Marriage licenses
Gary P. Mears, 24, of 749 Kenilworth Ave. S.E., Warren, and Rachel A. Rhodes, 23, of same.
Richard S. Kotsol, 32, of 319 Hayes, McDonald, and Jacqueline C. Francis, 33, of 213 Warren Ave., Niles.
Kevin A. Jupina, 32, of 9617 Ridge Road, North Royalton, and Kerry J. Simmons, 32, of 3701 Crestview Ave. S.E., Warren.
Robert E. Chambers, 35, of 22 Barcelona, Niles, and Julie A. Nicholas, 27, of 424 S. Main St., Niles.
Jonathan O. Finett, 27, of 6189 state Route 46, Cortland, and Christina M. Ferry, 26, of 7538 state Route 45, North Bloomfield.
David V. Journey, 32, of 862 Cynthia, Niles, and Amy M. Bowers, 29, of same.
Brian J. Goldner, 21, of 3478 Warren-Meadville Road, Cortland, and Charlotte A. Hedrick, 21, of 1566 Nottingham, Warren.
David J. Burnick, 19, of 566 Fowler St., Cortland, and Kiki L. Saczalski, 19, of 104 Hickory Circle, Cortland.
Mark J. Davis, 23, of 3105 Judyth St., Warren, and Melissa R. Cunningham, 18, same.
Gene A. Seman, 25, of 441 Cannon St., Niles, and Melanie D. Gemmell, 20, of same.
Michael J. Schmader, 24 ,of 2323 state Route 305, Cortland, and Melissa L. Wiswell, 26, of 903 state Route 305, Cortland.
Robert W. Skaricich, 31, of 2164 Buena Vista Drive, Wickliffe, and Kristen A. Dubbs, 24, of 7739 Raglan Drive, Warren.
Terry J. Roupe, 25, of 3443 Larchmont N.E., Warren, and
Sherry L. Chinchic, 39, of same.
Anthony D. Cretella, 37, of 610 Marshall Road, McDonald, and Michele C. Shelton, 29, of same.
Anthony R. Cesario, 31, of 319 Hall Ave., Hubbard, and Gina M. Battisti, 32, of 132 Grandview Ave., Hubbard.
John Slovinsky III, 23, of 29 E. Main St., Newton Falls, and Lisa M. Lane, 27, of same.
Alan R. Zickefoose, 21, of 19855 Steubenville Pike Road, Hammondville, and Danielle R. Scherer, 22, of 134 Winter Lane, Cortland.
Michael E. Martin, 38, of 5046 Miller South Road, Bristolville, and Patricia K. Davis, 35, of same.
Tong Sop Kim, 27, of 33685 Sebastian Lane, Sterling Heights, Mich., Jinah Sung, 26, of same.
Jay R. Stiffler, 27, of 308 Hyde Ave., Niles, and Karen A. Wilson, 25, of same.
Gary C. Kovack, 36, of 4305 state Route 193, Cortland, and Donna J. Schmidt, 45, of 222 South Oakland Ave., Sharon, Pa.
Jesse C. Dunn, 22, of 331 Perkinswood S.E., Warren, and Rachel A. Rupert, 23, of same.
Brent E. Currington, 30, of 2172 Clearview Drive, Warren, and Amanda K. Little, 27, of 831 Greenlawn Ave. N.W., Warren.
Brian M. Groscost, 28, of 2490 Anthony Circle, Hubbard, and Kate Huffman, 23, of 115 Myron St., Hubbard.
Kevin Vaughn, 34 ,of 680 Mercer Road, Warren, and Lisa Walls, 21, of same.
Harry E. Yauger Jr., 28, of 821 Homewood Ave. S.E., Warren, and Jenifer Kimbler, 20, of same.
Jonathan L. Winkler, 21, of 2182 AVN HHC, Fort Bragg, N.C., and Gretchen S. Clay, 22, of 220 Hillman St., Cortland.
Michael W. Maykowski, 28, of 601 Heather Lane, Charlotte, N.C., and Heather L. Bavola, 27, of same.
Jon Mitchell, 21, of 139A Chestnut St., Niles, and Amy Jessie, 22, of same.
Jeremy J. Cox, 27, of 2501 Willow Brook Drive N.E., Warren, and Tiffany D. Wright, 29, of 2320 North Road N.E., Warren.
Chambers W. Dodrill, 52, of 8045 Brookwood N.E., Warren, and Yvonne D. Morrow, 47, of same.
Brian Prosser, 22, of 522 Cedar Ave., Niles, and Jessica R. Seese, 21 of same.
Stephen T. Gilliam, 36, of 1459 Brookeville Ave., Columbus, and Tonya L. Johnson, 34, of 3231 Williamsburg St., Warren.
James R. McCale, 33, of 18 Decantor, Youngstown, and Lisa M. Johnston, 38, of 56 S. Main St., Hubbard.
Jerald A. Wishart, 51, of 155 W. Federal St., Warren, and Lori A. Kinter, 29, of same.
Michael E. Ramsey, 28, of 1614 Harding Ave., Girard, and Melissa C. Martin, 29, of same.
Joseph F. Muccio, 30, of 640 Lloyd St., Hubbard, and Tracy Barnes, 23, of same.
Jack Porter Jr., 35, of 313 Frances Ave., Niles, and Denise A. Anderson, 41, of same.
Christopher L. Oliver, 33 of 7365 state Route 46, Cortland, and Christy A. Chandler, 22, of 1000 Liberty Blvd., Cortland.
Marc A. Thomas, 39, of 724 Central Parkway S.E., Warren, and Pamela S. Talstein, 46 of 3061 Meadow Lane N.E., Warren.
Joseph J. Portale Jr., 46, of 5946 Ridge Road, Cortland, and Tomi R. McConahy, 41, of same.
Sean Kerr, 23, of 546 Niles Vienna Road, Vienna, and Aimee Zydyk, 21, of 884 Sodom Hutchings Road, Vienna.
Leonard D. Humphrey, 46, of 2227 N. Glenwood Ave., Niles, and Linda L. Eck, 50, of same.
Mitchell Steen, 22 of 4395 Berkshire Drive, Warren, and Shannon Difford, 22, of same.
Scott Coleman, 24, of 12231 Lisbon Road, Salem, and Stacey Hall, 21, of 652 W. Third St., Niles.
Harry G. Reinard III, 24, of 6 Stoneybrooke Drive, Hubbard, and Rebecca L. Peters, 22 of 6797 state Route 46, Cortland.
Justin R. Ciecerko, 20, of 2701 Mahan Denman Road, Bristolville, and Jessica Fusco, 21, of 146 Craver, Girard.

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