How annexation works
There are several steps that must be followed before a property owner is allowed to annex to another community. They include:
Property owners must file a petition with county commissioners, expressing their wish to annex to a municipal corporation adjacent to where they live. Petitions must be signed by a majority of property owners in the area.
Petitions are also filed in the county auditor's office for inspection by any interested party.
Commissioners will set a public hearing no less than 60 and no more than 90 days after a petition is filed with the auditor's office.
An agent for petitioners then pays for a notice to be published in a local newspaper, once a week for four weeks, outlining terms of the petition and time and place of the hearing.
The municipality where annexation is proposed adopts an ordinance or resolution stating which services, if any, would be provided if annexation is approved.
A public hearing allows those in favor and those against the proposed annexation to speak out.
The annexation must be approved or denied by commissioners within 90 days from the public hearing. It is approved if filing of the petition and notification of the public hearing were done properly, and if other criteria were met.
Commissioners consider whether the area to be annexed is unreasonably large and whether the general good of the territory sought to be annexed will be served if the petition is filed.
The legislative authority where the property owner wants to annex must then accept or reject the annexation application.

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