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TITLE: By George, the autobiography of George Foreman.
AUTHOR: George Foreman, with Joel Engel.
SYNOPSIS: In a household of seven brothers and sisters, it wasn't easy holding his own. His quick success landed him a place on the national AAU team. He became a poster boy for the Job Corps, going from a junior high dropout to an Olympic gold medalist. In his early twenties, he destroyed the seemingly invincible Joe Frazier to capture boxing's heavyweight championship. In Zaire, not long after, he was on the losing end to Muhammad Ali. By 1977, Foreman quit fighting, had undergone a religious conversion and began preaching on Texas street corners. He returned to the ring and, at age 45, recaptured boxing's crown. By George sheds new light on an extraordinary man who has captured the hearts of millions.
PRICE: $14.
PAGES: 262.

Mark Cherol also head baseball and assistant basketball.
Shirley Barnett also gym teacher.
Cherol said he once did 300 sit-ups in high school as part of President Kennedy's push for physical fitness.
However, the Not good to have straight legs for situps. Mark did 300 like this and when went for education, kinesology said improper cause puts strain on back. Bent knees takes strain off lower back.
"That's what we're taught."
used to do 6 inches is very bad for lower back. Great way to work stomach muscles but way to hurt back. That's what we were taught in physical ed. classes.
Mr. Leonelli works for car dealership. Both small in stature but nice built.
"Cheering him on. Talk of school rest of that day was Dom's situp feat. Kids talking it up."
Used to do situp. Cherol did 300 and sore. Was part of president's physical fitness. Dont do so much anymore. dad, 10th, too.
did when 10th grade.
Mark used to have 300. Mark knew some kid who did 1,200 when he was in school as freshman (1969-70) school year.

may someday implement in class. Might try with situps to see how much they progress in year. Change by semester or half a year, then get new kids.
How many students at Wilson (850).
dom leonelli Jr.
Trained for 4 months, but not hard. Took 2 1/2 months to get up to 1,000. Used to do sets. Stayed home and just did situps. Friends went out and I stayed home. Took hole night. On weekends just do situps. At 1,000 3-4 weeks before broke record. Got to 1200 few days before may 31.
Most ever did at one sitting 1200 until May 31.
At home, did on incline board or on carpet and got brushburn. Back would bleed.
So mat at school was good. Got brushburn but used to it.
tailbone sores. back hurt, too, but walk out. That's why couldn't do two days in row.
1 hr. 10 minutes to do 2,301. 33 a minute? never timed self at home. Wasn't going for speed. Trying to pace self cause didn't want to get winded or too lightheaded.
knees up. somebgody holdin feet. Hands by ears. Then behidn my head or side of head. arms kept on getting cramped up and hard to move, so tried switching position. Didn't take break. At 1400 tried to drink water and choked. Got in eyes and up nose and throat. i wasa choking on water and maybe some down wrong pipe and some up nose. Was getting overheated, so dad pouring water on me and that cooled me down.

Elbows touched knees. Right elbow, right knee. Each elbow would touch knee in front.
Now could.
Did record on Thursday and had to go to school on Friday.
people said, "when you don't break it don't be upset.Not if, but when."
35.56 a minute (based on 90 minutes) but kid says 1 hr. 10 min.
Then didn't plan on it this year, but started harded last 3 months.
Didn't know he'd do it this year until two weeks before May 31.
Whole time kind of uncertain. Even on May 31, didn't know if would break, but just knew wasn't going to stop.
if doing 200 a night then no trick or challenge. Wanted challenge of doing as many as could.
My dad was doing more than I was before he did 1800. I was really tired and stomach hurting real bad. Lot of people say go for it, but now I'll concentrate on boxing.
Just started training. Always wanted to box. Doing martial arts for year/half tae kwon do. Wanted to box whole life. Finally got into it.
Used to box friends but never went to gym. Dad and son got offer to to go gym. I like going down there.
Larry Filer at Downtown Sports Center.
Dad and uncles told 2200. Other would say 1800. Did 101 more.
dominic leonelli Jr.
Dom Leonelli Sr.
Pretty crazy. Gym techer was Mr. Thompson. Now Mr. Thompson there now isn't gym teacher. Dom's gym teachers are Mr. Cherol and Shirley Barnett.

Leonelli kind of rewrote another tenet when he Isn't the teacher supposed to inspire the student?
In this case, it was the other way around.
also in track.
Larry filer, trainer
golden gloves in junior gg. maybe junior olympics.

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