Marriage licenses
Phillip P. Acitelli, 58 of 353 Airport Road N.W., Warren, and Ronda A. Novak, 46, of 1314 Stevenson Road S. E., Masury.
Mychael A. Bulford, 21, of 4672 Eagle Creek Road, Leavittsburg, and Katherine E. Sanderson, 20, of 693 S. Leavitt Road, Leavittsburg.
Michael E. Edwards Jr., 20, of 1758 Taft Ave., Niles, and Nicole Middleton, 18, of 4920 Lynn Drive, Warren.
Jozey G. Steinbeck, 24, of 3717 state Route 305, Southington, and Melissa K. Humes, 23, of 3658 state Route 305, Southington.
Raymond C. Exline, 34, of 2615 W. Liberty St. Girard, and April L. Johnson, 34, of same.
Matthew P. Mack, 24, of 2677 Deer Trail, Niles, and Jamie S. Steadman, 25, of 740 Shadowood Lane, Warren.
Matthew D. Martin, 21, of 511 Beaumont Ave., Masury, and Dawnelle M. Paldino, 21, of 6021 Merwin Chase Road, Brookfield.
David Mooney, 27, of 221 Belmont N. W., Warren, and Nicole L. Beathe, 31, of same.
William E DeHass Jr., 29, of 1208 Shadowood Parkway, Atlanta, Ga., and Brenda L. Thomas, 30, of same.
Gregory P. March, 25, of 182 Grove Drive, Cortland, and Kristin L. Saczalski, 23, of 104 Hickory Circle, Cortland.
Nick J. Phillips Jr. 28, of 3320 Dunstan Drive N.W., Warren, and Lori L. Kingsmill, 22, of 12555 Princeton Road, Huntsburg, Ohio.
Thomas A. Mitchell, 26, of 3071 Lodwick, Warren, and Nancy M. Klepec, 23, of 773 Elm Road, Warren.
Cornelius T. Lowe, 28, of 944 Judson St., Masury, and Ruth A. Thompson, 31, of 8135 Addison Road S. E., Masury.
Michael A. Ackerno, 27, of 169 Hillcrest Drive Girard, and Erica L. Hodgkinson, 22, of 2737 Spring Meadow.
Alfred E. York, 61, of 807 North Ave., Girard, and Loretta M. Huzicko, 61, of same.
Robert P. Rowland, 26, of 2642 Crestwood, Warren, and Carrie L. Williams, 25, of 1419 Beechcrest, Warren.
William J. Myers, 83, of 700 Mease Place, Dunedin, Fla., and Carolyn L. White, 70, of 632 Edgewater Drive, Dunedin.
Jason Wallace, 24, of 15254 Kingsman Circle, St. Louis, Mo., and Anna Marie Manofsky, 1155 Paige Ave. N.E., Warren.
Charles R. Waid, 39, of 652 Burwell Road, Leavittsburg, and Gloria R. Waid, 33, of 3392 Barclay Messerly Road, Southington.
Joseph T. Schmidt, 27, of 6614 Latona Drive, Indianapolis, Ind., and Megan S. Williams, 26, of 5001 N. Lincoln Road, Indianapolis, Ind.
Donald Corey Morse, 34, of 3540 Flory Ave. S.E., Warren, and Lori M. Lesh, 32, of 954 Glenwood St. N.E., Warren.
Donald A. Bishop Jr., 23, of 3197 Main St., Mineral Ridge, and Heather C. Paulich, 22, of same.
Lawrence M. Baker III, 26, of 317 Garfield St., Newton Falls, and Janet M. Mayfield, 34, of same.
William J. McGinnis, 22, of 34 1/2 Mackey St., Hubbard, and Cheryl K. Koch, 22, of same.
Daryl Hopson, 41, of 1165 Taylor St., Hubbard, and Renee M. Hill, 38, of same.
Edward L. Layman, 42, of 479 Columbia Ave., Newton Falls, and Kalauathi Kandrasamy, 31, of BLK 602, Hougang Ave. 4, Singapore.
George Allen, 39, of 2612 Black Oak, Niles, and Madeleine Y. Jones, 39, of same.
Cardell Clay, 22, of 1036 Kenmore Ave. S. E., Warren, and Veronica D. Wade, 25, of 2250 S. Project Drive, Warren.
Darren R. Biggs, 30, of 2860 Salt Springs Road, Lordstown, and Rebecca L. Carson, 34, of same.
Brian Carey, 32, of 4114 Rellim Ave., Warren, and Judith A. Daugherty, 29, of 785 State Road, Warren.
Andrew N. Miller Jr., 46, of 1104 Cortez Drive, Glendale, Calif., and Pamela A. Mottice, 37, of same.
Mark A. Stirbens, 29, of 4100 Central Park, Hermitage, Ind., and Nicole L. Edwards, 25, of same.
Daniel A. Cverko, 29, of 614 Candywood Lane, Vienna, and Agni E. Karapetsas, 28, of 431 Kenmore N.E., Warren.
Matthew A. Halicki, 25, of 340 E. Park Ave., Hubbard, and Patricia A. Deal, 26, of same.
Ronald E. Durcell, 45, of 2845 Horseshoe Park, Campbelltown, Pa., and Sheila K. Arboast, 45, of same.
Jason M. DiGiacobbe, 22, of 5079 Hoagland Blackstub Road, Cortland, and Stacey L. Magada, 23, of 1680 Shepherd Drive, Warren.
John M. Moss, 37, of 7548 Anderson Ave. N.E., Warren, and Andrea S. Blair, 28, of same.
Edman W. Poe, 38, of 2847 Pittsburgh Ave., McDonald, and Lynne M. Hockin, 39, of same.
Stephen D. Wargo, 28, of 3860 Ridge Road, N.E., Cortland, and Alissa D. Cassell, 27, of same.
Sean M. Ewing, 24, of 3276 Calumet Drive, Raleigh, N.C., and Katherine M. Aubel, 25, of same.
Willie E. Gearhart, 74, of 13 Cherry Ave., Greenville, Pa., and Emma J. Splitstone, 70, of 511 North Ave., Girard.
Carlton L. Cramer, 52, 3073 Greenfield, Warren, and Linda H. Beitzel, 49, of same.
Stanley M. Roscoe Jr., 34, of 3497 state Route 87, Farmdale, and Nerissa B. Raymond, 33, of 8435 Delin Thomas Road, Kinsman.
Michael J. Green , 42, of 82 E. Woodland Ave., Niles, and Cynthia J. Greene, 41, of 918 W. 3rd St., Niles.
Jason T. Evans, 21, of 3535 Liberty Ave., Hubbard, and Heidi J. Price, 22, of 4040 Loganway, Youngstown.
Mark M. Limbeck, 42, 6487 Rachellen, Hubbard and Linda S. Anderson 37, of same.
Mike T. Opalka, 20, of 203 Gates St., Cortland, and Melissa M. Rodini, 18, of 5167 Ridge Road, Cortland.
Martin J. Byer, 46, of 2258 Phalanx Mills Herner Road, Southington, and Meighan Naylor, 20, of same.
David A. Hetmanski, 29, of 629 Saul Drive, Hubbard, and Melissa A. Wirth, 30, of same.
Shane P. O'Leary, 27, of 695 Center South Road, Leavittsburg, and Nichol B. Ewankowich, 22, of same.
James A. Day, 52, of 8220 Fairhill Drive N.E., Warren, and Shirley A. Harvey, 52, of 2835 Lexington Ave. N. W., Warren.
Duane R. Bolk, 48, of 1352 Braceville Robinson Road, Southington, and Tina L. Jones, 35, of same.
Brian J. Hoostal, 30, of 751 Rex Blvd. N.W., Warren, and Shawna A. Gains, 18, of same.
David J. Krok, 27, of 4350 Berkshire Drive, Warren, and Kimberle K. Colello, 29, of same.
Devlin D. Christian, 27, of 2452 Palmyra Road S. W., Warren, and Katina R. Gilmore, 23, of same.
Cody K. Betts, 28, of 1649 Cranberry Lane N.E., Warren, and Jennifer J. Peterich, 26.
Mark L. Cameron, 34, of 1546 Ogden St. N. W., Warren, and Mary Hill, 22, of same.
Jason R. Missory, 25, of 619 Crowder Ave., Sharon, Pa., and Shelley J. Hammers, 27, of 9882 David Lane, Brookfield.
James B. Fetherolf, 39, of 45 S. Lorain Ave., Girard, and Darlene J. Newell, 48, of same.
Adam J. Miller, 21, of 809 Columbia Ave., Newton Falls, and Tawnya R. Giovannone, 23, of 618 Hazelwood S. E., Warren.
Mark A. Smith, 25, of 10230 Pleasant Lake Blvd., Parma, and Denise R. Lazor, 24, of 525 Howland Wilson N.E., Warren.
Jeffrey N. Myers, 37, of 105 Westwind Drive, Warren, and Kalin E. Freisen, 26, of 2730 W. River Road, Newton Falls.
Lawrence E. Moskal Jr., 29, of 1231 North Roa S.E., Niles, and Lori A. Moore, 37, of same.
James Cruse, 58, of 724 Hall Road, Columbus, and Rita J. Dorsey, 56, of 669 Oak Circle, Warren.
James T. Monroe Jr., 29, of 77 Queens S. W., Warren, and Brenda L. McQuain, 30, of same.
Michael J. Smith, 24, of 488 Catherine St., Youngstown, and Laura Murphy, 25, of 122 Berkshire St., Baimbridge, Ma.
Jason N. Westfall, 26, of 162 Park Ave., Cortland, and Crystal F. Kumher, 24, of same.
Divorces asked
Susan Landry vs. Stephen G. Landry.
Nancy A. Mitchell vs. David M. Mitchell.
Carrie A. Noel vs. Steven W. Noel.
Duane Schultz vs. Staci Hogue.
Michele R. Rich vs. Gary R. Rich.
Jackie Rizk vs. Johnny Rizk.
Kelli R. Lundy vs. Mark E. Lundy.
Divorces asked
Laurie Reifsnyder, 16318 W. Calla Road, Beloit vs. James Reifsnyder, 27192 Center Road, Beloit.
Karen Morris, 517 Washington St., Wellsville vs. Carl Morris, 807 Broadway, Wellsville.
Amanda Williams, 921 St. George St., East Liverpool, vs. Jayson Williams, 1011 St. George St., East Liverpool.
Judith Dunbar, 1133 Prospect St., Salem, vs. Terry Dunbar, 15800 Shillings Road, Berlin Center.
Glenda Miller, 725 W. Pidgeon Road, Salem, vs. Terry Miller, 725 Pidgeon Road, Salem.
Divorces granted
William Halligan vs. Christine Halligan.
Keith Bishop vs. Melissa Bishop.
Robert Gusman vs. Carole Gusman.
Barbara Whaley vs. Kenneth Whaley.
Lenore Duelley vs. Douglas Duelley.
Gary Coffee vs. Louella Coffee.
Dissolutions granted
Joseph Newslin and Tabatha Newlin.
Jay Hamilton and Verns Hamilton.
Eric Boggs and Rose Boggs.
Debra Williams and Theodore Williams.
Julie Dunn and Charles Dunn.
Leah and Michael Lawrence.
New complaints
David Whitacker et al vs. Jeffrey Casto, personal injury.
Victoria Roholt vs. Rich Arnette, money.
Envelope One Inc. vs. FDI Services, money.
Northern Hancock vs. Kelly Wetzel et al, money.
Docket entries
Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. vs. Mary Black, judgment for plaintiff for $30,004.
Rance Industries vs. AFTAB Castings, judgment for plaintiff for $22,747.
Barclay Machine Inc. vs. Tippins Inc., judgment for plaintiff for $23,628.
Iron City Uniform Rental vs. Markum Transport and Rigging, judgment for plaintiff for $8,609.
Barnett Bank vs. Victory Dental Ceramics, judgment for plaintiff for $3,961.
Real estate transfers
Donna Wilson to Darin Porter et al, Washington Twp., $97,647.
Brian Birmingham to Dennis Felger, East Palestine, $52,000.
John Oliver et al to Kristina McLaughlin, East Palestine, $47,000.
Stephen Dimko et al to John Hanna et al, Salem $41,000.
Mary Beilhart et al to Donald Zambrosky, Salem, $60,800.
Russell Flick to James Kunselman et al, Salem, $80,000.
Barbara Houzhauser to Robert Huston, Salem, $66,900.
Joseph Popa et al to Michael Ferguson et al, Salem, $74,000.
Walter Kastenhuber to Dorothy Kazmir, Salem, $90,000.
Rex Cowley to James Stewart et al, East Liverpool, $2,000
Richard Barker et al to Vincent Salvatore et al, East Liverpool, $28,500.
Olive Keener to Diane Osborne et al, East Liverpool, $14,000.
Yetta Moidel to Jeanette Hanlon, East Liverpool, $34,750.
Amy Possage et al to Matthew Hurst, East Liverpool, $67,000.
Dorothy Bachus to Jeffrey Corbin et al, East Liverpool, $63,000.
Karen Wright to Tina Dickey, East Liverpool, $80,000.
Robert Wotrong to Patrick Wern et al, East Liverpool, $27,000.
David Musselman to John Kotsch et al, Middletown Twp., $7,500.
Robert Peters et al to Paul Given et al, Butler Twp., $75,000.
Charles Pacella et al to Amanda Frost, Columbiana, $88,000.
Foltz Property Investments to Charles Cassidy et al, West Twp., $133,000.
Michael Stoffer et al to Bankers Trust Co., Center Twp., $36,125.
Harry Coblentz et al to Ralph Coblentz, Unity Twp., $75,000.
Donna Webber Family Trust to Robert Trapp et al, Lisbon, $242,000.
Beaverkettle Farms to Laurice Haynes et al, St. Clair Twp., $70,000.
Jack Bell to Harold Freezle, St. Clair Twp., $90,000.
C. Edward Porter to John Hopkins et al, Perry Twp., $80,000.
Jack Wilson et al to James Sturgeon et al, Hanover Twp., $125,000.
Charles Hildebrand et al to Keith Kiewall et al, Hanover Twp., $125,000.
Kimberly Petrill to Kathryn Van Newkirk, Lisbon, $80,500.
Estate of Margaret Shoub to Timothy McNicol et al, Wellsville, $74,000.
Joseph Trainer et al to Joel Possage, Wellsville, $66,000.
Glenn Barnes to Janice Scott, St. Clair Township, $85,000.
Rosanne Pissini to Bradley Carlson, Columbiana, $72,375.
Richard Rigelsky et al to Russel Flick et al, Salem Twp., $207,500.
David Louk et al to Redcliffe Capital Corp., Salem Twp., $20,000.
Filmore Freight Liners vs. J. D. Anderson Trucking Inc., judgment for plaintiff for $15,245.
Sky Bank vs. John Isenchmid, judgment for plaintiff for $3,321.
Sky Bank vs. Mickey Dillinger, judgment for plaintiff for $32,020.
Sky Bank vs. Gregory Duwe, judgment for plaintiff for $8,504.
Real estate transfers
Gary Hamilton et al to Gary Frank et al, Center Twp., $41,850.
Jane Kress to Wilbur Staley et al, Center Twp., $68,000.
Donald Wutrick to Gary Hamilton et al, Hanover Twp., $66,000.
Raymond Sheets to Diana Strudhoff, Hanover Twp., $35,000.
Jack Wilson et al to Keith Hilderbrand, Hanover Twp., $18,000.
James Buchanan et al to James Buchanan et al, Hanover Twp., $15,000.
Maurice Boyd to Emil Ros Pos et al, Yellow Creed Twp., $24,212.
Roy Monroe et al to Charlene Higgins, East Liverpool, $17,000.
George Conner et al to Leonard Hershey, Columbiana, $112,500.
Bobby Cusick et al to Shawn Danks et al, Unity Twp., $100,000.
Petersburg Co. Inc. to Randy Hendrickson et al, Wayne Twp., $137,500.

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