Court sets trial date for Clinton's brother

Court sets trial datefor Clinton's brother
TORRANCE, Calif. -- Roger Clinton's trial on misdemeanor charges of drunken driving and disturbing the peace was scheduled Monday for Aug. 7.
The 44-year-old half brother of former President Clinton was arrested Feb. 21 in Hermosa Beach after police pulled him and charged him with "driving erratically. He entered a plea of innocent through his lawyer, Mark Geragos, at a hearing in May.
In June, he denied the charges on "Larry King Live," telling the talk-show host he was not drunk the night of his arrest.
"I was not legally drunk and driving. I had had about two beers," he said on the program. He also denied that he was driving erratically, saying police targeted him because he is the former president's brother.
He could face a year in jail if convicted of the charges. His next pretrial hearing was set for July 23.
Milosevic tells lawyerhe's not suicidal
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Slobodan Milosevic says he's not suicidal, is in good health and high spirits, and is convinced that he did the right thing for Yugoslavia, said a Canadian lawyer who saw the former president in jail.
"I am the moral winner," Milosevic said Monday in an authorized statement through the lawyer, Christopher Black. "I am proud of everything I did for my people and my country, and everything I did was honest."
Black spent nearly two hours with Milosevic in an interview room at the U.N. detention unit, a wing of a Dutch prison in the seaside suburb of Scheveningen outside The Hague. A guard was posted on the other side of a metal and glass door, but a U.N. translator was present throughout the conversation, even though the two men spoke in English and had asked to be alone.
Milosevic is charged with responsibility for the murder of more than 600 people and the displacement of 740,000 ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1999. His crackdown in Kosovo was brought to an end by a 78-day bombing campaign by NATO forces.
"I only exercised the right of every citizen to defend his country and that is why they arrested me," Black quoted the prisoner as saying. "If you are looking for war criminals the right address is not Scheveningen, it is the headquarters of NATO."
Black, a Toronto attorney, heads an international committee of 200 lawyers, law professors and nonprofessionals interested in Milosevic's defense.
Lawmaker: Memo won'tlead to federal probe
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A leading lawmaker said Monday that federal officials would not investigate a joke memo that encouraged female pages to dress provocatively, but an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission official said there could be a probe later.
A group calling itself the "Men's Caucus" suggested in the June memo that female pages wear shorter skirts, no underwear, and thin blouses. Gov. Jim Hodges called for the state Human Affairs Commission and the federal EEOC to look into the memo, which was written and circulated anonymously.
The "Men's Caucus" memo was written after the legislative Women's Caucus sent out a memo reminding pages, many of whom are female college students, to dress appropriately.
House Speaker David Wilkins said Monday he received a letter from the EEOC saying the federal agency would not investigate. But Reuben Daniels, district director of the EEOC in Charlotte, N.C., said an investigation could be warranted later if a complaint is filed.
14 killed in landslide
BEIJING -- Heavy rains caused a sodden hillside to give way in southern China, burying houses and killing at least 14 people, an official said today.
Five other people were missing and 22 were injured, said a spokeswoman for the government of Dongchuan district on the outskirts of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, where the landslide occurred early Monday morning.
The spokeswoman declined to give her name.
The official Xinhua News Agency said the area of Dongchuan is notorious for landslides, one of which killed over 100 people during the 1980s.
Elsewhere in Yunnan, a strong earthquake struck a popular tourism center but there were no reports of damage or injuries, said a provincial seismology bureau staffer who gave only his surname, Zhai.
The magnitude 5.3 earthquake struck near the town of Chuxiong, 1,339 miles southwest of Beijing. The town lies between Kunming and the popular tourist resort of Dali.
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