Boardman wants neither railroad nor unkempt site

Boardman wants neither railroad nor unkempt site
Recently, there have been articles in The Vindicator concerning "eyesores" in the area with some specific sites listed, including all the unsightly tall grass and weeds in Southern Boulevard along the railroad tracks.
All homeowners are required to keep up their proprieties, but apparently the new Columbiana Rail company isn't. When the previous owners and/or the township maintained this property, it was properly taken care of (even the small bushes alongside the tracks could be seen).
I understand that a lawsuit has been filed to force the Columbiana Railroad company to maintain this area, but lawsuits (and the ensuing appeals) can take years. Do we have to look at this mess until a suit is finally settled?
I have not spoken to or even heard of any Boardman resident who really was in favor of this rail line running through our community again, but we have to put up with it anyway.
Just a few years ago, the rails at Southern Boulevard and Route 224 were removed, and now, once again, we must have a train going through this busy intersection and without the proper crossing gates.
As I recently watched a train cross this intersection, an operator jumped from the rail car and stood in the middle of the road with an orange flag while the train passed by. Is this the technology of today? We have gone from crossing gates to a person with a flag standing in the middle of the road. This is an accident waiting to happen.
Other than one business that I know of, who is benefiting from this railway anyway? I don't think it is the residents of Boardman.
Readers want more good news, inspiring stories
I'm writing to express my gratitude for the recent front-page articles The Vindicator has published which have focused on the faith and goodness of people.
In publishing such articles as front-page news, The Vindicator is making two powerful statements.
First, The Vindicator is declaring as newsworthy the stories that show human beings are capable of incredible goodness. You are interested in a more holistic (and therefore more accurate) representation of news, not just the usual stories of tragedy and scandal.
Second, The Vindicator is rightly demon strating that its readers deserve to see more good news published. By publishing good news along with the bad news, you are helping to inspire a vision of human life that is sane, loving, community-oriented and unselfish. This is a vision that is greatly needed in our communities. Good news is indeed & quot;newsworthy. & quot; Please keep up the good work.
Campbell's jubilee an event worth celebrating
Congratulations and a load of gratitude are due the committee that arranged the 75th Jubilee celebration for the city of Campbell.
The parade and activities, which ended with a super spectacular fireworks display, were awesome.
It was a wonderful weekend in Campbell.