1. As if: Expresses disagreement. (Person 1: You're a liar. Person 2: AS IF!)
1. Cheesy: An adjective describing something in bad taste.
1. Crib: Synonym for house, apartment or place of residence.
1. Dude: A term of endearment for a friend.
2. DUDE : Drawn out, it means Whoa. (Example, "Dude, that was fast.")
3. DUDE!: A short, emphatic outburst to express anger, meaning, "What are you doing?!" (Example, "Dude! You almost hit me.")
1. fo' REAL: A statement of agreement.
(Person 1: That was a great movie. Person 2: Fo' real.)
2. fo' REAL?: A question meaning, "Are you serious?"
3. fo' real: The answer to that question -- "Yes, I'm serious."
(Person 1: I bought a new car. Person 2: Fo' real? Person 1: Fo' real.)
1. G-Funk: When preceded by letter G, the word becomes a term of endearment. (Example, "What up, G-Funk?")
2. Funky: An adjective describing something unusual.
3. Funky: An adjective describing something smelly, i.e. "Your gym socks are funky.")
4. Funk: A bad mood, slump or dry spell. (Example, "Dude, my baseball team is in a funk.")
1. Slammin': An adjective describing an event that was fun or an object that is admirable. (Example, "That party was slammin'!)
1. Tight: An adjective meaning it looks good or meets with approval, i.e. "That car is tight!"
1. What-EVER : Emphasizing the last two syllables, the phrase takes on attitude and is a phrase of disagreement. Often interchangeable with As if.
2. Whatever: Said with a shrug or a sigh, it's a statement of resignation.
1. Word: Expresses agreement. May be used with up.

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