Marriage licenses
David A. Truman, 31, of Youngstown, and Resah M. Bryant, 25, of same.
Randolf T. Smith, 34, of 1416 E. Florida, Youngstown, and Joyce A. Goodman, 31, of same.
Rocco F. Secre, 40, of 168 Clarencedale Ave., Boardman, and Debra J. Secre, 37, of 4055 South Ave., Boardman.
Roy Kojo Jawara Williams, 29, of 1065 Genessee Drive, Youngstown, and Sonja A. Williams, 30, of 365 Carroll St., Youngstown.
Bruce Carano, 30, of 1363 Redtail Hawk Drive, #6, Boardman, and Veronica L. DiRosa, 28, of same.
Joseph R. Macejko, 31, of 2088 Shetland Lane, Poland, and Melissa M. Balata, 29, of 7400 West Blvd., #12, Boardman.
Eugene M. Murphy, 35, of 13300 Silica Road, North Jackson, and Kimberly A. Keck, 24, of same.
Kareen Hickman, 25, of 111 Willis Ave., Youngstown, and Felecia D. West, 24, of 527 Early Road, Youngstown.
Gordon P. Hamilton, 30, of 3791 Huntmere Drive, Austintown, and Deanna L. Szczgiel, 30, of same.
Brad S. Payne, 23, of 7373 West Blvd., #6, Boardman, and Christine M. Braun, 21, of same.
Daniel S. Marciniak, 26, of 78 LeMans Drive, #1, Boardman, and Heidi A. Honthy, 19, of 4060 Alvacardo St., Canfield.
Lebron C. Matthews III, 38, of Austintown, and Margaret E. Cruz, 35, of Youngstown.
Christopher M. Cook, 29, of 142 S. Edgehill, Austintown, and Tammy R. Tipper, 31, of 7345 E. Parkside Drive, Boardman.
Kevin R. Houser, 34, of 1292 Salt Springs Road, Youngstown, and W. Yvonne Immenschuh, 48, of same.
Ralph N. Bevilacqua, 52, of 1388 Doncaster Drive, Youngstown, and Linda M. Rapovy, 50, of 250 S. Osborne Ave., Youngstown.
Matthew L. Snipes, 38, of 4118 Monticello 204, Youngstown, and Christine Hall, 37, of 5134 Winslow Drive, Mineral Ridge.
Joseph A. Percic, 25, of 172 Melbourne Ave., Boardman, and Dawn E. Chapman. 24, of same.
William L. Koonse, 25, of 4198 Pembrook Road, Austintown, and JoAnn N. Ragan, 21, of 1787 Paulsey St., #10, Youngstown.
Henry J. Percy Jr., 26, of 14068 Pembrook Road, Austintown, and Lori L. Lude, 33, of same.
Manuel Montes Jr., 39, of 600 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, and Marcie A. Tharp, 34, of same.
Divorces asked
Jeannette A. Schilling DeBacco, 429 Tenth St., Struthers, vs. Dennis S. DiBacco, 285 Judson St., Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Michael Creatore, 5419 Willow Court, Youngstown, and Margaret Creatore, 32 W. Broad St., Newton Falls.
New complaints
Heather M. Voss et al vs. National Mutual Fire Ins., money.
Simon Capital Ltd. vs. Galana Corp. et al, money.
Grange Mutual Casualty Co. vs. Edward E. Blackmon Jr., money.
UCFC Trust 1997-D et al vs. Louis T. Weiss et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Machinery Co. vs. Romano Paving Inc., money.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders Trust Co. vs. Bruce A. Streb et al, foreclosure.
Toni J. Violi vs. John J. Everette et al, money.
Arleen Ford-Jenkins et al vs. Russell Stone, money.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Robert A. Maravola et al, foreclosure.
Chase Mortgage Co. West fka Mellon Mort. Co. vs. Jose M. Campos et al, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Benjamin Bundy et al, foreclosure.
Ann Puskar vs. Forum Health dba Northside Hospital et al, money.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Robin Perez et al, foreclosure.
Mikiel Ann Perkowski vs. Martin F. White Esq. indiv. and dba Martin F. White Co. LPA et al, complaint with plaintiffs first request for production of documents et al.
Frank D. Thomas indiv. and on behalf of minor children Kyle F. and Zachari A. Jones vs. Candace Dixon, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Alexander Scott Jr., dismissed.
Same vs. Alexander Scott Jr., dismissed.
David A. Robenolt vs. Joyce A. Moore, settled
Astro Product vs. Entropy Systems, judgment for plaintiff.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Janetta Vaughn et al, foreclosure.
Anchor Cigar and Candy vs. Nabil Hasan Inc., settled and dismissed.
Ameritech vs. Melissa Franklin, default judgment for plaintiff.
Wells Fargo vs. Russell G. Perales et al, withdraw sale.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Robert K. McCool, judgment of cognovit note for plaintiff.
Eileen Leonard et al vs. Richard D. Weiss et al, dismissed.
County treasurer vs. Morna Adams et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Edeva Daniels et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Sher Ree Tavern Inc., foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Company vs. Jason J. Tentinger et al, foreclosure.
Atlantic Mortgage and Investments vs. Dolishia K. King et al, foreclosure.
Probate Court
Will of Robert S. Kimmel: estate to wife, Betty Jane.
Will of Howard E. Johns: estate to children, Marilyn G. Johns and Dale K. Johns; with specific
Fred W. Swartz to Robert L. Drushel et al, Springfield Twp., $43,000.
John S. Donchess to Evelyn L. Ross, Youngstown, $29,900.
eal estate transfers
Mark E. Bernard et al to Michael F. Sell et al, Canfield Twp., $120,000.
Dean Tatulinski et al to Trent McKnight et al, Green Twp., $96,346.
Mary P. Noday et al to Paul R. Lesigonich, Youngstown, $60,000.
Theresa Hutmesiter to Robert R. St. Clair et al, Boardman Twp., $55,500.
WMC Mort. Corp. to Clifford H. Widener, Youngstown, $15,000.
Charlotte F. Bell to Lee D. Pupio et al, Youngstown, $85,000.
Lee D. Pupio to William Black et al, Youngstown, $38,000.
James M. Smith et al to Frank J. Tatarka et al, Craig Beach, $9,400.
Robert Wilkes Jr. to A. Robert Tilton, Boardman Twp., $79,500.
Celeste R. Kirkswy to Matthew A. Riggs, Smith Twp., $35,000.
Michael Kadilak et al to Jason Hinrichs et al, Boardman Twp., $91,000.
John A. Fortunato et al to Vivian L. Keiler, Beaver Twp., $122,900.
Home & amp; Craft Construction Inc. to Jason D. Gallo et al, Austintown Twp., $131,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Yvonne J. Ross, 1072 Eastway Drive, No. 6, Youngstown; housekeeping, Youngstown Youth Academy; liabilities, $13,459; assets, $3,018.
Jonny W. French, 167 Erskine Ave., Youngstown; hairstylist, self-employed; liabilities, $113,110; assets, $94,010.
Adele Shaffer, 349 Spring St., Struthers; sales, Dillards; liabilities, $12,044; assets, $3,575.
Gary Snyder and Kimberly Snyder, 7660 Garfield St., Salem; he: profit manager, Dobson Communications; she: basket maker, self-employed; liabilities, $164,478; assets, $123,970.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Jacqueline M. Ciavarella, 66 Terrace St., Boardman; insurance agent, Met Life; liabilities, $63,626; assets, $60,041.
Bridgette Williams, 1056 Hawthorne St., Youngstown; restorative aide, Imperial Nursing Home; liabilities, $27,717; assets, $1,920.
Rodger D. and Nancy Miller, 17633, David Road, Lake Milton; he: workers comp.; she: none: liabilities, $70,763; assets, $58,763.
Marvin L. and Carol Sue Fix, 1275 E. Western Reserve Road, Poland; both: retired; liabilities, $20,900; assets, $44,750.
Philip L. and Sheri L. Logston, 32106 North St., Leetonia; he: lithographer, Warren Metal; she: none; liabilities, $60,000; assets, $71,200.
Eugene Hobby Jr., 68 LaBelle Ave., Youngstown; communicator, Infocision; liabilities, $23,731; assets, $8,423.
Aaron L. McMahon, 5410 Mahoning St., Leavittsburg; utility person, Champion; liabilities, $4,900;assets, $2,600.
Waneda L. Seabolt, Box 5104, East Liverpool; nurses' aide, East Liverpool Convalescent; liabilities, $16,515; assets, $2,100.

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