Dissolutions asked
Susan M. Scott and Harold N. Scott Jr.
Melody J. Beall and Charles J. Beall.
Kevin C. Lacey and Susan N. Lacey.
Cynthia Redmond and James A. Redmond.
David A. Salinski and Jeannie M. Salinski.
David K. Bradley Jr. and Barbara A. Bradley
Bruce H. Luntz and Darlene Sigler.
Dennis M. Bertko and Diane R. Bertko.
Donald R. Baxter and Cheryl A. Baxter.
Dissolutions granted
Nelson Welch and Jennifer Welch, wife restores name to Williams.
Daniel J. Martin and Megann Martin.
Patricia A. Farrell and Anthony D. Farrell, wife restores name to Phillips.
Thomas M. Harriman and Judith L. Harriman.
Jessica Shafer and David Shafer, wife restores name to Patrick.
Bryan L. Chadman and Debra D. Chadman, wife restores name to Finnegan.
Peggy M. Morgan and Dennis Morgan Jr., wife restores name to Sinchak.
Jean C. Walsh and Gerald M. Walsh.
Tina Doss and James D. Doss, wife restores name to Vouvounas.
Tom McFarland and Nancy McFarland.
Pamela Sears and Timothy A. Sears.
David P. Soukenik and Monica A. Soukenik.
Melissa Ihlenfeld and George E. Ihlenfeld.
Linda Summerfield and Rodney J. Summerfield.
Cynthia L. Odea and Stephen T. Odea.
Terry Ohl and Sandra L. Ohl.
Cynthia Johns and Peter Christopher.
Divorces granted
Brenda S. Wood vs. Jerry L. Wood, divorce to both.
James Uphole vs. Chamaine Uphole, divorce to plaintiff.
Joceyln D. Barnes vs. Roger Barnes, wife restores name to Vaught.
Terry M. Kelly vs. Mary T. Kelly, divorce to plaintiff.
Nanette R. Watson vs. Dana L. Watson, divorce to plaintiff.
Tracey A. Martin vs. Mark A. Martin, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Slater.
Angeline M. Morton to Robert Morton Sr., divorce to both.
Staci Keene vs. Larry T. Keene, divorce to plaintiff.
Dan R. Mulvain vs. April D. Mulvain, divorce to plaintiff.
Charles W. Bruce vs. Judy Bruce, divorce to plaintiff.
Michael Bates vs. Dawn M. Bates, divorce to both.
Michelle M. Davis vs. Edward N. Davis, divorce to plaintiff.
Rodney Rubenstein vs. Melissa T. Rubenstein, divorce to both.
Richard Rust vs. Debra Rust, divorce to both.
Lillian Brown vs. William R. Brown, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Delmont.
Lori Levy vs. James C. Levy III, divorce to plaintiff.
Annulments granted
Shelly A. Edwards vs. Richard E. Edwards, wife restores name to Jonas.
Protection orders filed
Sean M. Murphy vs. Dawn R. Murphy.
Paula Waybright vs. Kevin Hoover.
Patricia Williams vs. Anthony L. Williams.
Doreen Walker vs. Leslie Walker Jr.
Elizabeth Ambrose vs. Michael R. Ambrose.
Tammy Zajaczowski vs. Elijah Johnson.
Legal separations filed
Dennis C. Gill vs. Nancy Gill.
Ada Callahan Sutter vs. Fred W. Sutter.
Mary A. Wix vs. Harold A. Wix.
Margaret Popour vs. Carl Popour.
Cases converted
Freida S. Raymond vs. Michael L. Raymond.
Cases dismissed
Michael J. Seivert vs. Barbara L. Seivert.
Barbara A. Stephens vs. Joseph E. Stephens.
Miranda Semenko vs. Robert Semenko.
Amber Sturgiss vs. Jeffrey Schreckengost Sr.
Elizabeth Katona vs. Paul M. Katona III.
Kristen Higham vs. Buddy Dyson.
Iva Bassinger vs. William L. Williams.
Rose Redmond vs. Lewis Lenart.
Erin E. Emery vs. Michael Rakich.
New complaints
U.S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Lester Karr, foreclosure.
A.C. Healthcare Inc. vs. Arcadia Health Services, other civil.
Patricia Dolan vs. James Dolan, other torts.
Richard Alcorn vs. Valerie M. Zoky, other torts.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Mark A. Boyts, foreclosure.
Resource Bancshares vs. Timothy Payne, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Kok-Jin Teh, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Kathryn E. Shaffer. foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Marvin Anthony, other civil.
Sky Bank vs. Edward H. Crawford, other civil.
Sky Bank vs. David P. Isenberg, other civil.
Diane Bryne vs. James L. Folson, other civil.
Violet M. Liguras vs. Kennywood Park, other torts.
Steven J. Lukac vs. John Crain Inc., other torts.
Paula Kubik vs. John Crane Inc., other torts.
Karen Steingrabe vs. Summer J. Kitchens, other torts.
James E. Owens vs. Callos Professional Employees, workers' compensation.
City of Warren vs. Next Unknown Heirs, foreclosure.
In the matter of Parcels of Land, foreclosure.
James A. Burack vs. Andrew L. Hribar, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Patricia Whitacre, other civil.
First Tennessee Bank vs. Jack D. Solomon, other civil.
Lucy Russo vs. GM, other civil.
TMS Mortgage vs. Raymond Sweagan et al, foreclosure.
MVB Mortgage Corp. vs. William Bright, foreclosure.
State of Ohio ex rel vs. Richard Crump et al, other civil.
Penn-America Group Inc. vs. P R. Transportation Inc., other civil.
Richard McAdams vs. General Motors, other civil.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Antonia Morgan, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank National vs. Ray Coy, foreclosure.
Gary Golden II vs. Robert Savin, other torts.
Brandon E. Fellows a minor vs. Genesis Ins. Co., other civil.
First Place Bank vs. Thomas A. Roach, foreclosure.
Researching Fatherhood vs. Warren Trumbull Urban, other torts.
Patricia Strock vs. Bloom Industries, workers' compensation.
Kathy Smith vs. Progressive Ins., other torts.
James Howard vs. C. E. Boetsch M.D., other torts.
Albert Burnett vs. John B. Lisko II, other torts.
Bank One vs. Julia Stanley, foreclosure.
Joseph Herubin vs. Family Pet Center, other civil.
Bank One vs. George Six, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Wanda Carnahan, foreclosure.
Debra Dyson vs. Rehab and Corrections., workers' compensation.
ABN Amro Mort. vs. Brian Murray, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust vs. Kenneth Haynes. foreclosure.
Docket entries
Peggy McGhee vs. Anastasia Revmatas, dismissed.
David Gennaro vs. D & amp; L Energy Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Keith Gunther vs. Thomas Steel Stripping, settled and dismissed.
Corptemps Inc. vs. Callos Personnel Services, judgment for plaintiff.
Brenda Machuzak vs. Thomas Steel Strip Corp., dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Anthony Dugan, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Jack C. Clark Sr., foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Kathy M. Rowland, judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank vs. Victor Kelson, settled and dismissed.
Karen Fellenger vs. State Farm Mutual Auto, settled.
First Union National Bank vs. Dennis G. Thomas, foreclosure.
Austin Peace vs. Cincinnati Ins., settled.
Raphael D. Burney Jr. vs. Rebecca Williams Community, settled.
Bank One National Assoc. vs. Edward W. Berndt, confirmation of sale.
Cincinnati Equitable Ins. vs. Shannon Ainsley, judgment for plaintiff.
State Farm Auto vs. Kristine Scudieri, judgment for plaintiff.
Fleet Mortgage Corp. vs. David Grimm, foreclosure.
In the Matter of Parcels of Land, foreclosure.

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