Plenty of success stories to focus on at university

Plenty of success stories to focus on at university
I was dismayed and disheartened to read the headlines to the story of YSU's spring commencement in the May 21 Vindicator. Instead of focusing on the positive accomplishments of the recent college graduates, The Vindicator, and Mr. Cole elected to put a negative spin on this positive event by alluding to "empty classrooms...and declining enrollment" at YSU.
As a life long Valley resident and a member of a family with four degrees from YSU and one more in the making, I have seen the benefits of a fine education from this great institution. Do the reporters and management of The Vindicator realize the importance of YSU to this Valley's economy and future? Do they realize what this Valley would be without the University?
I am not asking you to "hide" negative issues that need to be addressed, but merely to do responsible reporting with a positive attitude when covering YSU events such as commencement. The negative reporting by can only serve to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I, for one, am delighted to enthusiastically let my "Pengiun Pride" show--I think YSU is the best kept "secret" in the Mahoning Valley and it's about time our newspaper (without competition I might add) jump on the bandwagon and tell everyone what good things are happening at YSU.
Palestinians should not be allowed to destroy Israel
A terrorist suicide bomber has again attacked Israel. Seventeen young people were killed and 74 wounded. While no Palestinians have yet claimed responsibility (as of this writing), the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas said: & quot;This kind of operation is the right of the Palestinian people to terrorize the enemies. & quot;
Excuse me, but that sounds like war rhetoric.
The Palestinian Charter also calls for the total destruction of Israel. Meanwhile, our press paints Palestinians as the poor, oppressed, peace-loving people being tromped by Israel. Furthermore, they accuse Israel of choosing to perpetuate hostilities against Palestinians each time the Israeli's retaliate for the many brutal attacks on them by Palestinians.
Looks like the media is taking sides. If the Palestinians want peace, they should deal with their own terrorists and stop the attacks. How would you respond if you were always first attacked?
Have a bash to boost pride in Youngstown
I'm writing in regard to the youth of Youngstown. I think the city should come up with some sort of Youth Bash in downtown Youngstown. A bash will have a variety of tournaments, sports, music, and food, like the previous festival that was held downtown to welcome in the New Year, but this type of festival (bash) would be targeted toward the youth.
I'm around youth all day, and whenever someone asks them how they feel about Youngstown, they say they can't wait to get out of here.
I think that by having a bash to boost the pride in Youngstown we will cut down on teen-age violence. Lately, I've been hearing a lot about teen-age shootings and robberies, and I think it's because they have no pride in their city, as well as no concern for each other.
So I feel a Youth Bash in downtown Youngstown will be a stepping stone in the bonding of teen-agers in our community.
X The writer will be a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School in the fall.