Docket entries
Christopher J. Strawderman vs. David J. Venerose Jr., settled and dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. William Miller, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Frances M. Shaffer, confirmation of sale.
Trina Summerland vs. Keith Spiva, settled and dismissed.
Board of County vs. Pennsylvania Lines LLC, settled and dismissed.
United Companies Lending vs. Clarence Clay et al, settled.
Jerry E. Wheatcroft vs. C. James Conrad admr., settled.
B.A. Mortgage LLC vs. Robert Hubbard, confirmation of sale.
First National Bank vs. Thomas Patterson, confirmation of sale.
Second National Bank vs. Lori Culver, confirmation of sale.
Lauretta Mantz vs. Joseph Catone, settled.
Jada Reed vs. Yosef Seide, settled and dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Laura F. Owsley, dismissed.
Marriage licenses
Anthony W. Berardi, 24, of 7196 Herbert Road, Canfield, and Pamela J. Malagisi, 27, of 4876 Westchester Drive, Austintown.
Richard C. Blackson, 43, of 3785 Mercedes Place, Canfield, and Mary Jo Maluso, 45, of same.
Angel E. Perez, 26, of 740 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, and Mary L. Hernandez, 33, of same.
Dana J. Byers, 47, of 1045 W. South Range, North Lima, and Sherri G. Jackson, 39, of same.
Parnell R. Pardue, 32, of 734 Harlen St., Youngstown, and Stephanie F. Jackson, 34, of same.
Anthony Pesa, 64, of 4110 Euclid Blvd., Boardman, and Pilar F. Regan, 60, of same.
Matthew E. Novak, 24, of 5820 Yorktown Lane, Austintown, and Jamie L. Miller, 23, of 1625 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.
Ryan P. Sheridan, 21, of 159 Rosemont, Austintown, and Jennifer M. Hawryluk, 22, of same.
Julius M. Joy, legal age, of 43 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, and Victoria L. Winphrie, legal age, of 912 Granite, Youngstown.
Vincent Fiorenza, 24 of 17 N. Whitney, Youngstown, and Cassandra M. Westover, 21, of same.
Steven P. Lazroff, 24, of 7010 E. Whitedove Lane #104, Middleburg Heights, and Andrea L. Fair, 24, of 82 N. Navarre, Austintown.
Jared L. First, 22, of 202 N. Liberty St., Minerva, and Julie J. Carr, 23, of 8768 Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center.
Ramses J. Terry, 23, of 3103 Hudson Ave., Youngstown, and Nikkia M. Hudson, 24, of same.
Johnny Taylor, 62, of 461 Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, and Myrta Berrios, 35, of same.
Divorces asked
Frank J. Rigelsky, 6255 Apache Lane, Poland, vs. Stella A. Rigelsky, 230 Edna St., Poland.
Patrick W. Russo Jr. aka Tim W. Russo Jr., 5200 West Blvd., Boardman, vs. Saundra S. Russo, 7040 Claybourne, Boardman.
Michelle L. Hedrick, 3657 Ferdinand, Austintown, vs. Michael D. Hedrick, 3533 Arden Blvd., Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Katherine Dishman, 7388 Indian Trail, Poland,, and Willie R. Dishman, 7057 West Blvd. #134, Boardman.
New complaints
Bank One NA vs. Claude Kindle et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Trina L. Johnson et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
James Durkin et al vs. Shirley Nichols, money.
Michael R. Collins vs. Ricky Joseph et al, money.
Samuel M. Petrony Sr. et al vs. Pipeline Inc. et al, money.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Robert K. McCool, money.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Christine C. Frenzel et al, money.
Passarelli Brothers et al vs. City of Youngstown, money.
Alfred J. Elliott requests occupational driving privileges from court.
Ruth Colgan vs. James Durkin et al, money.
Chris Guy et al vs. Christopher Bable et al, money.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Julie L. Hutchison et al, foreclosure and relief.
Probate court
Will of Donald R. Welty: estate to wife, Gladys J.
Will of Betty A. Blott: estate to children, John M., William A., Robert D and Edward L.
Will of Clarence F. Stiffler aka C. Frederick Stiffler: estate to children, Edith A. Sinclair, Marcia J. Hanna and Suellen Weir.
Will of George Jevesok: estate to brother, Joseph.
Will of Robert Lakatos: estate to children, Charlene K. and Robert J. Lakatos.
Will of Herman Cooper: estate to daughter, Ruth Cooper Klodell and grandchildren.
Real estate transfers
Ronald J. Novak et al to L. Troy Fronzalio et al, Beaver Twp., $235,000 (Correction).
Suleman Awadallah to Bridgett Moore, Milton Twp., $14,116.
Susan A. Whited et al to Bank of New York et al, Boardman Twp., $54,573.
Helen Faunda to Brian C. Waselich et al, Austintown Twp., $80,000.
Ursuline High School to APCO Construction Inc. to Boardman Twp., $5,000.
Sandra B. Clark to Alan R., Hunt III et al, Austintown Twp., $85,000.
Elizabeth A. Myers et al to Ruthanne T. Lonardo, Lowellville, $59,900.
Donna J. Albright Ricketts to Jarid K. Smith, Washingtonville, $56,500.
Estate of Ann Nickel to Scott Schulte, Boardman Twp., $90,000.
Thomas M. Shine to David W. Cacelli, Canfield Twp., $182,000.
Linda J. Cornell et al to Connie Sattarella et al, Youngstown, $18,000.
Ronald Pastorek et al to Daniel J. Thomas et al, Boardman Twp., $214,500.
UDE of Timber Ridge Clingan etc. to Ellen Wagner, Poland Twp., $124,790.
Thomas P. Reed et al to Ronald Fricke et al, Boardman Twp., $382,500.
Twin Lakes Development Ltd. to Robert W. Baghurst et al, Beaver Twp., $135,600.
Michele R. Haylett-Mirich et al to Robert P. Thomas, Boardman Twp., $93,500.
Daniel J. Thomas et al to Steven Kopp-Leslie et al, Boardman Twp., $105,000.
Burton Homes Inc. to Fred M. Gavalier Jr. et al, Springfield Twp., $152,800.
Twin Lakes Development to Joseph E. Valko et al, Beaver Twp., $118,000.
Sheila Cashwell to Betty A. Perschka, Austintown Twp., $62,500.
Harold D. Oliver et al to Ercl Martin et al, Poland Twp., $44,000.
Dennis L. Varner Sr. to Dennis L. Varner Sr. et al, Youngstown, $13,500.

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