President George Bush different from candidate

President George Bush different from candidate
Recent Vindicator editorials have bashed President Bush and many of the decisions emanating from his administration. From thelack of restrictions on steel imports, to environmental and energy policy, The Vindicator has attacked these Republican proposals with disdain and fervor.
Anyone expecting a right-wing Republican who successfully painted himself with a moderate brush during the campaign trail to be sensitive to the environment was a fool. Expecting a push for conservation from two oil men was like expecting Jim Traficant to comb his hair and wear a three-piece suit.
Until the recent defection of Sen. James Jeffords from the GOP, George W. Bush has been lucky. Lucky to have a third party candidate steal precious votes from his opponent. Lucky to have thousands of predominantly Democratic votes thrown out because of poor ballot design. Lucky to win the only election on the planet not decided by the popular vote. Lucky to have both houses of Congress in his party's control.
But I suspect that his luck is waning and for the same reason that The Vindicator has been writing about. That the truth about his policies is not what the mainstream populace wants. Yes, we want cheap and unlimited energy but not at the expense of the environment. We want a patients bill of rights that actually protects the patient.
We want Medicare and Social Security changed so that future generations are guaranteed the protections that those two programs promised.
The George W. Bush we saw in the campaign isn't the same man that we are witnessing as president. The electorate was misled into believing that he would champion a more moderate agenda. With its fall endorsement, even The Vindicator bought into that mirage.
Mill Creek Park officials misleading public on levy
Mill Creek Park officials indicated recently that they will replace their current 1.9 mill levy with a 1.75-mill levy on Nov. 6. They say that the replacement levy will generate $6.4 million, compared to the $4.8 million raised by the existing 1.9-mill levy. Their example of what the replacement levy would cost a $50,000 homeowner then shows the cost to the homeowner would decrease.
How can you increase levy revenue by $1.6 million and tell homeowners that their taxes would decrease? It's impossible.
Unfortunately, park officials used the wrong tax rate in their comparison. The 1.9-mill levy has been reduced over the years, due to the increase of countywide valuation, to 1.186 mills. That is the amount currently being charged to homeowners. Therefore, a 1.75-mill levy would increase the taxes paid to Mill Creek Park by a $50,000 homeowner from $18.16 to $26.79 per year. That's an increase, not a decrease.
X The writer worked in the Mahoning County auditor's office for nine years, dealing with levies and budgets.
Traficant has no call to make unjust accusation
It is unjust and morally indefensible for our congressman to take to the airways and personally accuse an individual of rape with no evidence to show for it and no willingness to cooperate with proper law officials.
My feelings have nothing to do with politics. It's just not right. Radio station owners and the congressman have missed an opportunity to demonstrate class and character by publicly apologizing. It's not the FBI on trial here. It's the conscience of our community. Where art thou, conscience?
X The writer is pastor of SS. Cyril and Methodius Church in Warren.