger M. Polly, 22, of 1287 Ellsworth Bailey Road, Warren, and Bonnie A. Davis, 21, of 3736 S. Leavitt Road S. W., Warren.
John Elek, 44, of 309 Towson Drive N. W., Warren, and Rose M. Christina, 33, of same.
Kenneth C. Marks, 51, of 971 Patricia Drive, Girard, and Susan E. Tucci, 42, of same.
Anthony A. Rowe, 25, of 73 Allen Lane, West Middlesex, and Erica L. Hertzberger, 24, of 537 Cleveland St., Masury.
William P. Weaver Jr., 26, of 10001 Creaser Road, Orwell, Ohio, and Emma E. Miller, 18 of 7973 A Parkman Mespo Road, Middlefield.
Christ A. Lightner, 39, of 3626 Rock Drive, Warren, and Beverly A. Majetich, 31, of same.
David W. Folsom, 21, Charlotte, N.C., and Michelle M. Petiya, 28, of same.
Eddie Ausby Jr., 45, Virginia Beach, Va., and Kim Harrington, 30, of same.
Michael W. Leckwrt, 28, of 299 Sunnyside Road, New Castle, and Shelly M. Rigby, 26, of 7402 Chestnut Ridge Road, Hubbard.
Thomas R. Kocis Jr., 38, of 2530 Mahan Denman Road, Cortland, and Ilinka E. Presley, 37, of same.
Aaron C. McNemar, 26, of 2405 Stephens Ave., Warren, and Carrie Pontius, 22, of same.
Robert E. Berry, 37, of 526 Woodbine S.E., Warren, and Tina M. King, 32 , of same.
Steven R. Goberish, 23, of 293 Maplewood Drive, Cortland, and Amber N. Hannas, 23, of same.
William R. Trigg, 52, of 144 Fifth Ave., Hubbard, and Debra L. Ferry, 33, of 243 Marshall Ave., Warren.
Paul J. Lauer, 62, of 6296 Bushnell Campbell Road, Kinsman, and Marlena G. Meal, 48, Naples, Fla.
Shawn M. Flanigan, 25, of 203 Atlantic St. N.E., Warren, and Melanie N. Buterbaugh, 20, of same.
James S. Kopp, 28, of 293 Maplewood Drive, Cortland, and Melissa D. Waltko, 28, of 2066 Vernon, Warren.
Gary E. Seip, 35, Harrisburg, Pa., and Lisa Sudimack, 34, of same.
John L. Hegedus, 42, of 5266 1/2 Bushnell Campbell Road, Kinsman, and Denise K. Simpson, 40, of same.
Christopher R. Herrick, 28, of 606 Nebraska Ave., Niles, and Brenda S. Reed, 25, of same.
Christopher M. Dingess, 27, of 22 W. Kidds Mills Road, Transfer, Pa., and Lisa M. Sanson, 20, of same.
A. Paul Seck, 27, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Horencia A. Toubes, 25, of same.
Philip M. Longberry, 24, of 49 N. Bentley Ave., Niles, and Maribeth Cuchna, 26, of 915 Lincoln Ave., Niles.
Robert M. Joseph, 24, of 205 Maryland, Warren, and Stacy J. Green, 29, of same.
Dwayne E. Thorne, 34, of 435 Maryland N. W., Warren, and Brenda L. Goodwin, 32, of same.
Michael J. Petro, 36, of 5220 Calla Road, Warren, and Karen S. Sanders, 36, of 2611 Wimber Ave. N.E., Warren.
Andy C. Troyer, 22, of 16555 Madison Road, Middlefield, and Ida H. Miller, 21, of 7552 Girdle Road, West Farmington.
Russell E. Casseday, 25, of 3001 Liberty Blvd., Cortland, and Sarah L. Kidd, 22, of same.
Joseph W. Clark, 34, of 7499 state Route 609, Burghill, and Rebecca S. Hodgson, 35, of same.
Rodney M. Pugh, 31, of 3415 Williamsburg St., Warren, and Marquisha C. Favors, 29, of same.
James M. Moyer Sr., 58, of 319 Church Hill Road, Girard, and Carol A. Chismark, 59, of 256 12th St., Niles.
Kevin D. Merten, 35, of 830 Belvedere Ave., Warren, and Michele Mocella, 35, of same.
Freeman Burkholder, 20, of 17100 Bridge Road, Middlefield, and Nancy Miller, 20, of 4088 Kinsman Road, North Bloomfield.
Timothy Neininger, 27, of 608 Scott Ave., Niles, and Crystal G. Mayes, 24, of same.
Christopher L. Shimko, 26, of 1661 Larchmont Ave. N. E., Warren, and Justone R. Brichford, 33, of same.
Dissolutions filed
Barbara A. Syfert and Kevin L. Syfert.
Brian F. Gibbs and Kim L. Gibbs.
Maria C. Linkous and Victor Linkous.
Kathleen Felger and Harold E. Felger.
Mitchell L. Hammond and France˙ M. Hammond.
Laura L. Visher and Mark A. Visher.
Susan Welz and Raymond Welz.
Shirley Russo and James A. Russo.
Carmen Constantino and Cynthina S. Constantino.
Diane Roch and Fred Roch.
Mickey Saum and Judith A. Saum.
Dana J. Ramsey and Scott T. Ramsey.
Michael Rek and Rebecca Rek.
Thomas E. Kosan and Laura Kosan.
Divorces filed
Gerald A. Hrdlicka vs. Beth A. Hrdlicka.
Hobert Carpenter vs. Frances L. Carpenter.
Legal separations
Robert J. Toney Jr. vs. Octavia D. Toney.
Lisa Kay Foster vs. Randy C. Foster.
Jeanne M. Welker vs. John T. Welker.
Kristina Harris vs. Freddy L. Harris Jr.
Barbara Stephens vs. Joseph E. Stephens.
Adam Majorano vs. Karen Scott.
David A. Cordy vs. Christine Cordy.
Paul E. Langbauer vs. Heather Ray Langbauer.
Eulalia Duris vs. Delcarmen Eulalia.
Stephen Bistarkey vs. Molly A. Bistarky.
David Hoover vs. Patricia Hoover.
Jacqueline E. Bogan vs. Brent A. Bogan.
Renata Kinnison vs. Mark Kinnison.
James Casterline vs. Terry Casterline.
David Sexton vs. Rose M. Sexton.
Legal separations filed
Linda Bunch vs. Mark D. Bunch Sr.
Cases dismissed
Mary L. Terwilliger vs. Walter W. Terwilliger.
Dissolutions granted
Gregg T. Fenton and Melinda J. Fenton.
Frank Sericola and Jeanette Sericola.
Vanessa Stroup and David G. Stroup.
Rebecca Brown and James R. Brown.
Christina M. Albert and Billy J. Albert; wife restored to former name of Brooks.
Bonnie L. Weddle and Duane Weddle.
Lisa M. Moran and James T. Moran.
Ahm Kamruzzaman and Kimberly K. Kamruzzaman.
Linda Lopez and Ricardo Lopez.
Divorces granted
Emanuel Mageros vs. Theresann Mageros.
David A. Delbene vs. Victoria M. Delbene.
Bridgette Brumbaugh vs. Wauford Brumbaugh.
Dwayne Turner vs. Diane R. Turner.
Pamela K. Kapp vs. Jeffrey Kapp.
Jeff Green vs. Kimberly S. Green.
New complaints
U.S. Bank NA vs. Patricia Hanna et al, foreclosure.
Thomasine Davis vs. Lester Markle, other torts.
Deanna K. Anderson et al vs. Dr. T.W. Soboslay, professional tort.
Atlantic Mortgage et al vs. Peter S. Sifkas, foreclosure.
Sandra J. Phillips vs. Andrew C. Bietserveld, other torts.
Dollie McKenzie vs. Jerry Hentosh, other torts.
Kevin O. Crawford vs. Tina M. Vega, other torts.
Larry S. Lohr vs. Steelcraft Inc., workers' compensation.
T.C. Quality Homes Inc. vs. Giltz & amp; Associates Inc., other civil.
Boonlert Heidbrider vs. William McKnight, other torts.
Marshall F. Simmons et al vs. Champion Lions Club, other torts.
Brenda Poling vs. Michael Hamilton, other torts.
Equicredit Corp. of Ohio vs. Roy Whetstone, foreclosure.
Edna M. Jarman vs. Dale S. Ellis, other civil.
Brian L. Sechler vs. Shade Bailey, other civil.
B.A. Mortgage LLC vs. John P. James, foreclosure.
Donald G. Fritsch vs. Admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
Frederick Smith vs. C. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Grange Mutual Casualty vs. Kelli M. Grimaldi, other civil.
Sky Bank et al vs. Shelly A. Pishkur, other civil.
Ahmad J. Moore vs. AVI Food Systems, workers' compensation.
National City Bank vs. Robert M. Lody, foreclosure.
Nationscredit Financial vs. Charlene S. Taylor, foreclosure.
Fortney and Weygandt INc. vs. William Kerfoot, other civil.
Equicredit Corp. vs. Laura C. Allem, foreclosure.
Franklin Pharmacy Inc. vs. Carecentric et al, other civil.
County treasurer vs. Ronald Eiselstein, foreclosure.
Joseph L. Tomko vs. Honda North America, other torts.
Paul Ottum vs. Colin Roberts, other torts.
Charles R. Scott Jr. vs. John A. Watt et al, other civil.
Annie L. Jones vs. GS Golden Gate Restaurant, other torts.
Michael R. Harley vs. David Louis, other civil.
Jeffrey C. Johnson vs. Jerome D. Street, other torts.
Malinda Murray vs. Robert W. Woodruff Jr., professional tort.
Household Realty vs. Jeffrey S. Limber, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Dianna Kieltsch, foreclosure.
Laisa Kuhmer vs. Federal Express, other torts.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Joseph D. Keatley, foreclosure.
Eastwood Orthotic Inc. vs. Richard Grope, other civil.
Diane Booker vs. Joseph Carlmagno Jr., other torts.
Arthur Ring vs. C. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Patty Daniels vs. Vienna Twp. Board et al, other torts.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Raymond M. Christ, foreclosure.
Kelly Kommel vs. Michael W. Revella, other torts.
Terran I. Weekley vs. Donna A. George, other torts.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. William N. Johnson, foreclosure.
Fidelity Bank vs. George R. Vranich Jr., foreclosure.
Firstar Bank vs. Thomas J. Braccini Jr., foreclosure.
Docket entries
Mildred Sparks vs. Alan D. Lyons, judgment for plaintiff.
Jeffrey Luce et al vs. Richard Boccia et al, dismissed.
Frontier Insurance vs. Trumbull Memorial, satisfaction of judgment.
Ruth W. Verbanik vs. Lisa A. Elston, settled and dismissed.
Bennie C. Coleman Jr. vs. PAM Dedicated Services, settled.
Old Kent Mortgage Co. vs. Anthony W. Flannery, confirmation of sale.
U.S. Bank Trust National vs. David J. Kirby, confirmation of sale.
Alan R. Snyder vs. U.S. Extrusion Tool & amp; Die, settled.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Tammy L. M. Schultz, foreclosure.
Citibank NA vs. Jack W. Donahue Sr., dismissed.
David B. Whisler vs. John H. Campbell, settled.
Second National Bank vs. Mark Miller, foreclosure.
Same vs. Equicredit Corp. vs. James M. Mcree, foreclosure.
Sears Roebuck & amp; Co. vs. Tami White, default granted.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Lisa J. Applegate, dismissed.
Ohio Carpenters Health et al vs. Warren Engineering, cognovit judgment granted.
Harris Trust & amp; Savings vs. Timothy W. Austin, foreclosure.
Anthony Cocca vs. Anthony L. Cocca, settled.
Maurice Kirk vs. Ohio Central Railroad, dismissed.
Roslyn M. Schell vs. Arlie J. Odell, settled.
Sandra Peters vs. Lori Udell, settled.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Phillip Welch, foreclosure.
Jerre J. Hentosh vs. Carolyn J. McInnes, settled.
Thomas D. Ursu vs. Dionne R. Frazier, settled.
David S. Dimaline vs. William Gale, dismissed.
Robert Bralich vs. James Conrad, dismissed.
Medical Life Insurance Co. vs. Joan L. VanKirk et al, dismissed.
Greater Warren Community vs. John D. Thomas, default granted.
Amanda B. Mazzi vs. Joshua M. Taylor, default granted for plaintiff.
National City Bank vs. Michael J. Hudak, default granted for plaintiff.
Public Savings Bank vs. James E. Ludwig, dismissed.
Cuna Mortgage Corp. vs. Sean R. Sullivan, dismissed.
Emmitt Ellis vs. Nathaniel Dozier, settled.
Leonard V. Volk vs. Copperweld Steel Co., dismissed.
Betty Saffold vs. C. James Conrad, settled.
Ruth A. Beatty vs. Jane Doe, settled.
United Companies Lending vs. Eddie J. Williams et al, confirmation of sale.
Jolene Lantz vs. Wilson Patton et al, settled.
Sky Bank et al vs. Ronald L. Travis, default granted.
Gabriel Inc. vs. Filter Tech Inc., default granted for plaintiff.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders et al vs. Patricia E. Kuhn, dismissed.
Chase Mortgage Company vs. Juliann F. Heise, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Charles R. Harvey, foreclosure.

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