SCRAPPERS 2001 roster

PitchersB/THt.Wt.Age2000 club
Blethen, MattL/L6-321021West Virginia
Colvard, RonR/R 6-420523Burlington/Scrappers
Cooper, ChrisL/L5-1119022New Mexico
Culp, ToddR/R6-421522Univ. of the Pacific
Curtin, BrianR/R6-623523Scrappers
Farman, BrianR/R6-321022Pacific Lutheran
Fernley, Nate
Field, LukeR/R5-1117822Scrappers
Kleine, VictorL/L6-418521Scrappers
Lantz, DougR/R6-118521Kansas
Martin, Kevin
Sturkie, ScottR/R6-321021Coastal Carolina
Turnbow, MarkR/R6-320522Injured, DNP
CatchersB/THt.Wt.Age2000 Club
Bastardo, AngelR/R6-017022Scrappers
Myers, KentonR/R6-120021Mesa St. College
Small, Buster
InfieldersB/THt.Wt.Age2000 Club
Finnerty, FrancisS/R6-320020Scrappers/Burlington
Gay, CurtisL/L6-622523Columbus
Lillash, KeithR/R5-1120022Cleveland State
Made, MaximoL/R5-1115019Dominican League
Morton, Rickie6-320022Univ. of the Pacific
Peshke, ChadR/R5-918521California
Uegawachi, BryceS/R5-615022Hawaii Pacific
OutfieldersB/THt.Wt.Age2000 Club
Santini, TravisR/R5-1117520Columbus
Scott, LukeL/R6-021022Oklahoma St.
Thompson, EricL/L6-017022Injured, DNP.
Van Every, John
Dave Turgeon, manager
Ken Rowe, pitching coach
Rick Gutierrez, coach
Alayon, Jean, inf
Juargeui, Miguel, p
Litman, Johri, p
Malave, Dennis, of
Moyer, Kyle, inf
Scott, Charlie, c

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