Marriage licenses
Christopher A. Deuley, 20, 1739 Parkman Road, Warren, and Brooke E. Peluso, 23, of same.
Glenn R. Eicher, 71, of 4237 Pendleton Road, Leavittsburg, and Barbara DeBeaulieu, 62, of same.
Kirk T. Esmond, 24, of 4714 Hidden Forest Drive, Mukiltea, Wash., and Amanda L. Saviers, 22, of 425 Nebraska Ave., McDonald.
Rodney W. Ellis, 28, of 236 W. Federal St., Niles, and Jacqueline Sallaz, 33, of same.
James L. Huggins, 30, of 4212 Masters Road, Leavittsburg, and Susan K. Wilson, 38, of same.
Raymond J. Tackett, 23, of 4 Blossom Lane S. W., Warren, and Stacie L. Basso, 20, of same.
Michael R. Mogor, 28, of 21 Tenth St., Niles, and Maia H. Schragal, 25, of same.
Michael J. Strah, 33, of 2868 Main St., Niles, and Patricia Duley, 30, of same.
Richard L. Jones Jr., 46, of 625 Bristol-Champion Townline Road, Bristolville, and Tina L. Gulliford, 42, of same.
James H. Alexander, 56, of 225 Gardner St., Hubbard, and Jeanne M. Montgomery, 37, of same.
Joseph M. Surak Jr., 51, of 1279 Will-O-Wood Drive, Hubbard, and Sharon A. Huber, 50, of same.
Todd A. Harper, 26, of 49 First St., Hubbard, and Jennifer J. Doughton, 23, of same.
Robert A. Petrus, 24, of 1017 Bel Air Court, Niles, and Carrie I. Reger, 21, of same.
Jon A. Moore, 29, of 2720 Orchard Ave. S. E., Warren, and Danette L. Nickels, 22, of same.
Michael E. Diamond, 38, of 11 Circle St., Niles, and Rose A. Loza, 41, of same.
Angelo N. Angiolieri, 53, of 112 Coverdale Road, Butler, Pa., and Susan L. Matola, 47, of 1065 Patricia Drive, Girard.
Wallace E. Harper, 26, of 116 Ada Ave., Girard, and Kathryn A. Hassler, 24, of 3017 Frederick Drive, Youngstown.
James C. Grubb, 23, of 1116 Lovers Lane, Warren, and Melissa M. Honabach, 20, of same.
Charles E. Griffin Jr., 34, of 8423 Brigden Road, N. Bloomfield, and Carmen C. Wiggins, 37, of same.
Gregory E. Davis, 20, of 1401 Lovers Lane, Warren, and Brandi L. Moore, 19, of same.
Neal J. Kortes, 49, of 446 E. Kline St., Girard, and Paula E. Salcedo, 47, of same.
Levi E. Wengerd, 20, of 17064 Kinsman Road, Middlefield, and Martha K. Miller, 20, of 4073 Donely Road, Middlefield.
Daniel P. Layou, 23, of 2915 Aftonshire Way, Austin, Texas, and Karen M. Bezusko, 24, of same.
Jerry K. Beighley, 49, of 5680 Shanks Phalanx Road, Newton Falls, and Gayle L. Weikel, 48, of 626 Central Parkway S. E., Warren.
Lester R. Bowen, 60, of 1780 Hewitt-Gifford Road, Warren, and Mary M. Bowen, 64, of same.
Joshua D. Raines, 19, of 3175 Aris Drive N. W., Warren, and Melanie R. Brigham, 20, of 5775 Burnett Road, Leavittsburg.
William M. Jerina, 42, of 5191 Bachert Road, Leavittsburg, and Sherry J. Hall, 37, of 329 Gilmer Road, Leavittsburg.
Michael P. Simmons, 20, of 158 Parkman Road, Leavittsburg, and Luetta M. Williams, 23, of same.
Chris Corbett, 24, of 1188 Townsend Ave., Youngstown, and Elizabeth Elbel, 25, of same.
Divorces filed
Linda C. Serroka vs. Kenneth S. Serroka.
Bridget Brenkert vs. Thomas M. Brenkert.
Claudeen Chapman vs. Willie D. Chapman.
David Hurd vs. Michelle Hurd.
Janet J. Schlacht vs. John F. Schlacht.
Altaf Hussain vs. Khalida Hussain.
Danielle Scarnati vs. Jeffrey D. Scanati.
Crystal McFarland vs. Guy B. McFarland.
Jamie L. Smith vs. Mark A. Wolf.
Sally L. Mazzocco vs. Michael A. Mazzocco.
Bonnie Sue Artman vs. Davin Artman.
Frank E. Province vs. Susan L. Province.
Timothy O. Nichols vs. Mittle R. Nichols.
Dissolutions filed
Donna Pinkerton and William B. Pinkerton.
Tara J. Kolovich and Michael J. Kolovich.
Steven R. Haynie and Bradi A. Haynie.
Carl Picconatto and Heidi Picconatto.
Teresa D. Kidwell and Mark D. Kidwell Sr.
Claude Monday Sr. and Cynthia A. Monday.
Ronald Hacker and Robyn E. Hacker.
Lyn L. Cascone and Carl J. Cascone.
James Dripps and Mary Ann Dripps.
Kimberly Crowl and Eric A. Crowl.
Lori Ann Culver and Lonnie L. Culver.
Domestic Violence/Civil Protection Orders filed
Peggy E. Poehler vs. William H. Poehler.
Margaret L. Creatore vs. Michael J. Creatore.
Vicki Mansfield vs. Kenneth P. Mansfield.
Katherine E. Gore vs. Arthur W. Gore.
Deborah Clark vs. Tabitha Demattia.
Tammy Hunt vs. James Hunt.
Cecelia Ann Matlock vs. William D. Matlock.
Cases Dismissed
Cheryl L. Decavitch vs. David J. Decavitch.
Faye Werschey vs. Carl Werschey.
Fern M. Taylor vs. H. Ray Taylor.
Dawn R. Murphy vs. Sean M. Murphy.
Daisy Manson vs. James Thomas Jr.
Dissolutions granted
Jim H. Lyons and Christy C. Lyons; wife restores name to Walker.
Joseph E. Kristoff and Brenda J. Kristoff.
Alvin D. Smith and Jean H. Smith.
Ronald S. Merolillo and Carrie S. Merolillo; wife restores name to Kalbes.
John D. Deiley Sr. and Dreama K. Deiley.
Dewey Moats and Diane Moats.
Jennifer Wellhoffer and Aaron D. Wellhoffer, wife restores name to Shilling.
Michael E. Harraman and Christine D. Harraman; wife restores name to Prater.
Anna Marie Ford and Jason C. Ford, wife restores name to Pincda.
Steven B. Haefke and Deneen L. Haefke.
Fred J. Bloom III and Kristina R. Bloom.
Divorces granted
Donald R. Crank vs. Carol S. Crank, to both.
April Kennedy vs. Robert Dennis Jr., judgment to plaintiff.
Mark Wagner vs. Deborah Wagner, judgment for plaintiff.
Vicki McIntyre vs. Jack E. McIntyre, judgment for plaintiff.
Robin E. Long vs. Gary W. Long, judgment for plaintiff.
Caryn Austin vs. William L. Austin Sr., granted to both.
Larry A. Wolfe vs. Megan E. Wolfe, judgment for plaintiff.
Laura J. Cook vs. Derek J. Cook, judgment for both.
Kathy L. Swift vs. Waymon Swift, judgment for plaintiff.
Terry L. Vastag vs. John G. Vastag, judgment for plaintiff.
New complaints
IMC Mortgage Co. vs. Carmon S. Bowman, foreclosure.
Deanna K. Anderson vs. T. W. Soboslay M.D., professional tort.
Atlantic Mortgage vs. Peter Sfikas, foreclosure.
Melanie Gifford vs. Hillside Rehabilitation, other torts.
First Alliance Bank vs. Adrian Beach et al, foreclosure.
Peter Carpec Sr. vs Kirila Contractors Inc. et al, other civil.
Sheldon Beaver vs. Denman Tire Corp., workers' compensation.
Rita O'Brien vs. Bob Evans Farms Inc. other civil.
Kevin M. Smith vs. Steve J. Serbati, other torts.
First Place Bank vs. Joel D. Steider, foreclosure.
Nicole Hughes et al vs. Mary Margaret Dagen, other torts.
UCFC Loan Trust vs. Kenneth M. Robbins, foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Susan Fink, foreclosure.
Farmers National Bank vs. Francis Oller, other civil.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Thomas A. Sayers, foreclosure.
Warren Meardith III vs. Howard L. Pelton Jr., other civil.
Westfield Ins. Co. vs. Lisa E. Ellis, other civil.
Farm Credit Services vs. Anthony Santone, other civil.
Tom Davis vs. ATD Corp., workers' compensation.
Frank Renders vs. City of Warren et al, workers' compensation.
Norma Terbovich vs. Delphi Packard Electric, workers' compensation.
Eleanor Russell vs. Precha Wongtrakool M.D., professional tort.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Nicholas E. Terbovich, foreclosure.
Mary Louis Jarrett vs. Delphi Packard Electric, workers' compensation.
Carole J. Engstrom vs. Star Transport Inc., other torts.
State of Ohio vs. Toia Barrow, other civil.
Andrew Bellay vs. Delphi Packard Electric, other civil.
Stephen Gasior vs. WCI Steel Inc., other torts.
Federal National Mtg. Assn. vs. Terry L. Rush et al, foreclosure.
Raymond Coy vs. Ravenna Savings Bank, other civil.
Christ Mikelakis vs. Lake Erie Mobile, other civil.
Erie Ins. Group vs. Valerie M. Zoky, other torts.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Charles D. Brock, foreclosure.
Farmers National Bank vs. Manor House Furniture Inc., other civil.
GMAC Mortgage Corporate vs. John D. Philpot, foreclosure.
Carmella Cesta vs. Mark Jacobson, cognovit.
Carmella Cesta vs. Ricardo J. Pompeii, cognovit.
Docket entries
John Young vs. Liberty Homes Inc., settled and dismissed.
Alan Koren vs. Seminole Intermodal, settled and dismissed.
All American Ins. Co. vs. Robert Hites et al, judgment for plaintiff.
John Knez vs. Metalcrafts Inc., settled and dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. David Sweitzer, confirmation of sale.
Bank of New York vs. Betty P. Wagner et al, confirmation of sale.
Sky Bank vs. James S. Knisely, confirmation of sale.
David Newhouse vs. C. James Conrad admr. Settled and dismissed.
North American Mortgage Co. vs. Martin A. Pettitt, judgment for Cortland Banks.
Joyce A. Coleman vs. Hubbard Twp., et al, dismissed
William Taylor vs. Wesley Pate, settled and dismissed.
Leland Moats vs. Joanne Michelakis, dismissed.
Kim Marie Hripko-Jacob vs. Full Power Construction, settled and dismissed.
Melanie Smith vs. Gregory Johnson, settled and dismissed.
Home Federal Savings vs. James S. Rosse, foreclosure.
Kim Pealer vs. Correctional Medical, settled and dismissed.
Raymond Baker vs. Ron L. Shafer, settled and dismissed.
Esther Nagy vs. Margaret Raupach, settled and dismissed.
Michelle Sumpter vs. Jacqueline Smith, settled.
Janie Clay vs. Robert Bingham, settled and dismissed.
Linda Malcomb vs. John Perdue Inc., dismissed.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Ralph W. Cleer, judgment for plaintiff.
Victor M. Divito vs. Randall P. Rodgers, dismissed.
Robert W. Roth Sr. vs. Nick E. Colose, settled and dismissed.
Traci Banks vs. George Shoaf, settled and dismissed.
Milton C. Gordon Jr. vs. David Moyer, settled and dismissed.
Austin Peace vs. Cincinnati Ins., dismissed.
Thomas Ursu vs. Dionne R. Frazier, settled and dismissed.
Wieslaw Wojtanowicz vs. Harshman & amp; Sons Towing, settled and dismissed.
Joseph McHear vs. Leslie Gross, settled and dismissed.
Efthemos G. Hazinakis vs. Bernie L. Greening, settled.
Lamont Williams vs. Carlos D. Hunter, default judgment for plaintiff.
Joan Anderson vs. Milton Waterman Jr., settled and dismissed.
Dukes Transportation vs. Winner Aviation Corp., settled.
Chase Manhattan Mtg. Corp. vs. Jonathan D. Palumbo, confirmation of sale.
Kuntzman Trucking Inc. vs. A & amp; M Towing & amp; Road, settled.
Sandi Mullen vs. Nicholas J. Mann Jr., judgment for plaintiff.
Michael L. Strahan vs. John L. Freeman Jr., dismissed.
G. E. Capital Mortgage vs. Linda L. Stere, settled and dismissed.
Amanda Allen a minor vs. Yousef Mehrabi M.D., dismissed.
John E. Ronyak II vs. Dollie M. Ronyak, settled and dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. William Miller, dismissed.
Charles R. Scott Jr. vs. John A. Watt exec., dismissed.
Carmella Cesta vs. Mark Jacobson, cognovit judgment.
Atlantic Mtg. & amp; Investment vs. Jerome Bruno et al, confirmation of sale.
Case Credit Corp. vs. Wayne Excavating, settled and dismissed.
Kundel Industries Inc. vs. Gary Schultz, settled.
First Union National Bank vs. Darlene Young et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. James Patrick Dambrogio, foreclosure.
John Shver vs. Paul E. Wilson, settled.
Midfirst Bank vs. Melvin Cobb, dismissed.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Dennis Watkins, settled and dismissed.
Carmella Cesta vs. Ricardo Pompeii, cognovit judgment.

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