Municipal court
The sequence of Zachary T. Howell's cases that have been pending in Youngstown municipal Judge Robert P. Milich's court since he held a motion-to-dismiss hearing Oct. 5, 2000, on two loud-music charges:
MAY 27, 2000 ARREST
Carrying a concealed weapon, drug abuse and loud music in a motor vehicle. These charges were first assigned to a visiting judge, who amended the concealed-weapon charge from a felony to a misdemeanor June 6, 2000.
JUNE 18, 2000 ARREST
Illegal possession of a firearm (a felony), improper handing of a firearm in a motor vehicle and loud music in a motor vehicle. Cases assigned to Judge Milich.
JULY 10, 2000
Howell failed to appear for a preliminary hearing on the charges filed the month before and Judge Milich issued a warrant for the man's arrest. Howell also failed to appear in a visiting judge's courtroom and a warrant was issued there.
AUG. 18, 2000
The visiting judge withdrew the warrant he had issued and transferred the charges he had to Judge Milich's court.
OCT. 5, 2000
Judge Milich had a hearing on a motion to dismiss the two loud-music charges and, instead of issuing a ruling, took the matter "under advisement."
JUNE 25, 2001 ARREST
Howell's new charge is carrying a concealed weapon (a felony) and speeding. At a preliminary hearing Friday, Judge Elizabeth A. Kobly bound the case over to the grand jury.
April 28, 1999 -- Expired or unlawful plates and lights on parked vehicle. Judge Milich fined him $5 on each charge. (April 23, 1999, arrest).
June 23, 1999 -- Loud music in a motor vehicle. Magistrate Lynn Sfara Bruno fined him $200. (June 19, 1999, arrest).
Aug. 5, 1999 -- Loud sound device. Judge Andrew Polovischak Jr. fined him $50 and ordered that he surrender the stereo and speakers. (July 31, 1999 arrest).
Dec. 7, 1999 -- Discharging a firearm in the city. Judge Milich fined him $100, gave him 30 days in jail, suspended it all and placed him on one-year nonreporting probation. (Sept. 29, 1999, arrest).
Jan. 20, 2000 -- Drug abuse. Judge Milich reduced the charge and fined him $50. (Dec. 15, 1999 arrest). On the date of this conviction, Howell had been on probation for less than two months on the firearms charge. There's nothing in the records to indicate that Judge Milich considered violating the probation and imposing the suspended jail time or some other sanction.
Sources: Clerk of court records and Youngstown police reports

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