Steer clear of bears, police say

Two black bears have been spotted in the past few days.
BAZETTA -- Don't feed or shoot the bears.
Police Chief Robert Jacola said Wednesday that two black bears have been spotted in the township the past few days .
He is warning people to steer clear of them.
A bear cub was spotted on the Mosquito Lake campground Sunday, and a large black bear was seen near the Mecca Township line Tuesday.
"Residents should not approach them," Jacola said. "If anyone spots a bear, they should call 911 so the proper authorities can be contacted."
Force: Jacola said no one should use deadly force on the animals.
"I don't think we should be in the business of shooting these animals. I think they are probably as scared of us as we are of them," the chief said.
He noted that if a bear is found, he would like wildlife experts to sedate it and move it to an area that is safe for the animal and humans.
Jacola noted that several bears have been spotted in Trumbull County in the past few months.
A black bear was spotted earlier this month in a residential area of Warren Township.
Police said the bear was looking for food.
Officials set traps for the bear, but it did not return to the area, police said.
A black bear was killed in Lordstown last month by Ohio Division of Wildlife officers.

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