QUOTES About the proposal

"It suggests that the endorsement process is tied to money and the precinct committee people don't like that notion. I don't think it has a prayer of passing."
John ReardonMahoning County Treasurer
"Only in Mahoning County does this exist where someone wants to take money off of officeholders and use it for who knows what. I think this is kind of ridiculous."
Anthony VivoMahoning County clerk of courts
"Money is the mother's milk of politics. To energize your local supporters, you need money to do it. I think it's a positive move because it will energize the party."
State Sen. Robert F. HaganYoungstown, D-33rd
"I don't have any comment on it. It's a work in progress and I need more information. I'm going to wait and see what happens."
Vicki Allen SherlockMahoning County Commissioner
"I like the way it is right now with no endorsements. For me, there wouldn't be a problem with assessments because of my council salary. For others, it might be a challenge."
John R. SwierzYoungstown Councilman, D-7th
"I'm against endorsements so the assessment issue is moot. Endorsements were so divisive within the party organization and the community. I wouldn't seek endorsements if the party went back to it and I wouldn't pay an assessment fee."
George M. McKelveyYoungstown Mayor
"The party's fund-raising question has to be addressed, but we have to look at other revenue sources besides officeholders. I have had no problem in the past contributing to the party, but putting a certain percentage as a requirement has to be addressed. I don't know if it's the most even way to do things."
Ed ReeseMahoning County Commissioner

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