Mascara dos and don'ts
Experts offer the following list of mascara dos and don'ts:
It is wise to remove any mascara with eye makeup remover due to the delicate nature of surrounding tissues. It is imperative to remove waterproof mascara with the proper product. Soap and water won't work.
Check out the mascara application brush. Different types help achieve different results. Generally, the thicker the brush, the more dramatic the look. (Fibers on these brushes are closer together for a lush, false-eyelashes effect.) Women who wear tinted contacts find that using a matching colored mascara will enhance their new eye color.
Purple mascara makes green eyes look greener.
Once opened, mascara has a short shelf life. Replace yours after three months.
Never pump a tube of mascara to add color to the brush. That dries it out. Instead, swirl the applicator top in the tube.
Chanel makes a product called Lash Base. As the name suggests, it gives mascara something to cling to. Since it's white, the color of the mascara will be more intense. Older women can use Lash Base to pump up thinning lashes. Afterwards, they should apply their regular brown or black mascara and then tip their lashes with a colored mascara.

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