Marriage licenses
Gregory D. Richardson, 44, of 382 Camden Ave., Youngstown, and Annette C. Brown, 43, of 245 Lilburne Drive, Youngstown.
David W. Petty, 35, of 474 Melbourne Ave., Boardman, and Raynae B. Ladensack, 37, of same.
Teddy A. Roepke, 22, of 5837 Queen Elizabeth Way 2, Fort Myers, Fla., and Nattalie A. Wolff, 21, of 18260 Paulson Drive C, Port Charlotte, Fla.
Turner M. Seabrook, 24, of 835 Winona, Youngstown, and Latisha N. Collier, 23, of 215 Thornton, Youngstown.
Waleed Ghazi Qaisi, 33, of 7639 Sparta Drive, Memphis, Tenn., and Lisa M. Davis, 29, of 7890 Cliffview Drive, Poland.
Arthur L. Ford Jr., 25, of 1208 Oak St., Youngstown, and Nikia R. Perry, 24, of 1210 Oak St., Youngstown.
DeMaine J. Kitchen, 23, of 3302 Castalia Ave., Youngstown, and Leslie L. Frost, 23, of 935 Katherine, Youngstown.
Lee A. Deaner, 27, of 2205 New Garden Road, Greensboro, N.C., and Christine E. Gordon, 27, of same.
Ralph E. Patrone Jr., 41, of 273 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, and Brenda M. Davis, 32, of same.
Dennis M. DeLuca Jr., 37, of 14 Wilton St., Sumerville, Mass., and Sarah M. Carroll, 36, of same.
Mark A. Melnik, 23, of 30 Orchard St., Medford, Mass., and Gina M. Guzell, 23, of same.
Daniel C. Spencer, 34, of 1065 Ohltown Road, Austintown, and Lisa L. Spencer, 35, of 3071 S. Duck Creek Road, North Jackson.
James E. Pascarella Jr., 26, of 170 S. Maryland, Youngstown, and Nicolle M. Palermo, 23, of 170 S. Maryland, Youngstown.
George M. Cvetkovich, 44, of 371 12th St., Campbell, and Mary M. Martinez, 38, of same.
Divorces asked
Steven Robbins, 251 Waggaman Circle, Boardman, vs. Alaina Robbins, 170 Forest Garden Drive, Boardman.
Lisa P. Jones, 355 Glenview Road, Canfield, vs. Scott A. Jones, 3407 Sandalwood Court, Youngstown, et al.
Gayle E. Amabeli, 13597 Ellett Road, Beloit, vs. John D. Amabeli, P.O. Box 161, Beloit.
Barbara Rivers, P.O. Box 3924, Youngstown, vs. Johnny W. Rivers, 104 Jacobs Road, Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Penny Hahn, 2327 Bedford Road, Lowellville, and David G. Hahn, 94 Prospect St., Struthers.
New complaints
Ismael Mercado et al vs. Yvonne Day et al, money
Tanna Newlan et al vs. Bruce C. Brenner Jr. et al, money.
Terri Westbrook vs. Martin J. Elsass et al, money.
Wasyl Zulkanycz et al vs. Michael Novakoski, money.
Marilyn S. Shovlin vs. Boston Retail Products, money.
James K. Sheets vs. J.D. Transportation et al, workers' compensation.
Jason A. Ring et al vs. Board of Trustees of Smith Twp., Mahoning County et al, conversion of property.
Bank One NA vs. Terrance L. Aberegg et al, foreclosure.
National Restaurant vs. National Railroad Passenger Corp. et al, money.
James Stankich vs. Clair C. Anthony Jr. et al, money.
First Federal Savings vs. James A. Slusher et al, money.
Frederick Motors Inc. vs. Market Scan Information Systems Inc., money.
Donald H. Quimby vs. YSD Industries Inc. et al, notice of appeal.
Nationscredit Financial Services Corp. et al vs. Prince Lee et al, money.
Angelo Douglas vs. U-Haul Self Storage, money.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. James R. Snyder, et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. James R. Snyder et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. James R. Snyder et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. James R. Snyder et al,, foreclosure.
Michael Kernan et al vs. Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Co., money.
Truck World Inc. vs. Penn Ohio Truck Plaza, money.
Probate court
Will of Jean C. Emilo: estate to daughter, Joanne McDanel and Justine Antol.
Will of Paul DeTunno: estate to wife, Angelo M.
Will of Virginia M. Hull: estate to children, Deborah L. Martin, Judith A. Solomon and Harry C. Jr., Thomas F. and Clarence W. Hull.
Will of John Hritz: estate to sister-in-law, Ida Boggia and brother-in-law, Al Boggia.
Will of Sam G. DiBacco: estate to children, Ronald G. and Donald DiBacco and Agatha Van Brocklin and Sandra DiBacco-Tusinac.
Will of Peter A. Petroff Jr.: estate to wife, Elaine.
Will of James V. Finamore: estate to children, Teresa Matiscik, Valerie Habuda, and James M. and Robert Finamore.
Will of James L. Farrell: estate to sister, Janice F. Oliver.
Will of Myron Howard: estate to wife, Bertha.
Will of Lee R. Jacobs: estate to trustee under Declaration of Trust, with specific bequests.
Will of Victor D'Orsi: estate to wife, Marian E.
Real estate transfers
Liberty Savings Bank FSB to LPI Properties Inc., Youngstown, $30,150.
Joseph Alexander to Brad G. Hille, Jackson Twp., $118,000.
Ronald Bucci et al to Robert P. Cannon, Canfield Twp., $304,000.
Kathryn Roemer to All-K Inc., Boardman Twp., $90,000.
Bruce J. Ciccone et al to David C. Lewis et al, Poland Twp., $122,500.
Carol A. Handel-Mansell et al to Robert L. Hamilton et al, Austintown Twp., $104,000.
Shirley Solomon to Jean Joffee, Youngstown, $80,000.
Douglas Downie et al to Thomas W. Albrecht et al, Youngstown, $129,900.
Martin R. Eich to William B. Barwick, Austintown Twp., $58,000.
Ruth E. Maxwell to Charles D. Bennett, Poland Twp., $88,000.
Randy D. Walter dba et al to Stefano & amp; Associates, Canfield Twp., $44,400.
Richard N. Cox et al to Mathew A. Morjock et al, Springfield Twp., $168,000.
Michael C. Dura to Lamar E. Powell, Youngstown, $40,650.
Ameriquest Mortgage Co. to Marlene Bennett, Struthers, $15,000.
Paul D. Slater et al to Cheryl S. Williams, Boardman Twp., $76,000.
Green Twp. Development Inc. to Henry P. Nemenz Sr., Green Twp., $44,500.
Camille R. Hall et al to Yvette E. Booker, Youngstown, $12,500.
William P. Charko et al to Glenna J. Flanigan, Youngstown, $28,500.
Wendell E. Brown to Glen R. Brown Sr., Youngstown, $30,000.
Alan L. Stark to Eric Dardo, Youngstown, $46,000.
Brian J. Flynn to Jay Fletcher, Youngstown, $70,000.
Robert J. Trotter to Tucker Land Management Inc., Youngstown, $4,500.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
William D. Lambert Jr., 4896 Pinetrace St., Austintown, ambulette driver, Lane's Life Trans; liabilities, $34,864; assets, $2,760.
Nelson A. Forame, Poland, corrections officer, Ohio State Penn; liabilities, $30,084; assets, $47,544.

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