Lawrence County salary board members met Tuesday and agreed to:
Create two lieutenant positions in the county sheriff's office with a base salary of $24,770, a $2,000 increase over the previous salary for a lieutenant's position. Sheriff Robert Clark said the new positions are needed because of a court order forcing deputies to transport inmates to hearings at area district justice offices. That job had previously been done by police. Two deputies will be promoted and their jobs will be eliminated, he said. The lieutenants will act as supervisors and oversee the other deputies during inmate transports, he said.Increase the base salary for the chief deputy controller to $32,000. Controller Mary Ann Reiter said she was unable to fill the vacant job at the previous salary of $26,500.Increase the salary for Chief Deputy Treasurer Cathy Tostano-Baker from $31,215.86 to $33,120.Increase the salaries of two administrative assistants in the county commissioner's offices by $2,000. The positions previously had a base salary of $18,000.Create position of deputy county administrator with a salary of $24,000. Salary board members said a third administrative assistant position in the commissioner's office will be eliminated and that person promoted to the new job.Create one part-time public defender position at a salary of $19,251.18. Chief Public Defender Harry Falls said the new position was needed because of changes in the court schedule that now permit three common pleas court judges to hear criminal cases instead of just one.

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