Grand jury to hear parents' case

If convicted of all the charges, each parent could face up to 61/2 years in prison.
NEWTON FALLS -- A Trumbull County grand jury will decide if a 35-year-old mother and a 51-year-old father should be indicted on child endangering charges.
Judge Thomas Old of municipal court sent the case of Angelique Bailey and Roy McDaniel to the grand jury Tuesday after both chose not to undergo a preliminary hearing.
Bailey and McDaniel each face four counts of child endangering. If convicted of all charges, they each face up to 61/2 years in prison.
Court officials said it will be several weeks before the grand jury hears the case.
Left alone: Authorities say the two left Bailey's three children, ages 8, 5, and 2, at their Bristol Township residence July 14 with McDaniel's 14-year-old son, Thomas.
Bristol Township comes under the jurisdiction of Newton Falls Municipal Court.
McDaniel, a truck driver, was delivering a shipment to Dayton that day, and Bailey and her 2-month-old daughter accompanied him.
While they were gone, Thomas raped the 5-year-old girl, authorities said.
The couple, who declined to comment Tuesday, remain free on $10,500 bond each.
Attorneys say the two are living together, but the children are no longer in their custody. The two sat together in court, McDaniel with his arm around Bailey.
In hospital: Thomas is being held in the juvenile justice center, and the 5-year-old remains in satisfactory condition at Forum Health Tod Children's Hospital. Trumbull County Children Services has placed the other three children in foster homes.
Toni Marcheskie, who is representing Bailey, said her client lived with McDaniel for about a month and thought that Thomas was old enough to watch her children.
Thomas has told authorities that he was often left alone to watch the children and that his father and Bailey would call once a week.
Deputies described the house as "deplorable, unsanitary and unfit to be lived in by anyone" and said there was not sufficient food.

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