Marriage licenses
Harold J. Hott, 53, of 4606 Burkey Road, Youngstown, and Linda M. Gust, 52, of 816 Burnett Road S.W., Warren.
Joseph B. Wagner II, 36, of 145 S. Dale Blvd., Cortland, and Merry M. Gubany, 31, of 1072 Colonial Drive, Youngstown.
Jerry W. Myers, 29, of 2353 Montgomery N.W., Warren, and Valerie A. Jackson, 27, of same.
Edward W. Geist, 38, of 426 1/2 Vine Court, Niles, and Kristeen L. Barnett, 36, of same.
Robert M. Helman, 22, of 6369 1/2 Burnett Road, Leavittsburg, and Michelle M. Barker, 26, of same.
Daniel S. Currey, 26, of 956 Landsdowne Ave. N.W., Warren, and Teresa L. Fuller, 23, of same.
Jay M. Rodemoyer, 24, of 204 W. Main St., Cortland, and Melinda A. Masterson, 21, of 36 Gilbert Ave., Niles.
Steven A. King, 46, of 2036 Celestial Drive, Warren, and Linda A. Smith, 41, of same.
David P. Gilliam, 24, of 2608 Arthur St., Niles, and Christina M. Denno, 23, of 6250 Highland Ave., Warren.
Christopher L. Frost, 24, of 5832 High Bluff Court, Burke, Va., and Renee C. Goncz, 25, of same.
Don H. Vandrasek, 24, of 3360 Lynwood Drive, Warren, and Jennie R. Downing, 22, of 2358 Clearview N.W., Warren.
William E. Salsgiver Sr., 24, of 3464 Ravenna Warren Road, Newton Falls, and Melissa S. Jerina, 17, of same.
Lucky L. Lattea Sr., 53, of 479 Ridge Road, Newton Falls, and Virginia D. Swinyer, 61, of same.
Ronald E. Longstreth, 24, of 433 Dickey Ave., Warren, an Kelly L. Koehn, 24, of 368 Glendola Ave., Warren.
William A. Haroulakis, 39, of 189 Logan Ave. N.E., Warren, and Brenda G. Dye, 39, of same.
Ryan E. Imhoff, 27, of 4230 America Drive, Cuyahoga Falls, and Monica A. Kinsey, 22, of same.
Larry D. White, 49, of 1820 Roberts Lane N. E., Warren, and Krisandra Scott, 35, of same.
Ronald M. Wynn Jr., 26, of 636 Laird Ave. N. E., Warren, and April C. Pawcio, 23, of 524 Fairfield St., Warren.
William J. Countryman, 23, of 28 1/2 W. Water St., Hubbard, and Lorie J. Triplett, 23, of same.
Cedric M. Johnson, 39, of 3546 Highlawn S. E., Warren, and Selane L. Brown, 30, of same.
Kyle P. Meyers, 22, of 2512 S. 6th St., Ironton, Ohio, and Kelsie S. Willoughby, 21, of 1814 Cherry Lane Drive, Hubbard.
Michael A. Foreback, 28, of 832 Oak St., Warren, and Sheila M. Boyd, 31, of 2699 W. Liberty St., Girard.
Christopher Minotti, 49, of 814 Tod Ave. N.W., Warren, and Sharon K. Meehan, 38, of 1032 Southern Blvd., Warren.
Graig DeDomenic, 32, of 72 Westminster, Austintown, and Joanie D. Cain, 31, of 4291 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland.
Thomas H. Smith, 24, of 643 Nebraska Ave., Niles, and Amanda L. DeCesare, 20, of 510 Salt Springs Road, Warren.
Harry J. Kirkwood, 34, of 3249 Cadwallader Sonk, Cortland, and Renee L. Sexton, 29, of 653 Fifth St., Niles.
Eric M. Gore, 34, of 1553 Hazelwood Ave. S.E., Warren, and Glenda V. Hugley, 25, of same.
Daniel J. Porter, 37, of 39 S. Outer, Vienna, and Donna D. Hilty, 42, of same.
Michael R. Cybak, 23, of 4900 Spencer Ave., Newton Falls, and Bethany R. McLaughlin, 22, of 237 E. Broad St., Newton Falls.
Divorces asked
Richard A. Miles vs. Kelly A. Miles.
Diane L. Nelson vs. James R. Nelson.
Judy McGuire vs. Daniel S. McGuire.
Nancy J. Wilkins vs. James W. Wilkins.
Ronald S. Miller vs. Nancy L. Miller.
Elma Krumpe vs. Kenneth L. Hull.
Kelly Myers vs. Richard Myers.
Jacqueline A. Galizio vs. Anthony M. Galizio.
Debbie L. Detelich vs. Gerald A. Detelich.
John R. Schuller vs. Marie H. Schuller.
Mark A. Blose vs. Arlene K. Blose.
Michelle L. Senvisky vs. Robert M. Senvisky.
Dissolutions asked
Daniel J. Martin and Megan Martin.
Dawn L. Reed and Eric J. Reed.
William J. George Sr. and Denise L. George.
Rebecca A. Stoner and James J. Stoner.
Patricia A. Ferrell and Anthony D. Ferrell.
Yvonne S. Terela and Michael E. Terela.
Renee Renshaw Mangiarelli and Francesco R. Mangiarelli.
Domestic Violence/Civil Protection Orders Filed
Kelly A. Myers vs. Richard Myers.
Kathy Brewer vs. Michael Benner.
Kim L. Sponaugle vs. David M. Utterback.
Sandra Rounds vs. Timothy Mitchell.
Rena Jo Rowlands vs. Ray V. Fox III.
Elizabeth Katona vs. Paul M. Katona.
Karen S. Clifford vs. David J. Clifford.
Amanda Holliday Vogle vs. Anthony Vogle.
Rose Redmond vs. Lewis Lenhart.
Cases Converted
Jill S. Pickstone vs. Sean Thomas, divorce to plaintiff.
Amber Merten vs. Dennis Merten, divorce to plaintiff.
Jodi Sherock vs. Philip Sherock, divorce to plaintiff.
Cases Dismissed
Cathy Lynch vs. Charles Lynch.
Joyce Brown vs. David W. Brown.
Debbie L. Ermine vs. Michael Ermine.
Penny Allen vs. Roger Allen.
Janet M. Morrison vs. John W. Morrison.
Rebecca Starling vs. Carlon S. Starling.
Stephanie Medley vs. Jon E. Jackson.
Tonnya Fisher vs. Jan E. Fisher Jr.
Jan E. Fisher Jr. vs. Tonnya Fisher.
Paulette N. Davis vs. James C. Davis Jr.
Dissolutions granted
Ronald G. Rising and Patricia A. Rising.
Kellie R. Pawlowski and Steven M. Pawlowski; wife restores name to Boisse.
Sonja R. Ezzo and Matthew Ezzo Jr.
Christine M. Reese and Gregory S. Reese.
Elmer M. Kanchok and Velta J. Kanchok,wife restores name to Fancher.
Greg Caccavale and Jodi Caccavale.
Eric D. Williams and Kimberly L. Williams.
Todd Brady and Shannin Brady.
Craig A. Williams and Crystal Williams, wife restores name to Secich.
Richard M. Remsey and Christine M. Remsey.
Howard Starcher and Carrie J. Starcher.
Andrea Ashelman and Scott Ashelman.
Randy O. Pleasea and Keri C. Pleasea; wife restores name to Kelley.
Richard D. Goudeau and Monica G. Goudeau; wife restores name to Richards.
Barbara J. Dunn and Mitchell J. Dunn, wife restores name to Sovik.
Brenda S. Clark and Mark A. Clark.
Amy B. Giron and William R. Giron.
Divorces granted
Deborah J. Hamner vs. John T. Hamner Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Jacqueline D. Hapsic vs. Daniel A. Hapsic, divorce to plaitiff.
John M. Swank vs. Kimber L. Swank, divorce to plaintiff.
Carol A. Manley vs. Raymond A. Manley, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Grazier.
Mary E. Hall vs. Benjamin Hall, divorce to plaintiff.
David L. Shaffer vs. Tammy S. Shaffer, divorce to both.
Teri Brown vs. Chad Brown Sr., divorce to plaintiff.
Margie Brumage vs. John R. Brumage Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Vicki Lawson vs. John T. Lawson Jr., divorce to both.
Barbara Dubravcak vs. David A. Dubravcak, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Carducci.
Shirley J. Flory vs. Jeffrey D. Flory, divorce to plaintiff.
Melanie Wix vs. Kenneth Wix, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Vingle.
Roger J. Rovini vs. Leslie A. Rovini, divorce to plaintiff.
Elizabeth Spuhler vs. Bret A. Spuhler, divorce to both.
Robert A. Wood vs. Sandra L. Wood, divorce to plaintiff.
Louise Grimwood vs. Robert E. Grimwood, divorce to plaintiff.
New complaints
Old Kent Mortgage Co. vs. Anthony Flannery, foreclosure.
WMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Bonnie S. Moore, foreclosure.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Carlo Antonio Bario, foreclosure.
Dana A. Mitchell vs. Melinda G. Pavkovich, other torts.
Gayle Wakefield vs. James Conrad Admr., workers' compensation.
Shenango Inc. vs. Coopers & amp; Lybrand LLP, other civil.
Ernest Hawkins vs. George Mollis, other torts.
Donald K. Pitzer II vs. Richard Beranek, other torts.
Carol E. Rohrman vs. Samuel F. Cornicelli, other torts.
Betty Ann Bumico vs. Angela Enyings et al, other torts.
Short Stop Truck Plaza vs. Hasper Leggett, other civil.
Charles Forrest Jr. vs. Sims Buick GMC Corp., workers' compensation.
Elden Bailey vs. GM Corp., workers' compensation.
Spiridon Rousis vs. WCI Steel Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Midfirst Bank vs. Jacqueline C. Currie, foreclosure.
Midfirst Bank vs. Melvin D. Cobb, foreclosure.
Provident Bank vs. Keith Cruse et al, foreclosure.
Bradley Rushin vs. Eric S. Law, other torts.
Christina A. Scott vs. John S. Seymore, other torts.
Gary Shade vs. Justin Dach, other civil.
Asset Accept. Corp. vs. Michael Chambers, other civil.
Linda Cain vs. GM Corp., workers' compensation.
Invacare Corp et al vs. Attlee Health Resources, other civil.
Bank One/NBD Bank vs. Emil J. Sebben, replevin.
Kimberly S. Zigler vs. GM Corp., other civil.
Waterfield Mortgage Co. vs. Charles R. Pifer Jr., foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Lori A. Reiter, foreclosure.
Eric M. Boldan vs. Ross J. Lombarti, other torts.
Middlefield Banking Co. vs. Jack L. Hurd, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Sara I. Johnson, other civil.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Sonja R. Rehburg, other civil.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Sonnie L. Kish, other civil.
Roth Brothers Inc. vs. Warren Engineering Co., other civil.
Evelyn V. Rebraca vs. Jennifer L. Bieganowski, other torts.
Tmb. Co. Commrs. vs. Ford Motor Co. et al, other torts.
Anthony Raber vs. Paul T. Cardarelli, other torts.
Principal Residential Mtg. vs. Nicholas J. Wiery et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mtg. Corp. vs. George W. Whitacre, foreclosure.
Causeway Sporting Goods vs. Keith E. Noble, other civil.
Steve Sipusic vs. Tom Gregory et al, other civil.
Ruth Burketh vs. Ames Dept. Store Inc. other torts.
LLC Succ. B.A. Mort. vs. Christopher Fairchild, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Willie B. Skinner, foreclosure.
Henry Malone vs. James Conrad admr., workers' compensation.
Eastern Savings Bank vs. David C. Hartman, foreclosure.
Rolland Swegan vs. Anne Sewgan et al, other civil.
Ohio Carpenters Health vs. Warren Engineering Co., cognovit.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Denise L. Romanchek, foreclosure.
Farmers National Bank vs. Bradley R. Jones, other civil.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Bradley D. Wiant, foreclosure.

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