Marriage licenses
Edward C. Taylor, 37, of 435 Scott St., Warren, and Krista L. Davis, 30, of same.
Chad E. Ank, 29, of 5498 state Route 305, Southington, and Andrea K. Blake, 27, of same.
Eric E. Taylor, 23, of 1429 Marlane Drive, Girard, and Sarah E. Smith, 6975 Sharon Steward Road, Hubbard.
James H. Miller, 66, of 1589 Burnett St., Mineral Ridge, and Mary M. Hake, 58, of same.
Benjamin J. Williams, 39, of 2640 Highland Ave., Warren, and Martha S. Smerdell, 41, of same.
Eric S. Beadling, 31, of 1185 McMyler Road, Warren, and Shirley A. Kresen, 44, of same.
Brian E. Cox, 24, of 46070 Warwock Drive, Lexington Park, Md., and Angela M. Gregory, 24, of same.
Lonnie D. Watson, 43, of 1022 Euclid Place, Warren, and Kathy F. Watson, 43, of same.
Joshua M. Smith, 20, of 6406 Kinsman Knickerson Road, Kinsman, and Audrey M. Hite, 19, of same.
Frank G. DelGarbino, 32, of 2500 Tod Ave. N.W., Warren, and Bethany A. Everett, 29, of 367 Buena Vista Road, Vienna.
James P. Atkinson, 37, of 1934 Robbins Ave., Niles, and Ann M. Frascarelli, 28, of same.
Anthony P. Alcantar, 27, of 323 E. Prospect, Girard, and Jessica A. Colarik, 21, of 1137 state Route 534 S.W., Newton Falls.
Matthew M. Molnar, 39, of 2439 Wood Lenhart, Leavittsburg, and Shelly L. Cramer, 37, of same.
Albert J. Furbee, 33, of 3508 Lafayette N.E., Warren, and Christine A. Reed, 28, of same.
Thomas E. Blair, 37, of 54152 Ash Road, Osceola, Ind., and Dawn A. Clune, 42, of same.
Benny G. May, 51, of 138 Belmont Ave., Warren, and Lisa Perkins, 35, of 145 Lincoln Park Drive, Youngstown.
Robert C. Morris, 34, of 4840 Lakeview Road, West Farmington, and Tracie L. Mocella, 31, of same.
Richard J. Noble, 37, of 603 N. Cedar St., Niles, and Monica L. Norris, 41, of same.
Brian E. Edward, 27, of 605 Trumbull Ave., Girard, and Elayna J. Sears, 20, of same.
James J. Beatty, 25, of 13 Kings Drive S.W., Warren, and Shaylyn M. Cutlip, 25, of same.
Frederick A. Arceneaux Jr., 30, of 7236 Windsor Lakes Place, Indianapolis, Ind., and Amy L. Washington, 29, of same.
James F. Carr III, 32, of 2234 Weir Road N.E., Warren, and Lelia H. Maras, 25, of same.
Kenneth. Suich, 37, of 973 McDonald Ave., McDonald, and Becky D. Papa, 33, of same.
Michael A. White, 31, of 8161 Addison Road, Masury, and Surasvadee Poltor, 35, of same.
Kenneth G. Young, 32, of 410 Nichols St., Newton Falls, and Tania L. Beaulieu, 25, of 714 Newton Drive, Newton Falls.
Alan D. Greathouse, 19, of 220 Neil St., Niles, and Sherri L. Rodriguez, 20, of 5098 Webb Road, Austintown.
Kevin C. Riggleman II, 21, of 2983 Northview Blvd., Youngstown, and Cari A. Ludwick, 27, of same.
Travis R. Newell, 24, of 5237 Kuszmaul Ave., Warren, and Heather R. Lucas, 23, of same.
Jason R. Jugenheimer, 26, of 374 Parish Ave., Hubbard, and Toby M. Rosenblum, 24, of same.
Jeffrey S. Swick, 27, of 2172 High St. N.W., Warren, and Michelle L. Alexander, 24, of same.
James R. Callahan, 30, of 3129 Foster Drive N.E., Warren, and Karen E. Lyda, 30, of same.
John L. Torreance, 51, of 5981 Beachsmith Road, Kinsman, and Eva M. Torreance, 47, of same.
Darrell L. Lakey, 42, of 1849 Kinsman Road N.E., Warren, and Barbara L. Travis, 33, of same.
Dissolutions filed
Kathy L. Flemming and William R. Flemming.
Charles L. Jewell and Michelle L. Jewell.
Kimberly Smith and Steven R. Smith.
Scott J. Baker and Brandy M. Baker.
Christine N. Tenney and Thomas M. Tenney.
Richard D. Miller and Mary Ann Miller.
Daniel Miller and Kathleen Miller.
Alexander O. Brewer and Jessica J. Brewer.
Diana Davila and Vincent Davila Sr.
Kay F. Ross and Larry D. Ross.
Divorces filed
Ellsworth C. Fielder vs. Margaret H. Fielder.
Michael S. Smith vs. Angie Smith.
Winter L. Caparanis vs. James H. Caparanis.
Gilbert A. Vigil vs. Nancy Vigil.
Andrea McCrystal vs. James R. McCrystal.
Richard Fryer vs. Cynthia Fryer.
Timothy J. Kirin vs. Nancy Naylor Kirin.
Tammy L. Stull vs. Mark A. Stull.
Cases dismissed
Traci Y. Duncan vs. Ronald D. Duncan.
Delores M. Arnold vs. Randall W. Arnold.
Jennifer L. Dale vs. Shane B. Dale.
Monica McDonald vs. Tyrone McDonald.
Dissolutions granted
Lisa A. Tuebner and James E. Tuebner, wife restores to name of Lisa Hurning.
Terry J. Roupe and Cheri A. Roupe, wife restores to name of Cheri A. Pitts.
Diana L. Brooks and Robert A. Brooks Jr.
David L. Chiarella and Lisa C. Chiarella.
Jamie B. Morgan and Daniel B. Morgan, wife restores to name of Jamie B. Bowers.
Deborah Armstrong and Kenneth L. Armstrong.
Linda M. Astolfi and David V. Astolfi.
Casey Bartholomew and Kimberly Bartholomew.
Michelle Brandes and Kenan C. Brandes.
Nelson D. Shaner and Rebecca J. Shaner.
Bruce W. Mattozzi and Kathleen M. Mattozzi.
Linda A. Jones and Ian D. Jones.
Brenda L. Kriston and Patrick P. Kriston, wife restores to name of Brenda Plummer.
Yvonne S. Terela and Michael E. Terela, wife restores to name of Yvonne S. Yugovich.
Renee R. Mangiarelli and Francesco R. Mangiarelli, wife restores to name of Renee Renshaw.
Divorces granted
Alicia M. Campbell vs. Patrick J. Campbell, divorce to plaintiff.
Floyd E. Overly vs. Nancy K. Overly, divorce to plaintiff.
William Barr vs. Cynthia Barr, divorce to both.
Jonathan Cook vs. Lori A. Cook, divorce to both.
Tracy Cihan vs. Troy Cihan, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Tracy Gardner.
Diana L. Wichert vs. Larry R. Wichert, divorce to plaintiff.
Bonnie vs. Brian L. Bachman, divorce to plaintiff.
Divorces asked
William Kornbau, 3982 Conkle Road, Salem vs. Sheron Kornbau, same.Chris Stevens, 3561 Lower Elkton Road, Leetonia vs. Frances Stevens, 837 Cunningham Road, Salem.
Kyle Utt, 13590 Bethesda Road, Hanoverton, vs. Ida Utt, 16625 McSwiggen Road, Salineville.
Dissolutions asked
David Morgan, 1031 Ambrose Ave., East Liverpool and Peggy Morgan, 360 N. Shady Lane, East Liverpool.

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