Best bets for deals
All days are not created equal when it comes to travel, according to the current issue of Travel Holiday magazine. Here's a rundown from the magazine.
Sunday: Wherever there's a beach, a casino or a golf course, the deals start tonight. Consider Atlantic City. As the weekday begins, everything from rooms to the minimum at blackjack tables can drop by half.Monday: You aren't going to the airport this morning, are you? Not only is it busy, but your chances of an upgrade are remote. The most-frequent fliers have already claimed those seats.Tuesday: A good day for museums. It avoids the Wednesday through Friday school groups. It's also a good day (along with Wednesday) to use your frequent-flier miles for a free ride to Miami, Mexico or Paris. The fewest award seats to these hot spots are for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Wednesday: Fire up your computer. At 12:01 a.m. the major domestic airlines release their "Internet only" weekend specials.Thursday: The weekend starts at 9 a.m. or noon at many car-rental agencies and runs until midnight Sunday. Visit and ask for a midsize car in Las Vegas. If you pick it up at noon Wednesday, the quote is $37.99 a day. For noon Thursday: $21.99.Friday: Check into a big-city hotel. The business types have checked out (they're now clogging the airport), and you can get luxury for a motel price. One recent weekend, a double at the Hyatt Regency Denver was $69 a night; on Monday, it skyrocketed to $180.Saturday: Heading overseas? In Israel, as you would expect, nothing is open. But in Athens, this is your day for the Acropolis, especially around 4 p.m. -- no groups from the cruise ships that dock in nearby Piraeus.

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