1st--Karate Kosmos(W Case Jr)5.002.802.60
Fantasy Hanover(W Zendt)3.003.60
Rompaway Trisha(F Omara)4.80
Exacta 3-1 Paid $16.80
Trifecta 3-1-7 Paid $105.80
2nd--Game Mary L(Merriman)33.4013.408.80
Charmada(R Harper)9.406.60
Fox Valley Jocelyn(C Wyers)11.80
Exacta 5-9 Paid $240.40
Trifecta 5-9-1 Paid $2,444.20
Daily Double 3-5 Paid $51.00
3rd--Sleek Sahbra(B Miller)5.204.603.20
Noble Message(R Paver Jr)65.606.60
Cynthia Iliad(D Hawk)2.40
Exacta 2-7 Paid $252.60
Trifecta 2-7-4 Paid $690.20
4th--K C Camaria(W Case Jr)3.002.602.40
Gold Magic(D Binskin)3.804.00
Sand My Ena(D Hawk)3.80
Exacta 3-4 Paid $11.80
1st Half Tri-Super 3-4-5 Paid $8.00
Superfecta 3-4-5-2 Paid $181.60
5th--Blastaway Sahbra(K Sugg)5.402.802.40
Smooth Talking Guy(W Case Jr)2.602.20
Parliament(D Ackerman)2.80
Exacta 5-6 Paid $14.60
Trifecta 5-6-1 Paid $51.20
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $54.20
6th--Miss Ty(R Tharps)5.603.203.00
Tricky Trippy(J Pantaleano)5.003.40
Izzy Inc(B Miller)4.00
Exacta 4-1 Paid $20.80
Trifecta 4-1-3 Paid $82.00
2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $2,394.60
7th--Titanic Tag(J Sugg)13.003.802.20
Amer I Can(D Ackerman)2.402.20
Laredo Kosmos(R Paver Jr)2.20
Exacta 3-2 Paid $36.40
Trifecta 3-2-4 Paid $87.40
Sammie Big Girl(D Hawk)2.602.60
Sammy's Jammys(B Miller)3.00
Exacta 5-2 Paid $29.20
Trifecta 5-2-1 Paid $77.60
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $199.20
9th--Melodys Diamond(Miller)2.60 2.402.10
Pediatrician(D Hawk)3.402.10
Wicked Wild(W Case Jr)2.10
Exacta 6-2 Paid $7.80
Trifecta 6-2-1 Paid $13.20
10th--Stinging Scooter3.603.002.20
Daylon Cameo(S Schillaci)4.602.80
Pocket O' Dreams(R Stahl)2.80
Exacta 7-2 Paid $14.60
Trifecta 7-2-4 Paid $88.80
11th--Star Siren(Hawk)3.002.402.10
Ninas Magictrick(W Case Jr)5.002.40
Dasher's Girl(B Miller)2.80
Exacta 1-7 Paid $16.80
Trifecta 1-7-4 Paid $86.40
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $17.20
12th--Three Potato(Grismore)3.602.802.40
Tweedle D(R Harper)4.403.20
Gwinnie Can Do(R Tharps)3.20
Exacta 1-5 Paid $12.40
Trifecta 1-5-2 Paid $36.00
Idylwood Concorde(B Miller)7.208.00
Sand Sammie(B Sturgeon)13.80
Exacta 5-7 Paid $136.60
Trifecta 5-7-9 Paid $1,867.20
14th--Curly Jane(Hopper)23.806.604.40
Mizz Oak(W Case Jr)5.603.60
Tsm Tigressive(D Binskin)9.20
Exacta 6-4 Paid $86.00
Superfecta 6-4-7-1 Paid $2,148.00
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $363.00
Pick Four 4 OF 4 Paid $433.00
Attendance: 3,288, Handle: $934,664
1st--Reggie's Winner (Felix)7.204.802.20
Double Terlingua (A.Clemente)5.602.40
Mystery Ridge (S.Spieth)2.10
Off 12:55. Time 1:11.62. Fast. Also Ran--Husky Country, Chief Inspector, Flo's Gold, Wise Kracker. Exacta (5-1) paid $28.60. Superfecta (5-1-2-4) paid $169.80. Trifecta (5-1-2) paid $47.00.
3rd--Prissy (L.Knight)8.804.403.00
Wicklow Grey Mist (T.Caminita)8.405.80
Jolene (L.Gonzalez)5.80
Off 1:37. Time 1:00.16. Fast. Scratched--Triple Spending, Whitley's Dream. Also Ran--Silver Star, Wire and Ice, Spoon Fudge, Heavenly Pet. Pick 3 (5-1/7-8) 3 Correct Paid $71.80. Superfecta (8-4-3-7) paid $7,917.70. Trifecta (8-4-3) paid $327.40. Exacta (8-4) paid $73.80.
5th--Wire Leader (Gonzalez)38.0016.806.40
Popular Host (T.Meyers)10.004.80
Spectacular Beat (K.Radke)2.80
Off 2:19. Time 1:44.45. Fast. Scratched--Chief Rainbow, Mai Tai Guys. Also Ran--Prolon, Hatchets Last Wish, Mud Warrior, Watch This, Paxton, Diplomatic Prince. Pick 3 (8-3/4-3) 3 Correct Paid $648.00. Superfecta (3-7-1-5) paid $1,412.10. Twin Trifecta (3-7-1) paid $1,370.00. Exacta (3-7) paid $402.00.
7th--Free Caviar (Radke)4.803.202.60
Sure Tiz (L.Hannigan)5.604.00
Its All On Me (T.Caminita)6.20
Off 3:06. Time 1:13.24. Fast. Scratched--Alias Track Dancer, Bob's Folly. Also Ran--Mountain Magic, Runaway Randy, City Circle, King Rick, N B Star, D U Dozer. Pick 3 (3-1-1/2) 3 Correct Paid $312.80. Superfecta (1-6-8-4) paid $1,179.20. Trifecta (1-6-8) paid $379.60. Exacta (1-6) paid $34.40.
9th--Mystical Bullet (Parker)8.004.603.20
Monsiur Pogo (J.Skerrett)11.606.80
Doc's Prospect (C.Rojas)8.20
Off 3:46. Time 1:12.74. Fast. Scratched--Whale's Tale. Also Ran--Count Sunny, Chadra's Prince, Alimony Bill, Theorist, Evilreins, Hope for Soul, Stalworthy, Majestic Danzig. Pick 3 (1/2-4/6/9-2) 3 Correct Paid $42.20. Superfecta (2-8-10-6) paid $4,798.50. Trifecta (2-8-10) paid $1,674.20. Exacta (2-8) paid $83.40.
11th--Willie Blue (J.Felix)2.602.402.20
Bad Dog (M.Rowland)3.602.40
Jig o' Scotch (L.Kuhns)2.80
Off 4:29. Time 0:59.20. Fast. Also Ran--Remember the Code, I'll Call Tomorrow, Docs High Class, Mr Sparky, Bad Intentions. Pick 3 (2-4-8) 3 Correct Paid $221.80. Superfecta (8-2-5-1) paid $155.20. Trifecta (8-2-5) paid $32.20. Exacta (8-2) paid $10.60.
13th--Why Grampy (A.Cruz)7.003.402.60
Beth's Groovy Guy (M.Rowland)4.203.40
Kid Shuailaan (L.Kuhns)5.60
Off 5:12. Time 1:12.94. Fast. Scratched--Setting Sun, Verbal Warning. Also Ran--Heart Flash, Bankers Catch, Top Tag, Rare Fenter, C C's Golden Boy. Pick 3 (8-2-4/5) 3 Correct Paid $36.00. Superfecta (5-7-8-9) paid $1,679.60. Trifecta (5-7-8) paid $299.20. Tri Super (5-7-8-9) no winners. Exacta (5-7) paid $27.40. Attendance 3,186. $490,386. Handle $97,420. Total Handle $587,806.
1st--Intrepid King (D.Leeds)7.003.403.00
Harahan (D.Parker)3.403.00
Flick Creek (D.Garcia)4.00
Off 7:01. Time 1:09.80. Fast. Also Ran--Texasourtexas, Tonymike, Dallas, Sky Thomas, Run Cart Run, Burst o' Dazzle, Saar Basin. Perfecta (7-1) paid $28.00. Trifecta (7-1-3) paid $98.40.
2nd--Trench (A.Dlugopolski)22.2012.008.00
I Am the Master (B.Long)25.0016.00
Ty's Little Man (W.Otero)6.20
Off 7:26. Time 1:12.10. Fast. Also Ran--Holme Like a Jet, Darby Creek Gold, Double Flash, Lightfoot Native, Nine's Appealagain, Stock Question, Swoons Flight. Daily Double (7-9) paid $91.60. Perfecta (9-8) paid $402.00. Trifecta (9-8-3) paid $2,773.20.
3rd--Vermonter (Whitney)5.403.402.60
Dreamin' Out Loud (G.Birzer)4.202.60
Linda's Last Queen (G.Smith)3.40
Off 7:51. Time 1:04.54. Fast. Also Ran--Decorated At Dawn, Lady Jay, Clog Dancer, Sue S, Chief'sbold Star, Sharondipity, Megan Marie. Perfecta (6-2) paid $24.20. Trifecta (6-2-7) paid $63.60.
4th--Miss Alliance (Otero)51.8021.008.00
Roses From Dora (M.Cruz)14.806.00
Ohsoamerican (J.Felix)3.20
Off 8:16. Time 1:44.32. Fast. Also Ran--Lady Berkley, Reasonable Diane, Summer Grace, Sea of Joy, Diligent Manners, York Hills. Perfecta (4-9) paid $505.20. Trifecta (4-9-3) paid $3,685.40.
5th--Playmate West (L.Quinones)25.809.606.60
Sea Arc (P.Tolentino)4.604.00
Whowantstoknow (D.Whitney)5.00
Off 8:43. Time 1:11.22. Fast. Scratched--Desirable Wolf. Also Ran--Leenane, Rompin'retta, Run Melba Run, Relic's Image, Claire Ellen, Fashion Flight. Pick 3 (6-4-10) 3 Correct Paid $1,856.20. Superfecta (10-1-7-5) paid $7,122.00. Trifecta (10-1-7) paid $1,078.60. Perfecta (10-1) paid $152.60.
6th--Win Power (Stokes)18.407.406.00
Man Overboard (J.Eads)4.003.60
Charlatan (P.Tolentino)11.60
Off 9:07. Time 1:10.34. Fast. Also Ran--Famously Free, Dreams Do, Red Wolf, Bag's Tunes, Kickback, Fixer, King Caspian. Perfecta (2-5) paid $92.80. Trifecta (2-5-4) paid $1,319.20.
7th--Social Jewel (C.Murphy)10.405.403.80
Attack Bird (J.Magrell)5.603.40
Sunday Sunshine (R.Stokes, III)3.80
Off 9:33. Time 1:04.37. Fast. Also Ran--Aloha's Girl, Don't Hang Up Krih, Annie Getcha Gun, Mills County Miss, Turkish Spa, Valid Trial, Miss Break Away. Perfecta (4-3) paid $54.20. Trifecta (4-3-1) paid $221.60.
8th--Wildwood Robin (Otero)27.2013.607.20
Cindy's Ruckus (K.Radke)7.004.80
Salish Prince (G.Smith)3.20
Off 9:56. Time 1:40.08. Fast. Also Ran--Shackelford, Lead the Pack, Rock Hall, Danar, Lester Lanin, Xclusive Imp, Austin's Charm. Pick 3 (2-4-ALL) 3 Correct Paid $74.80, Pick 3 (2-ALL-10) 3 Correct Paid $74.80, Pick 3 (ALL-4-10) 3 Correct Paid $74.80. Trifecta (10-8-4) paid $861.60. Perfecta (10-8) paid $212.20.
9th--Georgia Milk Man (Stokes)
Naabit (D.Brinkley)6.003.20
Explosive Sport (D.Whitney)3.00
Off 10:21. Time 1:42.82. Fast. Also Ran--Dancewithcocoslady, Burning Willow, Matt Road, Here's the Beef, Saynothingatall, Hep Dep, Secret Stories. Daily Double (10-10) paid $146.20. Perfecta (10-3) paid $67.80. Superfecta (10-3-2-1) paid $1,774.00. Trifecta (10-3-2) paid $187.80. Attendance unavailable. $814,038. Handle $99,577. Total Handle $913,615.
1st--TROT, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Sombrero Beach, R Miller; Gambling Willy, R Angus; Tooltime, W Case Jr; Home Fires Burnin, B Miller; Born To Differ, D Mc Kirgan; Hot Sand, W Case Jr; Ohio Jet, G Bartlett; Happy Evergreen, K Kash; Anastasia Lazer, B Miller
2nd--PACE, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI
Cambestion, S Schillaci; Firethorn Todd, D Ward; Stagecraft Hanover, R Tharps; Willy Hanover, B Miller; Country Banker, C Wyers; Windy Beach, W Irvine; Mattropolis, W Case Jr; Love That Jate, W Case Jr; Bk's Pocket Change, Tba
3rd--PACE, INV HC, 10,500, 1 MI
Kd's Pocket Money, D Ward; Crystal Bright, W Case Jr; Cmon Sloopy Hangon, W Case Jr; Mr Peabody, R Tharps; Tucson Express, B Miller; Cam's Rocket, W Case Jr
4th--TROT, NW2PMCD, 3,300, 1 MI
Final Eclipse, D Pfister; Fun Message, M Wollam; Eagle Eyes, D Ward; Here She Comes, W Case Jr; Dancer Prancer, J Pantaleano; Spademania, D Mc Kirgan; Move Over Baby, W Irvine; Wakeshire Willwin, J Smith; Two Days Bad News, W Irvine; A Charger Mouse, W Case Jr
5th--PACE, 8000CL HC, 6,000, 1 MI
Hy Genius, B Sturgeon; Big Hitter, R Tharps; Peter's Dragon, W Case Jr; I Wanna Score, J Pantaleano; Four Starzzz Dream, B Miller; Eicarls Hometown, W Case Jr; Bright Dream A, W Case Jr; Movn Boovn, S Schillaci; Mistys Glory, K Cummings
6th--TROT, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Ama Red, W Case Jr; Arnie's King, D Ward; Post Card, W Irvine; Spurt of Speed, J Pantaleano; Wye Oak, R Tharps; French Tune, J Pantaleano; Esther Ruth, S Schillaci; Macpherson N, W Case Jr; Concherer, B Miller
7th--PACE, 12500CL, 6,600, 1 MI
Ilium Angus, T Crissman; Doodlefinkel, J Pantaleano; Mister Gender, W Case Jr; Shut Up Bevis, W Case Jr; Faldo N, B Sturgeon; Niacrombie, R Still; Game Hercules, W Case Jr; Comical Brat, K Cummings; Juarez Hanover, B Miller; Ready To Be Rich, S Schillaci
8th--TROT, NW650PSCD, 6,500, 1 MI
Anastasia Legend, J Conger; Dacion, R Still; Glory Bound, J Pantaleano; Kt Junior, R Tharps; Willmania, W Popio; It Ain't Over Joe, J Smith; Patio Pete, W Case Jr; Glasslite, S Schillaci; Charming Comer, D Mc Kirgan; I Will Come Over, R Tharps
9th--PACE, OPN, 9,000, 1 MI
Tinyontheoutside, W Case Jr; Kehmubelievehim, W Case Jr; Script Ohio, B Miller; Gold Bandit, S Schillaci; Satin Affair, W Case Jr; Shady Legend, W Case Jr; Four Starzzz Fella, B Miller; Mariah's Cyclone, J Pantaleano
10th--PACE, NW650PSCD, 6,500, 1 MI
Pacific Dino, W Case Jr; Budz Victory, W Case Jr; Jessica's Scooter, R Tharps; Peppy Tucson, C Wyers; Nuke The Bunny, B Miller; Lies and Alibis, K Cummings; Analog Man A, W Case Jr; Marshron Table, W Case Jr; Giggle At Life, S Schillaci
11th--PACE, 15000CL, 7,200, 1 MI
Hillbilly Jack, K Cummings; Stormy Osborne, B Miller; Rich Man Poor Man, G Waple; Exacta Bayama, W Case Jr; Patrician, W Case Jr; Foolish Courage, S Schillaci; Power Bye N, R Tharps; Road Not Taken, B Miller; Old Brooklyn, W Case Jr; All Quacked Up, R Tharps
12th--PACE, 15000CL HC, 8,000, 1 MI
Aber Nuke, R Tharps; Cutting In, B Miller; Engine Hanover, S Schillaci; Travis Trip, K Cummings; Fantastic Mindale, J Pantaleano; Noble Sam, D Binskin; Roney Returns, W Case Jr; Joc O Chip, W Case Jr; Alberto-Fino, R Tharps; Mr Habit, D Ward
13th--PACE, 10000CL, 6,000, 1 MI
Blame It On Me, W Case Jr; Eric Lance, J Pantaleano; Dare You Corey, W Case Jr; Big Time Kisser, J Pantaleano; Bunker, S Schillaci; Sun Glare, Tba; Osborne's Falcon, B Miller; Soledad Lobell, C Mancinelli; Ted The Kid, B Miller
14th--PACE, 8000CL, 4,800, 1 MI
Matt Dillon, W Case Jr; Fraser N, W Case Jr; Gray Flyer, T Jones; Sterling Scooter, D Ward; Kentucky Tross, W Case Jr; Happy Colors, B Miller; Top Reward, S Schillaci; Langolier, W Case Jr; Coach Daly, L Ferrari.
TODAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--$9,800, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 70yd.
Dames I Have Loved, wt. 116; Not a Baby Anymore, wt. 114; Jillmissedapill, wt. 121; Brassy Lady, wt. 121; Cin de Jo, wt. 121; Sky Breeze, wt. 121; Evasive Mary, wt. 114; Shakeit Tothemoon, wt. 114; Tricky Mackee, wt. 114; Act of Faith, wt. 121.
2nd--$19,700, mdn spl wt, 3YO, 1mi 70yd.
Runlikeattitude, wt. 117; Rambo's Gold, wt. 117; Versatility, wt. 117; Silver Rolls, wt. 117; Gnarler, wt. 117; Fearsome, wt. 117; Another Wager, wt. 117; My Time Machine, wt. 110; Moniker Reflection, wt. 112; Bestoneyet, wt. 117.
3rd--$11,700, cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Make It Cash, wt. 112; Nothingupthesleeve, wt. 115; Ignore Me Not, wt. 115; Wicked Heart, wt. 115; A Glory Holme, wt. 115; Delta Cat, wt. 115; Third Shift, wt. 115; World Class Flyer, wt. 109; Southwest Shuttle, wt. 109; Sensational Type, wt. 109.
Scratched--To Boot.
4th--$14,700, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 70yd.
Star Promotion, wt. 115; Silver Invitation, wt. 113; Swing Out Front, wt. 108; Angels Valentine, wt. 118; Quick Trigger, wt. 118; I'm Seeing Red, wt. 118; That's Outrageous, wt. 118; Read the Cards, wt. 121; Resting Easy, wt. 118.
5th--$11,700, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
City Flag, wt. 110; Happy Raphael, wt. 115; Waldo Pepper, wt. 115; World Beater, wt. 115; Dominant Mercedes, wt. 115; Pyrite Double, wt. 108; Watch for Walenda, wt. 115; Zippy Intrigue, wt. 115; Select Spirit, wt. 118; Coopman, wt. 115.
6th--$22,700, alc, 3YO up F & amp;M (NW1 X), 7f.
Czarbahri, wt. 109; Eve Harrington, wt. 121; Tour Japan, wt. 115; With Diamonds, wt. 112; Toni the Knife, wt. 115; Time for Ruby, wt. 115; Casanova Consort, wt. 115; Widow's Whirl, wt. 115; Twyla, wt. 115; Blue Eyed, wt. 112.
Scratched--Julia Smyth.
7th--$26,200, alc, 3YO up F & amp;M (NW1 X), 7 1/2f.
Gottalottagas, wt. 118; Shaniowa, wt. 115; Gift of a Leader, wt. 121; P R Star, wt. 115; Cousin Maggie, wt. 115; Strikethegold Lass, wt. 115; Cabot Cove, wt. 115; Prado's Mystique, wt. 121.
Scratched--Paige's Boo.
8th--$29,000, cl $40,000-$35,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Marked Native, wt. 115; Citipower, wt. 115; Green Beret, wt. 115; Spirit's Ace High, wt. 111; Corey's Minstrel, wt. 118; Peggy's Beau, wt. 111; Flashy Prospect, wt. 111; Just Spoof N, wt. 118; Mort, wt. 115.
Scratched--Smooth Talc.
9th--$17,300, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Sand and Stars, wt. 105; Location, wt. 115; Raise the Gold, wt. 115; Urgent Action, wt. 115; Barnacle Jim, wt. 115; Charlie Chan, wt. 115; McAlpin Road, wt. 115; Cumberland Gap, wt. 115; More Tell, wt. 115; President's Decree, wt. 115.
Scratched--Visit the Circle.
SUNDAY -- 12:55 P.M.
1st--$7,900, mdn cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up, 1mi.
Lucky Frenchy, wt. 122; You'll B Sirprized, wt. 110; Comedys Last Laugh, wt. 122; Peek At Perkins, wt. 115; Private Reflection, wt. 115; Russian Raj, wt. 115; Who's Ciaran Dunne, wt. 115.
2nd--$5,800, mdn cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Sawyer Point, wt. 123; St. Boniface, wt. 117; Tribal Impact, wt. 123; Don't Fool J D, wt. 123; Justanothertoddy, wt. 118; Jomona, wt. 112; Starward, wt. 123.
3rd--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Primrose Lane, wt. 122; Haylee's Honor, wt. 116; a-Some Are Queens, wt. 116; Sharsue Dancer, wt. 111; Lillian Hill, wt. 122; a-Fake Blitz, wt. 116; Ring Holme, wt. 116; Keelyn, wt. 111; Credit Risk, wt. 116. a-Coupled.
4th--$7,400, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Snowars, wt. 117; a-Happy, wt. 112; Country Sunrise, wt. 117; Nahar, wt. 117; a-Sky Blue Heaven, wt. 117; I'llcallyourbluff, wt. 118; Windy Spruce, wt. 114; Helpful Annie, wt. 111; Milady's Honor, wt. 111; Diamond Snel, wt. 117; Dancing Nijinsky, wt. 117. a-Coupled.
5th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Parkmoor, wt. 122; A Bull Named Rosy, wt. 122; Our Legal Eagle, wt. 122; Wa Hoo Yell, wt. 122; Danny 'n Mike, wt. 122; Freewheelin' Frank, wt. 122; Second to None, wt. 122; I'll Run for Terry, wt. 122; Shy Beau, wt. 117; Roctime, wt. 122; Radar Deflector, wt. 122; Bionic Whirl, wt. 122.
6th--$11,300, mdn spl wt, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
L'Ohio, wt. 117; Just Call Me Irish, wt. 117; Chance Sleet, wt. 117; Forever Winnie, wt. 112; Call Me Rebecca, wt. 123; Brown Betty Boop, wt. 123; Winnie, wt. 118; Proud Pioneer, wt. 112.
7th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
My Aunt Jenny, wt. 117; Smokin Like a Fire, wt. 122; Me Voy Contigo, wt. 122; Strike Number One, wt. 122; Truce Time, wt. 122; Pyrite Forest, wt. 122; Sunday, wt. 122; Circle Inn, wt. 122; Marja, wt. 122; My Daddys French, wt. 122.
8th--$8,300, mdn spl wt, 2YO, 5f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
I Can Still See U, wt. 118; Cayenne Call, wt. 118; Artic Circle, wt. 118; Alexis Pony, wt. 118; Shesa Hot Ticket, wt. 115; Big Man Dan, wt. 118; Rambler, wt. 118; Silver Ikon, wt. 118; Tatum's Alibhai, wt. 118; Kay's Bud, wt. 118.
9th--$10,000, alc, 3YO up F & amp;M (NW2 L), 6f.
Wedding Dance, wt. 114; S'more, wt. 116; A Sterling First, wt. 117; Little Brown Brick, wt. 116; Just One Rose, wt. 111; Tour d'Elan, wt. 117; Judy Jetson, wt. 111.
10th--$6,800, cl $6,250-$6,250, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Fit and Bushy, wt. 117; Fast Boy, wt. 117; Huleo's Quest, wt. 117; Rebel Rex, wt. 117; Shake Those Hands, wt. 117; Chinook to Knight, wt. 117; Snuffy, wt. 117; J. J. Sam, wt. 112; Mitigate, wt. 117; Ciel d'Or, wt. 117.
11th--$7,500, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Terlypeat, wt. 116; Serge to Victory, wt. 116; A Rose for Delaine, wt. 116; Charming Lass, wt. 111; Spanish Angel, wt. 119; Mocha Au Lait, wt. 114; Ms Infinity Slew, wt. 116; Lady Hurricane, wt. 116.
12th--$5,600, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 4 1/2f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Dance Til Morning, wt. 120; Lord Nalee, wt. 117; a-Northern Broadway, wt. 117; Ban Tom Gold, wt. 112; a-Tricky Interlude, wt. 117; Justanotherflame, wt. 117; Wall to Wall, wt. 123; Willoughby, wt. 123; Backwoods Chill, wt. 117; Over Fan, wt. 117. a-Coupled.
13th--$13,500, alc, 3YO up (NW1 X), 6f.
Nicatnite, wt. 114; Sovereign Sees, wt. 116; Flight One O One, wt. 114; European Witness, wt. 114; McKinley Rhodes, wt. 122; Jared's Prospect, wt. 114; French Cognac, wt. 116; Sink the Bismark, wt. 111; Pettibone Ball, wt. 116.
14th--$6,300, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Track Doc, wt. 117; Spanish Splendor, wt. 117; Queen's Colony, wt. 112; You Never Know, wt. 120; Peppers Prospect, wt. 112; Timolaus, wt. 117; Prince Skif, wt. 117; Junaluska, wt. 117.

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