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Published: Sun, July 8, 2001 @ 12:00 a.m.



1st--Carrot Gal (Magrell)11.203.602.40

Herpointis (Feliciano)2.402.20

Sally Seminole (L.Gonzalez)2.60

Off 12:56. Time 1:13.90. Fast. Also Ran--Regal Elegant, Dinkers Diamond, Laney High.

Exacta (4-1) paid $34.20.

Superfecta (4-1-5-6) paid $411.20.

Trifecta (4-1-5) paid $62.80.

3rd--Connie's Dancer (Felix)

M. P. R.'s Baby (K.Radke)2.402.20

Lunch Honey (R.Feliciano)2.60

Off 1:37. Time 1:13.22. Fast. Also Ran--Elegant Lass, Jeanne's Boot, Miswathne.

Pick 3 (4-1/8-3) 3 correct paid $78.20.

Superfecta (3-5-2-6) paid $82.80.

Trifecta (3-5-2) paid $34.60.

Exacta (3-5) paid $12.20.

5th--Tale Twister (Spieth)13.005.803.80

Open Bounty (J.Skerrett)4.002.80

Inti Raymi (L.Gonzalez)3.20

Off 2:36. Time 1:12.94. Fast. Also Ran--French Patriot, Hostage Romeo, Metcalf Gap, Jet Whirl, Mia Raft, Gaviota Pass, Razzlemedazzleme, Sharp Ticket, Gold's Last Dance.

Pick 3 (3-8-7) 3 correct paid $139.60.

Superfecta (7-11-3-5) paid $1,017.80.

Twin Trifecta (7-11-3) paid $105.40.

Exacta (7-11) paid $42.20.

7th--C B Account (Spieth)7.403.202.40

Sign of a Bird (L.Knight)3.002.40

Mike Reggie Jr (L.Gonzalez)2.40

Off 3:16. Time 1:42.56. Fast. Also Ran--Five O Nine, Immediate Action, Acting Tips.

Pick 3 (7-4/7/8/12-3) 3 correct paid $113.20.

Superfecta (3-4-5-1) paid $91.80.

Trifecta (3-4-5) paid $46.60.

Exacta (3-4) paid $18.60.

9th--Turkowar (Caminita)12.405.804.20

a-Mr. Bad News (L.Knight)4.003.00

Zane's Way (J.Sunseri)6.60

Off 3:57. Time 1:11.66. Fast. Also Ran--a-Cool Irishman, Xander, Order Chief, Nestor, Dazzle Prince.

Pick 3 (3-7-4) 3 correct paid $649.60.

Superfecta (4-1-6-7) paid $5,194.80.

Trifecta (4-1-6) paid $494.40.

Exacta (4-1) paid $50.20.


11th--Harlan's H (D'Amico)

a-Truth Matters (S.Spieth)4.203.20

All Star Lover (J.Magrell)6.40

Off 4:43. Time 1:05.38. Fast. Scratched--Our Jock Julio. Also Ran--Highland Rim, Crypto's Twinjet, Dinkers Millennium, Watch Me Fire, Proofisinthepuddin, Mercer's Launch, a-Barefoot Jerry.

Pick 3 (4-6-2/6) 3 correct paid $546.

Superfecta (6-1-8-9) paid $1,491.60.

Trifecta (6-1-8) paid $219.40.

Exacta (6-1) paid $22.


13th--Bold Rhapsody (Cruz)5.403.802.80

Street Angel (S.Spieth)5.605.60

Table Wine (L.Hannigan)4.20

Off 5:22. Time 1:46.65. Fast. Scratched--Mabel's Tune, Sheisabrightone, Queens Notes. Also Ran--Irish Horn, The Dancin Machine, Beautiful Friend, Bond Girl, Lighthouse Lucy. ]

Pick 3 (2/6-2-6/8/9) 3 correct paid $62.20.

Superfecta (9-1-5-4) paid $271.60.

Trifecta (9-1-5) paid $119.00.

Tri Super (9-1-5-4) no winners.

Exacta (9-1) paid $43.40.

Attendance: 4,455. $345,773.

Handle: $136,831.

Total Handle: $482,604.



1st--Fund (S.Dorr)27.0015.407.20

Haberdasher (D.Parker)9.604.40

City Jam (D.Whitney)2.60

Off 7:01. Time 1:45.21. Fast. Also Ran--The Big Demon, Ocala Advantage, Souped Up Cat, Pro On the Run, Sand Digger, Tommy's On a Roll, Wexford Lad.

Perfecta (8-7) paid $332.

Trifecta (8-7-10) paid $1,626.80.

2nd--Hoodlum (D.Leeds)

Red Rock Too (G.Garcia, Jr.)5.803.80

Easyrider (D.Parker)3.00

Off 7:26. Time 1:46.14. Fast. Also Ran--Kolatchy Kid, Jelly Jones, Hopehecomplies, Bruno the Dog, Scarlet Knight, Sterling Colors, Mounsey Blackjack.

Daily Double (8-1) paid $427.80.

Perfecta (1-10) paid $153.60.

Trifecta (1-10-5) paid $626.60.

3rd--Laugh About (D.Brinkley)18.607.405.80

Totalnorth (K.Radke)3.403.00

Braak's Falls (D.Whitney)7.40

Off 7:51. Time 1:12.20. Fast. Also Ran--Irish Appeal, Slewad, Capriciousness, Valerina, Tactical Magic, Rockin' Beauty, My Momma's Jolene.

Perfecta (8-7) paid $59.20.

Trifecta (8-7-3) paid $538.80.

4th--Niknardia (D.Parker)11.405.203.20

Cien (M.Rowland)4.202.80

Roaring Jade (G.Smith)2.80

Off 8:15. Time 1:40.28. Fast. Also Ran--Chimes Singer, One More Ruby, Gentle Majesty, Choctawhatchee Bay, Prized Money, Tenacious Tish, Boldly Certain.

Perfecta (6-7) paid $41.80.

Trifecta (6-7-4) paid $134.60.

5th--Trinity (E.Lundberg)11.604.603.40

R. D. Sunshine (D.Brinkley)3.002.80

Todds Spirit (J.Stokes)6.20

Off 8:41. Time 1:24.31. Firm. Also Ran--Ester Lee, Navish, Eyes the Star, Rose of Ole Pawnes, Missy N Stacy'sway, Kaylas Surprise, Newfangledluv.

Pick 3 (8-6-7) 3 correct paid $696.60.

Superfecta (7-1-5-6) paid $1,615.40.

Trifecta (7-1-5) paid $371.40.

Perfecta (7-1) paid $43.80.

6th--I. B. Quick (D.Williams)116.6078.8019.60

Latin Playboy (D.McFadden)23.6015.40

Mt. Oliver (T.Caminita)6.40

Off 9:06. Time 1:34.30. Firm. Also Ran--Mr Al T, Spinning Affair, Mr Excuse Man, King O ' the Igloo, Lock in the Money, Gentler Nites, Lovbudd's Brass.

Perfecta (2-4) paid $1,083.40.

Trifecta (2-4-6) paid $3,895.80.

7th--Court Savvy (K.Radke)9.604.804.40

Clear the Blues (L.Gonzalez)10.006.20

Chiefs Jet (J.Mendez)9.00

Off 9:30. Time 1:42.79. Fast. Scratched--Howlin Wolf. Also Ran--Prolon, Bull Creek, Andersonville, Kukulcan, Mister Continental, Aggressive Lad.

Perfecta (3-6) paid $118.40.

Trifecta (3-6-10) paid $2,347.80.

8th--Lies Be Gone (D.Brinkley)12.404.804.80

Judge Sarah (R.Allen, Jr.)3.003.00

Demona (D.Garcia)4.20

Off 9:56. Time 1:39.29. Fast. Also Ran--Bewitching Eyes, Come Fly With Me, A. J. Top, Missy Saga, Mint Swirl.

Pick 3 (2-3-2) 3 correct paid $2,396.20.

Trifecta (2-1-5) paid $267.

Perfecta (2-1) paid $33.



1st--French Tune (Pantaleano) $4.60 $2.80 $2.40

Pine Road (W Case Jr) $3.40 $2.40

Jessies Pleasure (D Mc Kirgan) $2.80

Exacta 5-8 paid $19.20.

Trifecta 5-8-6 paid $55.20.

2nd--Power Bye (Tharps) $35.20 $11.40 $7.00

Country Banker (C Wyers) $6.60 $6.00

Sterling Scooter (D Ward) $15.40

Exacta 4-3 paid $275.80.

Trifecta 4-3-7 paid $7,790.60.

Daily Double 5-4 paid $79.20.

3rd--Tucson Express (Tharps) $3.20 $2.60 $2.20

Kd's Pocket Money (D Ward) $8.00 $4.20

Gold Bandit (R Miller) $3.80

Exacta 2-3 paid $18.20.

Trifecta 2-3-4 paid $52.60.

4th--Fraser N (Pantaleano) $31.20 $9.20 $8.60

Big Hitter (R Tharps) $5.60 $5.00

I Wanna Score (D Ward) $3.80

Exacta 7-6 paid $212.60.

1st Half Tri-Super 7-6-ALL paid $176.80.

1st Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $950.04.

Superfecta 7-6-1-2 paid $12,367.60.

5th--C G Dancer (Case) $4.00 $3.00 $2.80

Firethorn Todd (D Ward) $6.60 $5.20

Bad Boy Elmo (G Waple) $4.00

Exacta 4-5 paid $25.60.

Trifecta 4-5-1 paid $107.60.

Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $118.20.

6th--I Will Come Over (Tharps) $7.20 $3.80 $3.00

Spurt of Speed (J Pantaleano) $5.60 $3.60

Home Fires Burnin (W Case Jr) $2.40

Exacta 6-2 paid $33.60.

Trifecta 6-2-1 paid $74.40.

7th--Matts Afire (W Case Jr) $4.40 $2.80 $2.20

Seymour Butts (K Cummings) $2.80 $3.00

Peppy Tucson (C Wyers) $4.40

Exacta 5-1 paid $10.40.

Trifecta 5-1-6 paid $94.20.

8th--Shut Up Bevis (W Case) $3.60 $2.80 $2.20

Big Time Kisser (J Pantaleano) $7.20 $4.20

Movn Boovn (R Miller) $4.20

Exacta 2-5 paid $37.40.

Trifecta 2-5-3 paid $322.40.

Pick Three 3 of 3 paid $51.80.



1st--Gambling Man (Petersen)4.602.602.40

Social Account (R.Colton)3.202.80

Memestemper (B.Bartram)3.80

Off 12:46. Time 1:45.12. Fast. Also Ran--Double Slew, Debbie's Coyote, Color Me Gifted, Travel Time, Alongcametheprince. Exacta (1-4) paid $14.00. Trifecta (1-4-3) paid $110.60.

2nd--It's Approved (Bartram)

Moon Ellipse (R.Simpson)8.403.60

Power Potion (T.Zamora)2.80

Off 1:13. Time 1:13.38. Fast. Scratched--What a Tease. Also Ran--Code Woo, Something Tastic, Armed Forces, Thyme, My Laura Dear. Daily Double (1-4) paid $18.00. Exacta (4-5) paid $56.20. Trifecta (4-5-1) paid $173.80.



1st--Skin Deep (Rosado)10.805.004.80

Little Game Hunter (T.Glasser)3.202.80

Withopenarms (T.Warner)4.80

Off 12:25. Time 1:25.91. Fast. Scratched--Sharpest, High Six Figures. Also Ran--Molokai Magic, Morning Love, Night Vision, Rolling Creek, Mistakates Mystery, Wicked Lea. Exacta (7-1) paid $37.60. Trifecta (7-1-8) paid $318.80.

2nd--Aliso Creek (Molina)3.202.602.10

Mugsy (M.McCormick)5.202.10

Keep Dancing (A.Prado)2.10

Off 12:52. Time 1:40.95. Fast. Scratched--Woman's World, Enfin. Also Ran--Brave Testamony, Qtpi, One of Me, Moonmour. Daily Double (7-7) paid $24.60. Exacta (7-8) paid $14.40. Trifecta (7-8-1) paid $34.80.


MONDAY -- 7 P.M.

1st--$9,800, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.

Dark Amour, wt. 115; Betterthanaverage, wt. 121; Bomber Reunion, wt. 115; Limited Speed, wt. 115; Roberto's Viz, wt. 121; Betterdo'er, wt. 115; Saumee Secret, wt. 121; Close to Mommy, wt. 109; Blushing Dane, wt. 110; Our Proud Emblem, wt. 105. Scratched--Spragger.

2nd--$10,200, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.

Cool Tech, wt. 115; Cameron's Frolic, wt. 115; Topsy Robsy, wt. 115; Glitter Cut, wt. 115; Mr Fuddy Duddy, wt. 115; Dakota Danzig, wt. 115; Moonsight, wt. 115; Don't Be Mean, wt. 115; Camikaze Cookie, wt. 115; Proper Beau, wt. 115. Scratched--Major Finance.

3rd--$10,800, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 70yd.

Alaskan Glory, wt. 115; Crookstown, wt. 115; One for Chelsea, wt. 115; Temerity Plus, wt. 115; Emerald Orphan, wt. 115; Premier Amour, wt. 115; Won a Flyin, wt. 115; Buck'n Bambi, wt. 115.

4th--$19,700, mdn spl wt, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.

R. M. Victoria, wt. 121; Devious Love, wt. 115; Run Like Momma, wt. 110; Our Gal Friday, wt. 115; Jarequi, wt. 121; Sustained Success, wt. 121; Lost Pini, wt. 115; Sheza Crystal, wt. 121; Black Creek Girl, wt. 121; Bubbly Brat, wt. 115. Scratched--Marilyn Merlot.

5th--$11,700, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 7f.

Windy Treat, wt. 110; Here Come's Clark, wt. 115; Playful Andy, wt. 118; Boonescanrun, wt. 115; Gallahad, wt. 115; Friar Tuck, wt. 115; Jay Hawk, wt. 115; Color Me Groovy, wt. 115; Nicole's Luck, wt. 121; Made the Grade, wt. 115. Scratched--Five Star Caliber.

6th--$10,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 7 1/2f.

Miss Bucknard, wt. 121; Singing Vixen, wt. 116; Stop Seven, wt. 121; Jipi Japa, wt. 121; Captain's Mink, wt. 121; Wishweedwin, wt. 121; Patriotic Junction, wt. 121; Forty Nine Scents, wt. 121; Whose Line, wt. 121; Cowlicks Galore, wt. 121. Scratched--Run Ellen Run.

7th--$18,700, cl $15,000-$13,000, 3YO up, 1mi.

Tasman Glacier, wt. 118; Mighty Wind, wt. 117; No Fly Zone, wt. 108; Match Point, wt. 115; Storm Power, wt. 111; No Lies, wt. 113; Bea's Reality, wt. 115; First Time Skier, wt. 106; Tricky Time, wt. 114; Knightsbridge, wt. 115. Scratched--Treko.

8th--$23,900, cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.

Miss Marquetry, wt. 118; Invoice, wt. 115; Sourdough, wt. 113; Senorita Diablo, wt. 118; You Can Too, wt. 115; No Junk, wt. 115; Great Reality, wt. 115; Bow Bow, wt. 115.

9th--$10,700, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.

Noeraforme, wt. 115; Breezing Bandit, wt. 118; Copelan's Ice, wt. 115; Russian Emperor, wt. 118; Fief, wt. 115; Lost It, wt. 118; Academician, wt. 115; Matts Marq, wt. 121; Jester's Joker, wt. 115; Wyland, wt. 118. Scratched--Packerbacker.


MONDAY -- 12:55 P.M.

1st--$8,500, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5f.

Keelyn, wt. 111; Carrie Conquer, wt. 119; Emily Rose, wt. 116; Oh My Ghazi, wt. 114; Salt Cellar, wt. 116; Gildy My Love, wt. 111; Destiny's Code, wt. 114.

2nd--$7,000, mdn cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5f.

North Harbor, wt. 117; Windy Slew, wt. 117; Giana's Storm, wt. 117; Splash Em' Dan, wt. 117; Temperamental, wt. 117; Humble Fast, wt. 117; Roman Prancer, wt. 117; Miracle of Power, wt. 117; At Dawn's Light, wt. 117; Melona S, wt. 117; New York Girl, wt. 117.

3rd--$7,800, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.

Square Dancer, wt. 116; Ever Won, wt. 111; Salt N Water, wt. 116; Turk's Sparkler, wt. 119; Rich Mystic, wt. 111; Platinum Halo, wt. 116; Indian Mound, wt. 116.

4th--$11,000, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, 6f.

'R Testadura, wt. 116; Alymill, wt. 116; Houston Texas, wt. 116; Bucks Big Gray, wt. 116; Mister Mud, wt. 116; Clanton's Dancer, wt. 116; Mount Defiance, wt. 116; Jakes Fire, wt. 116.

5th--$12,500, mdn spl wt, 3YO up, 6f.

D. J. Show Boat, wt. 122; Eagle Nation, wt. 122; Matlock Rose, wt. 117; Lucky Pogo, wt. 122; Railed, wt. 117; Now Navajo, wt. 122; Perr Sabin, wt. 117; Red Miah, wt. 117; Senor Zippy, wt. 122; Heroic Henry, wt. 117; O K Ocala, wt. 117; Chief Problem, wt. 117. Scratched--Hurricane Earl.

6th--$12,500, mdn spl wt, 2YO F, 5 1/2f.

Kate's Law, wt. 118; Beau's Regal Gal, wt. 118; Apple Butter Annie, wt. 118; Dinkers Cheqmate, wt. 118; a-Eyes the Duchess, wt. 118; Bates Choice, wt. 118; a-Eye Wont Back Down, wt. 118. a-Coupled.

7th--$9,500, st alc, 3YO up, 6f.

Rubiano's Crown, wt. 114; Seattle South, wt. 119; Buffalode, wt. 116; Honest Lee, wt. 116; Rajab's Ace, wt. 116; Five Under, wt. 116; Kelly's Prince, wt. 116.

8th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.

Royal Son, wt. 116; Olympic Bid, wt. 116; Mister Mighty Mac, wt. 116; Chalk Bluff, wt. 116; Expensive Partner, wt. 116; Firstandlast Rose, wt. 116; Avenging Hill, wt. 116; Foreign Press, wt. 116; Determined to Zoom, wt. 116; Bardif, wt. 111; Native Meridian, wt. 119; Get Gone Rabbit, wt. 116.

9th--$7,000, mdn cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.

Munch Time, wt. 117; Texas Millennium, wt. 122; Five Kid Meadow, wt. 117; Jewel in the Hills, wt. 117; Sunshine Lassie, wt. 117; Perceptivesymphony, wt. 112; Heresurchancefanci, wt. 122; Pink Formal, wt. 117.


MONDAY -- 7 P.M.

1st -- PACE, 4000CL NW1, 1,800, 1 MI

Budmight, J Pantaleano; Scootin Duke, W Case Jr; Hip Hop Hudson, D Binskin; Lauren T Dot Com, C Wyers; No Tee, J Green; Pockethe Dough, M Gillenwater; Lucy I'm Home, D Mc Kirgan; Ice Master, B Miller; Cc Kariroll, T Jones; Stack, S Schillaci.

2nd -- TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Major Disturbance, K Dicks; Rose Run Basher, J Joyner; Almahurst Ace, B Sturgeon; Morecambe Miss, S Cox; Porky Pig, W Case Jr; Follow My Crown, J Conger; Rinestoneringnbell, B Miller; Cinder N Spice, C Wyers; Not Over Yet, D Talcott.

3rd -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Barefoot George, J Green; Kinda Ideal, J Fout; Cam's Ace, C Smith Jr; Swamp Donkey, S Schillaci; Turner, B Miller; Pc Powered, D Mc Kirgan; Ohio Connection, W Case Jr; Kopiki, C Wyers; Under The Wire, D Hawk.

4th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 1,600, 1 MI

Raque Concert, W Case Jr; Excel, D Ward; Seamerg, J Fout; Slam The Door, B Sturgeon; Ridgewood Drive, R Still; D Milan Flash, D Hawk; Launching Pad, J Pantaleano; Sunset Sip, B Miller; Kentucky Rae, R Tharps.

5th -- TROT, GC 2YR F, 20,200, 1 MI

Winning Kathy, Tba; Electric Pine, J Fout; American Valentine, D Miller; Chip's Lady, F Omara; Yankee Starling, D Binskin; Mighty Mitilda, K Sugg; Princess Peri, J Pantaleano.

6th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

The Swagger King, T Jones; Happy Listening, D Hawk; Hawaiian Prez, R Still; Armbro Sweepstake, S Schillaci; Revenge Time, W Case Jr; Tucson Fun Time, C Wyers; Can't Scoot By Me, T Smith; Caribu, B Miller; Smoky Rain, J Pantaleano.

7th -- PACE, 2YR F STK, 33,500, 1 MI

Nerissa Hanover, S Schillaci; Blushable, B Zendt; Sand Sweetness, D Miller; Lotto Kicker, R Tharps; Loco Lover, B Brown; Smacker Lips, B Miller; Sand Your Highness, D Hawk; Felicity, W Case Jr; Pacific Sassy, J Fout.

8th -- PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI

Wannabebroadwaycam, R Tharps; Sand My Panache, C Smith Jr; Nobleland Tom, B Sturgeon; Indian Trick, R Stahl; J C's Majesty, J Pantaleano; Sand Bunny, T Loy; Just Listen, D Hawk; Rembrandt Rich, B Miller; Wheel To Win, T Bye.

9th -- TROT, GC 2YR F, 20,200, 1 MI

American Belle K, Tba; Ladybird Photo, B Zendt; To B Mz America, C Beaver; Cartier Hall, B Miller; Celebrity Quita, W Case Jr; No Complications, W Case Jr; Sierramerica, D Binskin.

10th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Magical Marceau, B Miller; Hi Big Guy, J Pantaleano; Handsome Hudson, R Tharps; Tidal Surge, R Stahl; True Blue, D Ward; Sharp Attack, D Ross; Kb's Skippy, W Case Jr; Big Boy Cam, C Wyers; Chris Crombie, T Smith.

11th -- PACE, 6000CL, 3,600, 1 MI

Camfleet, D Hawk; Smooth Scooter, B Sturgeon; N The Other, B Miller; Gramrun Flyer, T Smith; Colbys Future, J Pantaleano; Hold This, R Still; Once Apan A Time, W Case Jr; Rosco P Coaltrain, S Schillaci.

12th -- TROT, OPN HC, 8,000, 1 MI

Mrs Jane, B Miller; Trentwood, D Hawk; Dangle, W Case Jr; Dr Bower, D Reynolds; Berlin Flyer, J Conger; Ultimate Message, J Pantaleano.

13th -- PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI

Majestic Arrow, W Case Jr; Aristophanes, B Miller; Hogue's Happy Buck, T Loy; Waltz's Pride, B Sturgeon; Wil-Lars Jet Speed, D Palmer; Ervin, D Ward; Slaughter Beach, J Pantaleano; Torrential, K Kash; Shining Cam, R Tharps; Tsm Lady Dianne, C Wyers.

14th -- PACE, 4000CL, 2,400, 1 MI

Santas Listening, R Tharps; Matanza, J Pantaleano; Sita Cam, T Jones; James Thorpe, S Schillaci; Frisky Lobell, D Ward; Bruceontheloose, W Case Jr; Spring Notice, D Hawk; Preston's Pal, M Nappi; Ryanson, B Miller.


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