Truckers ignoring yield signs endanger drivers

Truckers ignoring yield signs endanger drivers
For the umpteenth time I have been near-missed by a trucker on our local roads. I live in Mineral Ridge, very close to the new Speedway and the accompanying off-ramps from Interstate 76 onto S.R. 46. Countless times I have been forced to panic brake because certain truckers do not obey the yield signs at these exits. They come barreling off these ramps with no regard for the signs or any on-coming traffic.
I have yet to see a cop patrolling this area. Must we wait until someone gets hit and hurt, even killed by these irresponsible drivers?
Most truckers are courteous, hard- working people. But some of their numbers are downright dangerous to each and every one of us. It has only gotten worse since the new Speedway has opened, and it doesn't appear that the local police really care. Let's do something before someone gets hurt.
Mineral Ridge
Community events bring neighborhoods together
I would like to congratulate and commend all members of this year's Lansingville Parade Committee, especially Councilman Swierz.
I had the pleasure of attending what I hope will be an annual event. It was wonderful to see neighbors, children, and businesses, celebrating together in such a positive light. Activities such as this are vital first steps in neighborhood reunification.
Perhaps if more neighborhood communities could arrange similar parades and festivities, neighbors would not remain strangers to each other, meeting only as spectators of violent crimes.
There can be no mercy for sexual predators
In response to the letter writer who felt that we as a society should & quot;become more enlightened and be more understanding & quot; to sexual predators I only have to say, & quot;Let this atrocity happen to some innocent child in your family and you may feel differently. & quot;
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could become a person who used the word & quot;hate & quot; against another human being, but when an adult rapes a child, not only physically but rapes one of a childhood, there is no room in your heart & quot;to understand. & quot; These monsters destroy families, they destroy the dreams that a parent has for their children, and they destroy everyone that loves that child. Life goes on, but it is guarded. You're always on alert.
The animal that is incarcerated, (never long enough), and is eventually released into society should be treated as a criminal and everyone who may have contact with this person should be made aware that their lives may forever be changed. There is nothing & quot;hysterical & quot; about warning people to beware. If this person can destroy the lives of his own family, just imagine what he could do to strangers.
Touched by local angels
The "angels" of the Youngstown Fire Department, the fire chief, ambulance department and the 911 operators need to be commended.
It is with sincere appreciation that I write this letter on behalf of my mother and father, who were recently confronted with a most frightening experience. My handicapped mother found herself in the midst of a fire caused by a clothes dryer. She was alone at the time. She had the strength to phone 911 and then managed to get to the front door.
I know that the quick response, care and concern of these angels saved my mother.
They also comforted my father when he returned to find the four to five fire trucks and ambulance parked in front of the home as well as the media.
God bless these angels for the job they did above and beyond the call of duty.