Good neighbors don't stick others with the bill

Good neighbors don't stick others with the bill
If a guy wire holding a TV antenna on my roof broke for no apparent reason and fell on my neighbor's home, breaking a window, guess who is responsible?
I am, of course. Circumstances such as this are one of various reasons why I and nearly all other residents carry homeowner's insurance. Now, I could just tell my neighbor & quot;Hey, tough luck! You pay for it or file a claim under your homeowner's insurance! & quot; That wouldn't be the right thing to do, though, and I would never do that to a neighbor.
In a similar scenario though, First Energy had a piece of equipment fail which sent a high voltage surge through their lines, resulting in numerous residences experiencing damaged or destroyed appliances, televisions, computers and more.
Surely First Energy carries some type of liability insurance for exactly such occurrences and would want to take care of their customers. Unfortunately, First Energy has chosen not to do so. Instead, they opted to send letters to those affected stating that they are not responsible for the disruption of power. Excuse me, but the issue isn't the disruption of power, it's the damage caused by the power surge.
Perhaps First Energy has lost sight of the fact that we are the customers, and we are the ones that send them a check every month. Can you imagine a retail store operating this way? & quot;I'm sorry, Joe Customer, I know you asked us to mix a gallon of beige paint, but our tinting machines can only strive to get the tints within 5 percent of the correct formula, we cannot guarantee anything. Now, here's your gallon of puke green paint. Have a nice day. & quot;
Maybe they should change their name to & quot;Burst Energy. & quot; At least then, we'll know what to expect.
Administration, union need to settle strike
I am very concerned in regard to the situation at Forum Health Center. I question the sincerity of both the administration and the union to resolve this strike. The mediator has failed miserably. How can you negotiate when you only meet once a week? This is a no-win situation that has affected hundreds of individuals and families. This should not be taken lightly.
We have had to hire agency replacements nurses who are doing a good job. This is temporary and not a long-term solution. It is not good for this community to prolong this strike any longer.
I hope all the parties realize that the hospital, physicians and nurses are dispensable. The only indispensable party in this situation, are the patients, who will and should seek excellent, alternative health care facilities in this community.
If the parties are willing, the differences should be resolved. Should this strike continue any longer, it will be disastrous.
X The writer is a surgeon at Forum Health Care Center

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