Artistic: Lydia Caskey, four red, two yellow; Alberta Ellwood, two blue, five red, one yellow; Maxine Disko, two blue, four red, and tri-color award; Helen Kanicledes, two yellow; Beatrice Vincent, five blue, one red, one honorable mention and sweepstakes award; JoAn Wilson, one blue, one honorable mention; B.J. Geiwitz, two blue and designer's choice; Maxine Barnes, one blue, one red; Kathy Davidson, two blue, one yellow; Mary Kuhn, one blue and petite award; Sophie Bland, one blue and award of destination; Delores Sims, one yellow; Nina Conturill, one red.Horticulture: Kanicledes, three blue, seven red, two yellow; Ellwood, six blue, five red, two yellow; Kenneth Haines, six blue; Marie Mielow, four blue, two red, one yellow; Rita Baugh, one yellow; Sims, four blue, two red, two yellow; Donna Gruen, one blue, two red, two yellow, one honorable mention; Davidson, two blue, two red, two yellow, one honorable mention; Wilson, five blue, seven red, eight yellow, one honorable mention; Conturill, one blue, three red, two honorable mention; Nancy Kovach, one blue, one yellow, two honorable mention; KeniaFife, two blue, one red; Nona Moore, seven blue, two red; Kuhn, four blue, two red; Sue Wagner, 16 blue, eight red, six yellow; Arlene Logan, one blue; Vincent, two blue, one red, one yellow, one honorable mention; Lydia Caskey, one blue, one red, one yellow; Carole Esmad, two blue; Sophie Bland, two blue; Kady Kimpel, one blue; Disko, one blue, two red; Bobby Seifert , 10 blue, one red, one honorable mention; Linda Bennett, two blue, one red; Amanda Vestrand, one blue; Barnes, one blue, one red, two yellow.Horticulture Award of Merit: Moore; Bobby Seifert, Niles; Conturill, Lordstown; Sophie Bland.Award of Horticulture Excellence: Mike Novicky, Niles.
Over three years' experience: Stefanie Duda, 17, Kinsman Kids Club, 1st; Brad Rosen, 16, Kinsman Kids Club, 2nd; Andrew Yost, 14, East Ohio 4-H, 3rd.Two years and three years experience: Nicole Parry, 11, East Ohio 4-H, 1st; Heidi Huff, 12, East Ohio 4-H, 2nd; Jared Kasiewicz, 13, Brookfield 4-H Friends, 3rd; Meagan Rowbottom, 12, Kinsman Kids Club, 4th; Arielle Kasiewicz, 10, Brookfield 4-H Friends, 5th; Hope Sinclair, 12, Trumbull Goat and Poultry, 6th.Inexperienced first year: A.A. Ron, 10, Trumbull Goat and Poultry, 1st; Garrett Smith, 12, Trumbull Goat and Poultry, 2nd; James Szilagyi, 10, East Ohio 4-H, 3rd; Kristeen Lewis, 11, Kinsman Kids Club, 4th; James Lewis, 11, Kinsman Kids Club, 5th; Shawn Rowbottom, 9, Kinsman Kids Club, 6th.Clover Bud Class: Jeremy Shearborwn, 9, Kinsman Kids; Kirstin Hacker, 8, Kinsman Kids.
Karie Lichty, 18, 1st and 2nd; Garrett Smith, 9, 3rd; Sarah Smith, 14, 4th.
Grand Champion: Lichty, 87 lbs.Reserve Champion: Lichty, 65 lbs.
Rebecca Otis, 18, Vernon, poster "Our Forgotten Heroes -- The War Dogs of Vietnam."
Senior Division Best of Show: Missy Mead, 16, Mineral RidgeSenior Division Art Work: Rachael Bradshaw, 18, Warren, 1st, 5th, 6th; Kylie Wells, 15, Hubbard, 2nd; Becky Mead, 18, Mineral Ridge, 3rd; Brandi Mead, 18, Mineral Ridge, 4th.Senior Division Photography: Missy Mead, 16, Mineral Ridge, 1st; Wells, 15, Hubbard, 2nd.Junior Division Art Work: Marie Richards, 12, Warren, 1st; Deidra Nuss, 12, Cortland, 2nd, 6th; Danielle Nuss, 13, Cortland, 3rd, 4th; Holly Miller, 12, Cortland, 3rd; Noel Miller, 9, Cortland, 4th, 5th, 6th.Clover Bud Division: Desiree Nuss, 8, Cortland.

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