Ryan right to oppose mandatory overtime

Ryan right to oppose mandatory overtime
I'm writing in reference to your editorial of May 21 pertaining to "Local Nursing strike demands thoughtful legislative action."
I agree with state Sen. Timothy Ryan and the ramification of his actions proceeding with legislation that would ban health care facilities from mandating overtime that would prohibit nurses from working more than 18 hours a day.
I'm a retired registered nurse, and I know that you can't think as clearly and acutely when you've worked such a long day. It puts the patient in jeopardy and this can make for mistakes to happen. Please reconsider your issue with Sen. Ryan and mandatory overtime.
Cell phone ban goes too far in controlling drivers
On May 22, a bill was introduced banning the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, quoting statistics suggesting that over 4,000 accidents are caused each day by people driving while on a cell phone.
As a safety and health professional, I find this very interesting. When one conducts an accident incident investigation, one looks for the root cause.
If the accident, such as an industrial accident involves a piece of equipment, or a specific tool, that is looked at, but more important is the task which was being performed. In the case of automobile accidents, although cell phones were involved, the cause would more likely be attributed to the task of poor driving, and the violation or cause would be "failure to control." That requirement is outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, Motor Vehicle Operation Manual. Failure to control can be attributed to any action which would result in poor judgment, thus causing an accident.
Drinking coffee, listening to a tape, changing the radio station, searching for unfamiliar controls -- any distraction can be attributed to poor driving. It is truly a decision made by the driver.
I have no problem with addressing the concern with proper training, point-of-purchase information and the use of hands-free cell phones. Banning the devices would have a negative impact on how we conduct business.
The dos and don'ts associated with cell phone use and driving should become a part of any defensive driving course, drivers training in schools and possibly questions on the temporary permit test. It is a concern; it should be addressed, but banning goes too far.
Conservative Bush no friend of conservation
It's no surprise. Put a Republican -- especially a conservative -- in office, and the country begins to regress. Once again, the poor and middle classes are being ignored in favor of the more wealthy who agree with Bush's right-wing agenda.
Not only did he steal last November's election with his brother Jeb's help, he openly thumbs his nose at our environment, the common people and all who disagree with him.
Arrogance incarnate, he now wants to trespass on wildlife preserves, tamper with Social Security and give tax breaks to the upper classes. When confronted, he assumes his "What-are-you-going-to-do-about-it?" smirk. He thinks he's king, and everyone's supposed to bow down to him.
He is the king of elitist, far-right propaganda. What good can you say about a man who believes in putting severely mentally retarded criminals to death?
As a Catholic, I was disgusted that he spoke at Bob Jones University, a bastion of hatred toward Catholics and a tool of the religious right.
God help us all if people are misled enough to re-elect him in four years.

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