Marriage licenses
David A. Felder, 32, of 2646 Curtis, Youngstown, and Trina L. Woodberry, 28, of 2040 Felicia Ave., Youngstown.
Eric R. Gardenhire, 39, of Austintown, and Celina A. Tilton, 30, of same.Jack A. Martz Jr., 29, of 40 Buena Vista Drive, Boardman, and Tracy L. Tracy L. Silvestri, 27, of 7815 Huntington Circle, Boardman.
Kevin M. Ludwig, 22, of 17872 E. 4th St., Beloit, and Kelly M. Felger, 21, of same.
John E. McMillen Jr., 30, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Tricia L. Bucknot, 26, of same.
Jerome P. Bourne, 45, of 34 Sycamore, Youngstown, and Taunya L. Scott, 38, of same.
Domestic relations
Denise J. Paolone vs. Domenic J. Paolone Jr., civil protection order dismissed.
Rasheid O. Brown vs. Leera P. Hays, dismissed.
Marie Jones vs. Stewart A. Jones, dismissed.
Sonia D. Mitchell vs. Reggie J. Wallace, dismissed.
Robert Crane vs. Mary E. Crane, dismissed.
Carrie A. Rogers vs. Carlton L. Baker, dismissed.
Annette C. Shaffer vs. April K. Middlebrook, dismissed.
Lisa Keriazis Hajaj vs. Johnie Lee Bonley, dismissed.
Esther Sisson vs. Paul M. Sisson, dismissed.
Rose M. Freeman vs. Bert E. Pritchard, dismissed.
Susanne M. Jones vs. John P. Jones Sr., dismissed.
Victoria Williams vs. Linda F. Ward, dismissed.
Belinda McCullum vs. Emmett P. Maxwell, dismissed.
Larry A. Brown vs. Betty L. Myers, dismissed.
Carol A. Mulligan vs. Charles T. Mulligan Jr., dismissed.
Lori Bell vs. Robert J. Bell Jr., dismissed.
Robert Bell vs. Lori Bell, dismissed.
Cheryl Guthrie vs. Joseph Guthrie, dismissed.
Gayle L. Jones vs. Jessie L. Mahone Jr., dismissed.
Sherri A. Lucci vs. Arthur C. Lucci Jr., dismissed.
Randall G. Henderson vs. Alan L. Henderson, dismissed.
Troy L. Jackson vs. Kelly Anderson, dismissed.
Renee M. Bufford vs. Andre A. Ward, dismissed.
Sheila L. Danko vs. Michael T. Danko, dismissed.
Christine M. Killa vs. Daniel W. Killa, dismissed.
Sherry Clingerman vs. Thomas Clingerman, dismissed.
Desiree D. Custer vs. Paul L. Bell, dismissed.
Lashonda T. Barnes vs. Datie L. Wallace, dismissed.
Candace Schiavi vs. Henry Schiavi, dismiss civil protection order.
Diane L. Sebena vs. Steven J. Sebena, dismiss civil protection order.
Sherri Carder vs. Dane L. Carder, dismiss civil protection order.
Adrena N. Day vs. Leartis C. Day, dismiss civil protection order.
Roy D. Phifer Jr. vs. Lashawnda Perry, dismissed.
Kelly M. Easterbrook vs. Raymond E. Easterbrook, dismissed.
Traci Connelly vs. Harold Douglas, dismissed.
Irene Williamson vs. Terrance V. Rudolph, dismissed.
Jeffrey C. Nelson vs. Angela Rolette, dismissed.
Kim M. Gulu vs. Scott A. Martin et al, dismissed. Christine M. Killa vs. Daniel W. Killa, dismissed.
Stephanie D. Hopkins vs. Benjamin A. Donlow, dismissed.
Randi E. Russell vs. Antwon M. Thompkins, dismissed.
Miriam Webb vs. Timothy Webb, dismissed.
Tami R. Seawood vs. Antoine M. Seawood, dismiss civil protection order.
Angel Howard vs. Christopher J. Howard, dismissed.
Monica Houser vs. Edward F. Sekula, dismissed.
Melvin E. Young vs. Samarra Herns, dismissed.
Tangela M. Mitchell vs. Lawrence N. Culver, dismissed.
Myesha M. Brogdon vs. Michael Jeffers, dismissed.
Lynda A. Zembower vs. Andrew T. Zembower, divorce to plaintiff.
Paulette M. McMahon vs. Thomas P. McMahon, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Kovacs.
Virginia Castro vs. Hector Castro, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Ortiz.
Robert M. Speakman vs. Becky L. Speakman, divorce to both.
Svetlana A. Mumford vs. Charles H. Mumford, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kostenko.
Gregory W. Sherlock vs. Vicki L. Sherlock, divorce to both.
Monique D. Tutt vs. Wicki William Tutt Jr., divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Douglas.
Tracee U. Banks vs. Gerald K. Banks Jr., divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Hewlett.
Robert H. Diomkowski vs. Tamara J. Domkowski, dissolution granted.
Marie T. Latone vs. Ronald Latone, dismissed.
Jody Ann Frasco vs. James A. Frasco, divorce to both; wife restores name to Scarfone.
Charles Ross vs. Sandra Ross, legal separation to both.
Tammy Claypoole vs. Darrell Claypoole, dissolution granted.
Loretta Soroka vs. John Soroka, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Quinn.
Barbara A. McCalpin vs. Eugene McCalpin, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Nagy.
Richard W. Ranshaw Jr. vs. Cheryl A. Ranshaw, dissolution granted.
Tammy Drohn vs. McCloud Drohn, divorce to plaintiff.
Shawn M. Davis vs. Kelly L. Davis, dismissed.
Terri L. Slagle vs. Richard Slagle, divorce to plaintiff.
Dawn Barbone vs. Ronald M. Barbone, divorce to plaintiff.
Jean Maldonado vs. Ronnie Maldonado, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Cera.
Susan A. Perry vs. Anthony S. Perry, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Wash.
Lee E. Robinson vs. Leonetta Robinson, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Pritchard.
Anna Samonas vs. Steve Samonas, divorce to both.
James J. Carney vs. Kimberly A. Carney, dissolution granted.
Frances M. Brincko vs. Ronald P. Brincko, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Horvath.
Marie Fawcett vs. Montgomery Fawcett et al, dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Robert L. Cavalier: estate to wife, Rita; with specific bequests.
Will of Estelle M. Sterling: estate to son, Roger P.
Will of Milton E. Houk: estate to children, Sally A. Kumik and Philip L. Houk.
Will of Clothilda M. Horvath: estate to husband, Joseph L.; with specific bequests.
Will of William J. DeLost: estate to wife, Lucille R.
Real estate transfers
Norm Oles et al to William M. Kish, Campbell, $3,000.
John Stacey et al to John Slaina et al, Canfield City, $115,000.
Marjorie R. Chill to Patricia Jordon, Columbiana, $83,000.
John L. Doss et al to Yolanda M. Crenshaw et al, Youngstown, $5,000.
James Moody et al to Steven Dampman et al, Milton Twp., $64,000.
Lester C. Harmon trustee to Richard Varley et al, Canfield City, $154,000.
Chrysantheum T. Hasapes to Geraldine A. Marion, Campbell, $15,000.
James G. Hutz to Joseph Delsignore et al, Youngstown, $75,000.
Jean M. Loweyaka et al to Kathleen H. Palmer, Boardman Twp., $120,000.
Edward Keasey et al to Terrance S. Rapp et al, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
Michael D. Ramun et al to Patricia W. Marino, Poland Twp., $130,000.
Daniel Tokich to Barry Shaffer, Youngstown, $5,000.
Brett Pomeroy to Warriors Inc., Youngstown, $85,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Homer M. Jr. and Katherine E. Gifford, 4890 Westchester Drive, No. 3, Youngstown; he: retired; she: none: liabilities, $42,147; assets, $26,095.
Daisy Ann Williamson, 2875 Van-Wye St. S.E., Warren; retired; liabilities, $45,833; assets, $38,173.
Carol W. Taylor, 456 E. Montrose St., Youngstown; production secretary, Quality Seating Co.; liabilities, $31,971; assets, $2,262.
Barbara A. Svesko, 2446 Wilcox St., Youngstown; dishwasher, C. & amp; S. Restaurant Group Inc., liabilities, $16,259; assets, $537.
Patricia A. Holodnak, 53 Oakwood Drive, Beloit; none shown; liabilities, $90,954; assets, $33,380.
Arthur Jr. and Kathy Baldwin, 1311 Bennington Ave., Youngstown; he: production worker, Delphi Packard Electric; she: home health aide, Sunrise Home Health Care; liabilities, $35,321; assets, $16,380.
Russell A. Jennings, 2421 Ohio Ave., Youngstown; factory worker, Delphi Packard Electric; liabilities, $44,316; assets, $1,384.
Patricia Forest, 142 W. Earle Ave., Youngstown; installer-repair technician, Time Warner; liabilities, $30,761; assets, $6,838.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Canfield J. Mullins, 3503 Orchard Hill, Canfield; assembler, GM Corp.; liabilities, $118,098; assets, $93,480.
Stephen M. and Kimberly M. Brekoski, 3475 Breeze Knoll Drive, Youngstown; he: truck driver, Consolidated Freightways; she: clerk, Tropical Breeze Tanning; liabilities, $203,520; assets, $181,325.

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