HIRING NURSES HM Health Partners

Officials at Humility of Mary Health Partners say successful nurse recruiting and retention have helped the company minimize mandatory overtime. Here are hiring statistics for the health-care company that runs St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown and St. Joseph Health Center in Warren:
2000 -- 100 registered nurses, including 41 new nursing graduates; 20 licensed practical nurses.
2001, first five months -- 52 registered nurses, 90 per-diem nurses (including 56 Forum striking nurses), 18 new graduates and 19 licensed practical nurses.
Total HMHP registered nurses -- 1,199.
2001 turnover rate -- less than 1 percent.
Total employee hours worked, first five months of 2001 -- 695,000.
Total mandatory overtime hours for all employees -- 1,091.
Percentage of mandatory overtime, all employees -- 0.3 percent.
Source: Humility of Mary Health Partners

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