Marriage licenses
John J. Canavan, 37, of 30 Halsey St., Providence, R.I., and Elizabeth S. Meloy, 38, of same.
William J. Antal, 34, of 3880 Daytona Drive, Youngstown, and Denise L. Otero, 34, of same.
Stephen L. Bycroft, 22, of 486 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. E39, Austintown, and Heather J. Tyger, 20, of same.
Jamie W. Sanor, 25, of 4945 Stoffer Road, Homeworth, and Kellie J. Cardinal, 25, of 365 E. Vermont Ave., Sebring.
Dissolutions asked
Denise J. Paolone, 5343 Old Oxford Lane, Boardman and Domenic Paolone Jr., 4851 Westchester Drive, Apt. 304, Austintown.
Domestic relations
Jenise D. Phillips vs. Lionel Phillips, dismissed.
Letra Holcomb vs. Darius R. McPherson, dismissed.
Marvis Newell vs. Elston E. Howell, dismissed.
Margaret Farley vs. Scott Farley, dismissed.
Jeffrey L. Blyler vs. Mary Blyler, dismissed.
Jessica J. Dlwgosh vs. Billy Johnson, dismissed.
Gwendolyn E. Mauldin vs. Kouhba Mauldin, dismissed.
Gwendolyn E. Mauldin vs. Donte L. Mauldin, dismissed.
Holly Ginnis vs. Emanuel Ginnis, dismissed.
Patricia A. Stilson vs. Richard W. Stilson Jr., dismissed.
Paul R. Kenney Jr. vs. Benedicta M. Kenney, dismissed.
Kimberly Stahura vs. James Stahura, dismissed.
Tamica R. Ryan vs. David Lincoln, dismissed.
Rojenna A. Gaitor vs. Nathanial Austin, dismissed.
Barbara Suesko vs. Robin Lawrence, dismissed.
Gina M. Sakely vs. Kenneth Sakely, dismissed.
Benedicta M. Kenney vs. Paul R. Kenney Jr., dismissed.
Florence Everson vs. Sylvester Cox, dismissed.
Michael Galbraith vs. Debbie Galbraith, dismissed.
Dorothy Davenport vs. Roosevelt Davenport, dismissed.
Teresa Hill vs. Jerry Hill Sr., dismissed.
Anthony Longmire vs. Linda Longmire, dismissed.
Tanya Stephenson vs. Anthony Stevenson, dismissed.
Melissa Ross vs. Clifford L. Raynovich, dismissed.
Ines F. Corradi vs. Joseph Corradi, dismissed.
Rose M. Ramsey vs. Leroy J. Ramsey, dismissed.
Tamika Randall vs. Lawrence Williams, dismissed.
Andrew Samuels III vs. Gloria Samuels, dismissed.
Gloria Samuels vs. Andrew Samuels III, dismissed.
Leshawn C. Eiland vs. James R. L. Smallwood, dismissed.
Jennifer Justice vs. Wesley McClellan, dismissed.
Christina Merrick vs. Shane Q. Neff, dismissed.
Eddie Pierce vs. Rosie Pierce, dismissed.
Amy Mathey vs. Arthur Walters, dismissed.
Cynthia Urbach vs. David Urbach, dismissed.
Amy Kountz vs. Gale Kountz, dismissed.
Tammy Wymer vs. John E. Wymer, dismissed.
Delores Turner vs. Mark Turner, dismissed.
Maria Morales vs. Roberto Agosto, dismissed.
Martinnette E. Walker vs. Gregory Lincoln, dismissed.
Jeannette E. Oliver vs. Michael Greenwalt, dismissed
Gregory Lincoln vs. Martinnette Walker, dismissed.
Mark Harris vs. Chante Childers, dismissed.
Angela Stanford vs. Kevin Stanford, dismissed.
Christina Merrick vs. Shane Q. Neff, dismissed.
Wanda C. Vega vs. Francisco Vega, dismissed.
Deborah Hutcherson vs. Michael Hutcherson, dismissed.
Laurie A. Meeks vs. Jon D. Meeks, dismissed.
Margie Dawson vs. Ronald Smith, dismissed.
Theresa London vs. Woody E. McMullen, dismissed.
Janet M. Gallagher vs. Jeffrey Gallagher, dismiss civil protection order.
Zebbie Tilghman vs. Purnell Tilghman Jr., dismissed.
Zain S. Awadallah vs. Robert J. Jarrell, dismissed.
Rachel F. Bell vs. David Bell, dismissed.
Amy M. Mathey vs. Arthur J. Walters, dismissed.
Robben C. Hayes vs. James Torbert Jr., dismissed.
Brenda D. Kimble vs. Malcolm Kimble, dismissed.
Debra Liller vs. Karl F. Stennet, dismissed.
William Shabella vs. Mary H. Shabella, dismiss civil protection order.
Terry A. Lipe vs. Laura L. Lipe, dismiss civil protection order.
Traci Connolly vs. Harold Douglas, dismissed.
Deborah Hutcherson vs. Michael Hutcherson, dismissed.
Deanna M. Hernandez vs. Peter Hernandez, dismissed.
New complaints
Nichole Deitch et al vs. Gary A. Newhard et al, money.
Deborah Lowry et al vs. Globe American Casualty Co., money.
Steve Dardas vs. USX Corp. et al, money.
Bank One N.A. vs. James Akins et al, foreclosure.
Annette Dendy vs. Omni West Inc., money.
Chet E. Copanic et al vs. Christine M. Lakovich, money.
Patrick McKelvey vs. City of Youngstown et al, workers' compensation.
BettekCoe vs. Daniel Denery, money.
Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. vs. Henry Dirienzo & amp; Sons Inc., breach of contract.
Carl Vaccar et al vs. GAF Building Materials Corp. et al, money.
Natalie Bradley indiv. and as admx. of the estate of Jason West, dec'd. vs. Christopher Schiavone admr. of the estate of Russell Lyda et al, money.
Mary C. Hyatt by Elizabeth Hyatt vs. Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services, notice of appeal.
Constance Weller vs. Ethel M. Cross, money.
Ann M. Leyland vs. Thomas G. Leyland et al, money.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Jerry E. Favors, sentenced to six months.
State of Ohio vs. Christopher Montesano, sentenced to two years; to be served concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Keith Robinson et al, sentenced to 9 months.
State of Ohio vs. Sean L. Queener, sentenced to 12 months on count 1; 18 months on count 2; and 12 monts on count 3; to be served concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Kenneth Uthe, sentenced to one year on each count.
State of Ohio vs. Vincent Carosella, sentenced to 10 months on count 1; 16 months on count 2; and four years on count 3; to be served concurrently.
John B. Reardon vs. Uknown Heirs, Devisees, Legetees, and Assigns, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Thomas J. Elroy et al, foreclosure.
Judith Seach vs. C. James Conrad et al, settled and dismissed.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Dan Cooper etal, foreclosure.
ContiMortgage vs. Michael Vietz, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Dryden Estates Inc. foreclosure.
Nicole L. Byler vs. Jessica L. Hiznay, settled and dismissed.
Nationscredit Fin. Services vs. Richard Thornton et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan vs. Robert E. Beckett et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Robert J. Tullio et al, dismissed.
Caliope Makris et al vs. Scandanavian Health Spa et al, dismissed.
Donna Frederickson vs. Olsten Health Services Corp. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Denise Moore et al, foreclosure.
Real estate transfers
Michael S. Golubic et al to John L. Golubic, Struthers, $60,000.
Lawrence Wolfe et al to Steven E. Carson et al, Canfield Twp., $233,000.
Judith Haidet trustee to Ruth A. Messer, Austintown Twp., $55,000.
Kathryn Citentow to Gardenridge Development LLC, Canfield Twp., $200,000.
Universal Development of Crosscreek to John Mann et al, Austintown Twp., $129,953.
James P. Frost et al to Ryan P. Sheridan, Austintown Twp., $67,000.
Andi L. Bires to Joseph Degenaro, Youngstown, $59,000.
Tyrone C. Polk to DeBora A. Viglio, Youngstown, $52,500.
Gary M. Crim Inc. to John E. Valentino et al, Campbell, $111,000.
Ramona Rosenberg et al to Ted W. Shaffer et al, Green Twp., $50,000.
PTL Investments Inc. to Samuel Sorice et al, Poland Twp., $150,000.
Robby L. Wright et al to Joann L. Crum, Struthers, $64,000.
Babette J. Young to Joan Beach, New Middletown, $77,000.
Lawyer Williams to 862 Group Ltd., Youngstown, $2,000.
Carl L. Halt Jr. et al to Nickolas J. Wodogaza et al, Austintown Twp., $71,500.
Fred D. Hale et al to Sunshine Automotive Agency, North Jackson, $260,000.
Picasso Ventures Inc. to Scott A. Nevel, Youngstown, $10,000.
Mary Pagac to Frank Ben Fiorenza, Youngstown, $18,500.
George C. Lyda et al to Ronald T. Carrocce et al, Springfield Twp., $125,875.
Jon Santini to Andrew D. Schutler, Washingtonville, $77,000.
John T. Murphy et al to Matthew D. Curtis et al, Boardman, $105,000.
Stephen J. Pantalone et al to Eugene V. Bonanno Jr., Canfield Twp., $85,000.
U.D.E. of Canfield-Palmyra Road to Raymond Pored, Canfield Twp., $120,000.
Timothy L. Porter to William Brandon, Youngstown, $39,000.
John R. Richey et al to Meandering Creek Farms LLC, Springfield Twp., $282,840.
Donald N. Keck to Angelo D. Martino Sr. et al, Boardman Twp., $100,000.
Gregory N. Mullennex to Michael C. Xenakis II et al, Campbell, $52,000.
Security Dollar Bank nka Farmers National Bank, Ausitntown Twp., $563,500.
Melonie Rosenbach to Carmon Neapolitan et al, Struthers, $70,000.
Robert B. Stedman et al to Gregory Mullennex, Youngstown, $67,500.
J.D. & amp; C. Development Inc. to John A. Petrella et al, Poland Twp., $47,000.
The Catherine Fagan Family Trust et al to John D. Battista et al, Poland Twp., $115,500.
Carol R. Catherine to James A. Morchak et al, Boardman Twp., $90,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Melissa M. Hulse, 17674 Lakewood Ave., Lake Milton; sales audit clerk, Phar Mor; liabilities, $30,250; assets, $15,430.
Michael Dawson, 164 Bruce, Youngstown and Yvette Dawson, 323 E. Florida, Youngstown; he: cook, Perkins; she: specialist, Gateways to Beter Living; liabilities, $72,628; assets, $51,305.
Helen Gaines, 2038 Elm St., Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $23,996; assets, $816.
Jeannine Andrews, 282 N. Idlewood Road, Youngstown; operator assistant, Mid-America Packaging; liabilities, $32,321; assets, $22,508.
Monica Bryant, 4791 Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown; childcare provider, Monica's Daycare; liabilities, $147,449; assets, $137,145.
Steven C. Farbman, 4316 Nottingham Ave., Youngstown; warehouse/delivery, Sofa's Plus; liabilities, $20,443; assets, $7,900.
Marcel and Tracy M. Travathan, 356 Midlothian, Youngstown; he: case manager, Mahoning County CSEA; she: consumer service rep., Time/Warner Cable; liabilities, $87,848; assets, $11,452.
Diana M. Walsh, 536 E. Judson, Youngstown; nurse/LPN, Dandridge Burgundi Manor; liabilities, $38,911; assets, $12,100.
Rex A. Sr. and Patricia A. Ewing, 9692 Detwiler Road, Canfield; he: custodian St. Michael's; she: labor, Burger King; liabilities, $35,716; assets, $1,048.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Mariella Smith, 312 Rockview Ave., Youngstown; cook, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $29,467; assets, $16,400.
Anthony Veneable, 611 W. Dewey, Youngstown; machine operator, Parker Hydraulics; liabilities, $69,424; assets, $63,400.
James Francis and Susan Kay Horack, 3125 Highland Ave., Poland; he: manager, Linde; she: no employment shown; liabilities, $267,508; assets, $207,083.
Tammy A. Velez, 225 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown; STNA, Star Med; liabilities, $29,440; assets, $15,130.
Addie M. Smith, 137 Willis Ave., Youngstown; labor, GM; liabilities, $17,198; assets, $5,900.
Todd Patrick Bednarek, 588 Ninth Ave., East Liverpool; machinist, Newell; liabilities, $16,002; assets, $10,120.

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