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Customers can get their hair and nails done at the gym.
McKINLEY HEIGHTS -- What better way to change a person's body image that by working out and getting a makeover?
Customers of All Dimensions, a World of Fitness Studio and Salon, can do both.
World of Fitness opened the new facility in January to offer diversified services to draw more people to the fitness club. The separate section offers one-on-one attention at a lower cost than regular membership to help anybody -- men, women, young and old -- begin an exercise routine. All Dimensions gym has weight machines, cardiovascular equipment, a Pilates room and plush crimson furniture -- an inviting gym aspect for customers who like to socialize after they work out.
Tom Scarnecchia, whose family owns the gym, said All Dimensions was established because it was what his parents wanted in a gym.
"People who need to work out are intimidated by clubs," he explained.
Cozy: Employee Doris Leek believes the small-gym atmosphere appeals to clients.
"They want to feel more at ease with their bodies and their instructors," she said. "It makes them feel more comfortable before going to the gym."
Customers may work out at All Dimensions before joining a larger gym, or they could continue to work out in the small facility, said Leek.
In addition, customers may come to the studio for facials, massages, manicures, body treatments, hair styling, waxing, make-up and tanning.
"It's a whole day salon-fitness center," Leek said.
Toni Vanover, 52, of Austintown has been working out at All Dimensions for about a month.
"It's a little more low-key than a big gym," she said. "I feel very comfortable here. I don't feel intimidated by young shapely girls."
Vanover, a diabetic, said working out has reduced her sugar considerably. For the first time, she is serious about exercising, and she plans on eventually move on to a bigger gym.
When she began working out, Vanover, a two-packs-a-day smoker, said her chest burned, but now the pain has subsided. She has already cut down to a pack and a half a day, even though she hasn't tried to quit. Vanover believes she is smoking less because she feels better, and she hopes to kick the habit totally within six months.
Though Vanover hasn't taken advantage of the attached salon yet, she hopes to get a facial.
"They offer everything right here for you," she said. "Once you start here, you want to do the other things."
She added wistfully, "Someday I'd like to get a nice massage."
Vanover's daughter Michele Robison, 31, of Mineral Ridge, accompanied her mother to All Dimensions for the first time July 12.
"I've always wanted to exercise, and my mother told me to come with her," she said. "I want to get in shape. It makes me feel good about myself."
Robison plans to make an appointment for a facial before her wedding in August.
Interest: Bernadette Marsico of Niles is a hair stylist in the salon part of All Dimensions, and she said many of her clients are interested in the small gym.
"A lot of people don't know about it, and when they come in to get their hair done, they ask, 'What is this?'" Marsico said. "It's good for people who want to start exercising."
Marsico, 39, added that she plans to attend classes at the gym when her daughter goes to school.
All Dimensions offers classes in Pilates, yoga, circuits, kickboxing, body sculpting and aerobics -- with plans to add more to the agenda.
"We're not concerned with body image but how your body works and feels," Leek said. "Everybody has a special need. We try to sit down with them and find out what their goals and special needs are."

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