Business phone lines show $5,484 in illegal overseas calls

AUSTINTOWN -- Someone used the phone lines at a local business to make $5,484 in illegal calls to the Middle East nation of Yemen and the African nation of Senegal last weekend, police say.
The 24 calls were made from Tamco, 365 Victoria Road, between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Some of the calls lasted more than three hours.
A Tamco security guard told police he received a call at 1 a.m. Sunday from a person who said he was from Ameritech. The person said a truck had hit a transformer in the area, and the security guard had to push star 9-0 on his phone to help fix the resulting problems.
The person told the guard to wait a few seconds for a beep after pressing the buttons.
The guard pushed the buttons about 30 times at the request of the person.
An AT & amp;T representative called the security guard around 6:45 a.m. Sunday to let him know that the calls had been made to Yemen and Senegal.
Police have a list of the phone numbers that were called and are investigating the report.

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