WARREN Son gets jail time for attack on father

The man also received five years' probation.
WARREN -- A municipal court judge has ordered a 20-year-old man to serve 30 days in the county jail for attacking his father and throwing his artificial leg across the street.
Roland Hall Jr. of Oregon Avenue N.W. pleaded no contest and was found guilty of domestic violence and underage consumption of alcohol.
"This report looks terrible," Judge Thomas Gysegem said during Tuesday's hearing. "You are at your father's house, you snatch his artificial leg and throw it across the street. You have problems."
The judge sentenced Hall to 180 days in the Trumbull County jail, but suspended 150. Hall was also placed on five years' probation.
Hall, who told the judge he is not working, was not fined.
Tears streamed down Hall's face during the hearing. He declined to comment.
What happened: Police went to the home about 4 a.m. May 28 and found Hall's father outside. He told officers his son tried to "break his left leg" and threw the prosthesis for his right leg across the street.
Police said they found Hall inside cooking french fries.
Court officials said Hall's father did not want his son to serve a lengthy jail term.
The judge noted during the hearing that Hall had two prior convictions of underage consumption of alcohol. Both times Hall was ordered to get counseling.
"We tried getting you counseling but that didn't work," Judge Gysegem said. "Pretty soon you will be 21 and it will be legal to drink, but then there are other laws you can violate.
"Right now, you are our best bet of the year as the one to come back and violate the law. You have to think of getting a job and getting a five-year plan."

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