Newspaper changes disappoint reader

Newspaper changes disappoint reader
Ever since you've made so many changes in The Vindicator, I've been looking at the "Letters to the Editor" to see how many critical letters readers have written about them. It's hard to believe that no one has complained, because when we discuss this with friends, they are as displeased as we with your changes. We feel you have turned a first-class newspaper into a cheap "shopping news" paper.
There used to be neat, concise obituaries, Now you have "Tributes" which are overly long and hard to read down instead of across. You have crunched the comics onto one page. There are no stock market reports to keep us informed of the economic status of companies. We never know where to find articles, as you keep moving them from page to page, or even section to section. You have eliminated lots of national and world news, giving us a much smaller newspaper.
It seems to me you could have this poor excuse of a newspaper delivered free because of the income you get from advertisers. I view all these changes and cut-backs as the beginning of the demise of The Vindicator. I get USA Today for national and world news.
League politics interferes with kids' baseball fun
Baseball -- America's favorite pastime. Or is it? Baseball is a season of practices, games and a lot of heart and soul. Little League baseball provides our children with the opportunity to play with their friends in an organized sport. Playing should be fun, and important lessons in sportsmanship should be learned. But today, the concept that winning is everything at all costs is getting out of hand.
This letter is not directed at my son's manager or coaches. There are some who play by the rules, but some coaches and managers need to re-evaluate why they are involved at this level.
We entrust our children to them to learn baseball rules, develop basic skills, teamwork and respect for one another. Somehow, somewhere, they lose sight of the team and only see victory in winning for themselves. Players are intimidated, overlooked and disregarded instead of being encouraged and treated fairly. Managers and coaches have rules of a tournament changed for their benefit.
There are those who will say I'm writing this letter because of my son. However, more parents have told me similar stories of injustice to their players or a friend. "It's everywhere," (talking about politics in sports) is the response I often get. Does this make it right or wrong? You decide: Boardman Community Baseball -- Field of Dreams or Nightmares?
Boardman Township puts on a great show
It is fitting and proper to thank Boardman Township for two wonderful evenings of beautiful musical entertainment by Packard Concert Band and the Army Military Band, topped off with the most magnificent fireworks displays on July 5 and 6.
The township certainly made many thousands of people happy and grateful for living in a caring community that takes pride in pleasing its people with such wonderful entertainment. I am proud and happy to be a Boardman resident.
Ohio lottery should make more people millionaires
I have reason to believe that the super lotto is fixed. Have you ever seen anyone winning $4 or $8 million? No. The winning number is fed to the computer and is not released until it goes up to $30 million.
The best solution is to declare a $1 million winner every day. There will be 365 millionaires per year in Ohio.
Gambling is very addictive. People get their disability and welfare checks and go to get lottery tickets. It is a big rip off by the state.