Rubble tests show no signs of hazards

STRUTHERS -- City officials said results from analysis on rubble behind the Spring Street Apartments found no immediate health hazards.
Technicians from EMSL Analytical Inc. in Boardman found traces of asbestos in floor tile and roofing material contained in debris from a garage and an apartment that were condemned and torn down last year. Tests, however, showed the materials contained only 5 percent asbestos, and could be dumped in a general landfill.
Mayor Dan Mamula said work crews should begin removing rubble next week for precautionary reasons. Clean-up costs were estimated at about $4,000, which Mamula said will be charged to building owner Kim Stocker.
Neighbors have complained to city officials about the complex's condition. Stocker has been cited and pleaded innocent to debris, building and occupancy violations. Her trial is set for 10:45 a.m. July 23 in Struthers Municipal Court.

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