YSU faculty member's e-mail misquoted

YSU faculty member's e-mail misquoted
The June 24 column by Bertram de Souza contains a statement attributed to me that I posted to the YSUOEA list serve. This is a factual error. My original e-mail is reprinted below. In the future, I suggest if you plan to continue, what I consider, the highly unethical and unprofessional practice of publishing content from private e-mails distributed by YSU faculty via their union list serve without anyone's permission, you get the accreditation correct.
My original e-mail:
Thanks Gabriel for finding some data to dispute these false cost of living allegations. I feel that I am underpaid and that our salary scale is not competitive in regards to hiring new faculty.
The university could easily save 800K by: 1) stop hemorrhaging money via Les Cochran's Metro College and/or 2) get rid of some administrators. How many vice presidents do we have? Why do we need 2 assistant provosts and one or two assistant deans for each college? Why does the provost need 2 secretaries and the president need 3 secretaries? We have 1 secretary for 2 programs and 9 faculty spread over 3 departments. Some departments put even more demand on their secretaries.
Did the audit look at either the Metro College or the administrative payroll?
X The writer is a Youngstown State University professor of geology.
More organs need to be given to save lives
Thank you for your front page coverage of Mr. George Welker's incredible story of courage and faith. The Vindicator's top-notch coverage of this man's courageous struggle for life is what good reporting is all about.
Organ and tissue donation is a very important and relatively new aspect of saving people's lives through the deceased or live organ donations.
People need to be aware that in many instances the death of a loved one can bring the miracle of life to someone else's loved one. While there is terrible grief at the time of losing a loved one, some joy can be restored to someone waiting for a kidney, liver, heart or other vital organ.
But time is of the essence. Decisions for release of loved ones' organs or tissues must be made immediately after death to preserve the organs or tissues.
Granted, I am not a doctor. I did, however, lose my wife in May to liver disease because we did not receive a liver in time. I cannot say how many relatives of near-death or dead loved ones were contacted to save Audrey's life. This information and process is confidential. I only know the terrible grief of losing a loved one by not getting an organ in time.
Only through reporting stories like you did and communicating the needs of others will lives be saved.
Girard school board has kept residents in the dark
Reading her letter to the editor on Sunday, I was amazed to find out just how little our school board member knows.
She mentioned the numerous public meetings. Well let's see, the May school board meeting was in conjunction with Civics Day, and the board took no questions. Not to mention that they started it a half hour earlier than they had been telling us. I don't know too much, but I think that's against the law. The meeting before that all we got was either, & quot;I don't know," "we're not sure," or "we're not discussing that. & quot;
Then, the June meeting they refused to answer parents questions regarding the school board contacting Liberty about their high school. Well, we already knew they contacted them. Why couldn't they just say, "Yes, we've contacted them and we will contact other communities to find a possible solution to relocating the elementary and intermediate students if the building repairs are not completed"?
Then, there was the emergency meeting, which was not advertised. Again, I think that's against the law too. I was not at that meeting but I've heard eyewitness accounts that Mr. Raggozine said the reason for Mr. Foley's reassignment is none of our business.
Wow, let the healing begin. Who needs openness? So what other public meetings are you talking about, Dolly?
Yes, Cathy, Keith and I did attend the closed door meeting at which they gave us their side of the story. After the meeting I was informed that not everything they said was true. But, since Dolly wasn't' there, I guess she doesn't know about that either.
It seems as if her feelings are hurt because we don't trust the board anymore. Some of them we don't trust because we know they know more, and others we don't trust because they're only puppets and are only there for the 5-0 votes.
They also would like us to take down our website http://ctiss.com/girard parents/, which up to now has been the only place parents have had to receive information. Why hasn't the board used the website? Why haven't they posted answers to the questions we have? This is an open forum that they could take advantage of. But instead they want the open forum closed down. Again, who needs openness?
I also keep hearing how the board did us a favor by closing the school and that it wasn't necessary to close it. Yeah, the teachers and students should have been exposed to the dangerously high levels of fungus and bacteria. Sure, they were only getting sick, no big deal. They could have toughed it out for another couple of months. The problem is the school should have been closed when testing first started in November and December. What did they think: we have a problem but let's not say anything till someone gets really sick?
Railroad could be a boon for shoppers, workers
Southern Boulevard in Boardman would be greatly improved if the roadway from Mathews Road was extended south past Route 224. Southbound one-way traffic could be on one side of the tracks, and northbound one-way traffic could be on the other side. Also, a cross over can sure be used at Mathews Road instead of routing it to Meadowbrook as it is now. Not only would this help traffic flow, but it would be safer, as well.
Perhaps the young man's life would have been spared a while back when he was hit by the police car that was answering a call, as the fellow was turning into his driveway.
In addition, the railroad is one of the best things that we have. It would sure save a lot of parking spaces at the Southern Park Mall if a passenger car were added to the train. I'm sure a lot of workers and shoppers would use it. It would be great for the Octoberfest and a lot of other events at Boardman Park, too.
Photograph provides spiritual inspiration
I am writing in regard to the front page picture of Vindicator sportswriter George C. Welker in the June 29 Vindicator.
This picture was taken by Lindsay Semple, and his face was so captivating that it needed no words. You could see in his face that he indeed was at peace with his maker.
I didn't know Mr. Welker, but I saved this picture to remind me of our own destiny and how the Lord gives us peace that passes all understanding.
Thank you, Ms.Semple, for that beautiful picture.