New complaints
PHH Mortgage Services vs. R. Howard Smith Jr., foreclosure.
Johnnie Provitt vs. Oscar O. Noore, other civil.
Timothy A. Miller vs. Travis Dunlap, other torts.
Rick Harp vs. Shelly Spiller, other civil.
George L. Santullo vs. Ajax Magnethermic Corp., workers' compensation.
Sandra Gilliam vs. Bruce Peters et al, other torts.
Cindy Gerchak et al vs. Michelle Reese, other torts.
Giulio M. Fiore vs. James A. Evans, cognovit.
Docket entries
Caret K. Myers admr. vs. Gary W. Stucke D.O., satisfaction.
LtoniaHardin vs. Teresa McClendon, settled and dismissed.
Karen Longstreth vs. George Kafantaris, judgment.
Margaret M. Harrell vs. Grange Mutual Casualty Co., settled and dismissed.
Alberto Rodriquez Jr. vs. Jennifer Harrison, settled and dismissed.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. David L. Goldner, confirmation of sale.
First Indiana Bank vs. Nancy Anthony, confirmation of sale.
Bank One vs. Randall W. Clutter, dismissed.
Kathleen A. Buranich vs. Jeffrey R. Barker, dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Dean M. Frazier, foreclosure.
Esther Best vs. Douglas G. Nielsen, settled and dismissed.
Bank One vs. Callie M. Tait, foreclosure.
Citibank South Dakota vs. Donald R. Cerbus, default granted.
Robin Griffin vs. James A. Garfield School, dismissed.
G.E. Capital Mortgage vs. David A. Mercandino, settled and dismissed.
Randy Fabrizio vs. Ford Motor Co., settled and dismissed.
Victor A. E. Sanson vs. Horizon Healthcare Corp., verdict for defendant.
Gary Louk vs. Progressive Ins., settled and dismissed.
Gayle Wakefield vs. Thomas M. Bradford, dismiss crossclaim.
Christ Michelakis vs. John Senich, confirmation of sale.
Tracie Miller vs. Richard Macali, settled and dismissed.
Lawrence Hivner vs. David Davision Ins., settled and dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Wavie J. Sampson, foreclosure.
Ameriquest Mortgage Co. vs. Charmaine L. Miller, confirmation of sale.
Chase Bank of Texas vs. Michael A. Machi Jr., foreclosure.
Victoria Stewart vs. C. James Conrad, dismissed.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Charles Campbell, dismissed.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. John D. Crawford, foreclosure.
First Union National Bank vs. Colleen E. Wright, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Mark S. Steffens, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mrtg. vs. Judy L. Eloby et al, foreclosure.
New Century Mortgage Corp. vs. John D. Hupp, foreclosure.
Mahoning Valley Cartage vs. Distribution Plus, settled.
Second National Bank vs. Market Motors, settled and dismissed.
Chase Mortgage Co. vs. Sean M. McCarragher, dismissed.
Jack Hurd vs. Thomas M. Martinko, settled.
Bryon L. Anderson vs. Martin Javorsky, settled.
Russell Lalone vs. Countryside Veterinary, settled and dismissed.
Charles R. Millikin vs. James A. Patitucci, settled.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Clarence Jackson III, confirmation of sale.
Charlena Caffie vs. C. James Conrad, settled and dismissed.
Chase Manhattan vs. Linda M. Kistler, confirmation of sale.
Gold Key Lease Inc. vs. Jim R. Meyers Jr., judgment for plaintiff.
Second National Bank vs. Bank of New York, dismissed.
Giulio M. Fiore vs. James A. Evans, cognovit judgment.
George Chuparkof vs. John B. Bates, satisfaction.
Loren L. Phillips vs. Glunt Machine, settled and dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Frances M. Shaffer, confirmation of sale.
Atlantic Mortgage vs. Robert D. Shearer et al, dismissed.
Debbie Marchek vs. Marybeth Frederick, default granted for plaintiff.
Cathy Hogue vs. David H. Harper, dismissed.
Dan Clark vs. Manuel Skopos, settled and dismissed.
Barbara Aziz vs. GM National Benefits, settled and dismissed.
Richard Mackall vs. K-Mart Corp., dismissed.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Mark A. Schmiley, confirmation of sale.
Sky Bank vs. Theresa Mohney, confirmation of sale.
Assoc. Home Equity vs. Nanette L. Davis et al, dismissed.
Bank of New York vs. Robert L. Wenhold et al, dismissed.
Skybank vs. Neil Rossi et al, foreclosure.
Dolores S. Davis vs. Betzaida Feliciano, dismissed.
Commercial Financial vs. Claude Holbrook, default granted.
Second National Bank vs. David Schmied et al, default granted.
State Farm Mutual vs. Christopher J. Mason, default granted.
Donna Morton vs. United States Concrete, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Barbara Ciprian, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Perry S. Raley et al, dismissed.
Divorces asked
David Campbell, 210 E. Fifth St., East Liverpool, vs. Beverly Campbell, 1350 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nev.
James Barger, 42 Stacey Ave., East Palestine vs. Tina Barger, 6550 150th Ave. N., Clearwater, Fla.
Donald Wellman, 39144 state Route 558, Leetonia, vs. Patricia Wellman, of same.
Paula Yeasted, 49540 E. Ruby Drive, East Liverpool, vs. Donald Yeasted, 256 W. 10th St., Salem.
Kathy Hughes, 13050 Cusick Road, Lisbon, vs. Derek Hughes, 372 N. Madison Ave., Salem.
Peggy May, 7542 state Route 9, Hanoverton, vs. Kevin May, 32114 state Route 172, Hanoverton.
Alan Grover, 16545 Longs Church Road, East Liverpool, vs. Valerie Grover, 447 Sharon Road, Moon Twp., Pa.
Christine Simones, 910 W. Main St., Washingtonville, vs. Al Simones, 4411 Grafton Road, Leetonia.
Annette Howard, 1234 Conser Drive, Salem, vs. Timothy Howard, 1271 Conser Drive, Salem.
Diane Laughlin, 6799 Fairfield School Road, Lisbon, vs. Shawn Laughlin 9544 Wayne Bridge Road, Lisbon.
Abadeza Welch, 211 Wells Ave., Wellsville, vs. Ralph Welch, 820 Broadway Blvd., Steubenville.
Divorces granted
Janie Hill vs. Paul Hill.
David Homan vs. Elsie Homan.
Evelyn Lohman vs. Jerry Lohman.
Richard Delp vs. Karen Delp.
Colleen Dailey vs. Donald Dailey.
Dissolutions asked
Rebecca Cooper, 2020 Monroe St., Salem, and Michael Cooper, 912 Second Ave., New Cumberland, W. Va.
Kenneth Wright, 10339 Rapp Road, New Middletown, and Patricia Wright, 6535 Metz Road, New Middletown.
Tammy Walker and Andrew Walker.
New complaints
Asset Acceptance Corp. vs. Franklin Falkner, money.
E.R. Advance Ceramics Inc. vs. Invitrogen Corp. and Life Technologies Inc., money.
State Farm Auto. Ins. vs. William Figley, personal injury.
Terri Giles vs. Tammy Simonds et al, personal injury.
Bruce Mansfield vs. Heritage Ford-Mercury Inc. et al, money.
Alvin Phelps et al vs. Jerry Jones et al, money.
Docket entries
First Merit Corp. vs. Marlene May et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Auto Owners Inc. vs. Donald Hancock, judgment for plaintiff.
Dunbar Asphalt Products Inc. vs. Unity Development, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
Federal Home Loan Mortgage to William Nezbeth, Salem, $62,000.
Donald Dailey et al to Lori Pitcher, Salem, $90,600.
James Eichler et al to Rebecca Panezott, Salem, $60,000.
Stanley Lively et al to Thomas Miller et al, Salineville, $54,300.
Margaret McClure to James May et al, Wayne Twp., $75,000.
Larry Dailey et al to Robert Dailey, Liverpool Twp., $95,600.
David Baird et al to James Cathers, East Palestine, $68,900.
Insul Co. to Willard Leake et al, East Palestine, $74,000.
Michelle Clendenning et al to Charles Ammon, Yellow Creed Twp., $95,000.
Dorotha Blanchard to Georgia Greene, Hanover Twp., $92,500.
Estate of June Costello to Amy Campbell, Liverpool Twp., $78,000.
Jerry Stitle to Scott Beatty, Butler Twp., $174,000.
Raymond Rambo to Clifford Snyder et al, St. Clair Twp., $114,900.
Geraldine McNary to Joseph Rooney et al, St. Clair Twp., $249,000.
Eric Allshouse et al to Laurie Austirno, Leetonia, $57, 600.
James May et al to Kimberly Best, Lisbon, $45,000.
Allen Saltzman et al to James Mallory Ltd., Wellsville, $30,000.
Kenneth Gallagher et al to Michael Taus, Columbiana, $61,000.
Lawrence Baker et al to Ronald Handwork et al, Unity Twp., $112,900.
Margaret Trill to David Leeson et al, East Palestine, $53,000.
Tommy Mackall et al vs. Joseph Helpy et al, East Palestine, $10,000.
Harry Van Fossen et al to Jacky Blackwell, East Palestine, $76,000.
Wallace Aiken et al to Ronald Venezia et al, East Palestine, $3,800.
Miriam Aiken to Gregory Henderson et al, East Palestine, $19,000.
Michael Walker to Richard Anderson et al, Liverpool Twp., $12,000.
Estate of Carl Miller to John Hall et al, Liverpool Twp., $96,000.
James Lynch to Nelson Cox et al, Liverpool Twp., $160,000.
Darlene Swiger to Eleanor Coulter, Liverpool Twp., $37,000.
Robert Mobley to Michael Johnson, Wellsville, $27,000.
Richard Shanker et al to Amziah Hough et al, Salem, $51,000.
Charles Wright et al to Harry Strawser et al, Salem, $122,000.
Kathy Butler et al to Jason Murray et al, Salem, $77,000.
Firstar Bank to James Roberts et al, $45,000.
James Guthrie et al to Travis Truex et al, West Twp., $82,500.
Randy Albright to Glenn Miller et al, West Twp., $89,900.
Brian Ray et al to Timothy Carr, Columbiana, $109,400.
Michael Ecrement et al to Joseph Popa, Perry Twp., $134,000.
Dorothy Swan to Michael Parsons et al, East Liverpool, $40,000.
Robert Rhome et al to Clarence Smalley et al, Knox Twp., $17,000.
Rebecca Mitchell to Robert Eaton et al, Middletown Twp., $184,000.
George Mitchell et al to Pamela Limbert, Middletown, $85,000.
Matt Marcum to Charles Joseph, St. Clair Twp., $60,000.
Michael Bentley to Marsha Blackburn, Salem, $75,000.
Patricia Runyon to Brian Cramer et al, Fairfield Twp., $104,000.
David Linton to Susan DeLoach et al, Perry Twp., $162,500.
Dawn John and Michael Pittman et al, Columbiana, $64,400.
Gerry Rainer to Nancy Lacey, East Liverpool, $3,500.
Carroll Club to Keith Burke et al, East Liverpool, $65,000

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