CANFIELD Grass, weeds go on litter list

CANFIELD -- Grass and weed cuttings are considered litter here.
Council voted Wednesday to add grass and weed cuttings to the list of litter in the ordinances. Other items on the list include automobile parts, bottles, wire and furniture.
City Manager Charles Tieche said the addition will not be used against residents who pile their grass and weed cuttings on their own property.
Instead, it's meant for those who pile their cuttings on their neighbor's lawns.
Tieche said council decided to add grass and weed cuttings after two complaints from residents who had cuttings dumped on their lawns.
The city manager and the police will enforce the ordinances. Residents who violate the ordinances can be cited.
Firearm sales: Council also approved a process for the sale of old police firearms in which it will solicit bids from other police departments or licensed firearms dealers.
The sale of firearms is regulated by the Ohio Revised Code, which does not call for the police to advise council before they are sold and does not limit who can buy them.
Tieche said city police asked council to create its own process.

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