Retirees will still pay for poor management

Retirees will still payfor poor management
The LTV retiree who wrote about the management bonuses and the reduction of coverage and the increased cost of his health care benefits will be really disturbed when he figures out that his tax dollars are paying for those perks.
Seven years ago, LTV emerged from bankruptcy in the black. The company had at that time $1 billion in the bank. This spring LTV reapplied for bankruptcy protection -- broke, again.
Instead of forcing the corporation to tighten its belt and the workers to demand less at the bargaining table, its poor business practices will be allowed to continue. It has happened by getting local and state lawmakers to pass laws compelling contractors to use expensive ($10 a ton just for fringes) American-made steel in the construction of schools and public works projects in Mahoning County and the state of Ohio.
At union insistence the corporations have paid health care costs that are through the stratosphere. The health care industry has carte blanche to charge the patient and the insurance companies what ever the market will bear, and retirees such as the writer, seniors and people with low incomes, have little choice but to pay up or do without.
If the labor unions and the steel industry are successful in getting the Bush administration to initiate quotas and tariffs to eliminate the foreign competition, the industry and the bargaining units will continue with business as usual with ineffective and inefficient management and an overpaid and under productive unionized work force.
Eliminating foreign competition will drive up the cost of automobiles, appliances and whatever other products that are made with steel. Governments, schools and consumers will pay through the nose. Management will continue to collect its bonuses. The union steelworkers will continue to wave the American flag and extort wages and fringe benefits from consumers, the taxpayers and the writer.
Korean veteran misspoke
To all the Korean vets who fought from Inchon to Seoul: I surrender ... I apologize.
In the June 25 Vindicator was a very nice article that covered the trip I and two other Korean Veterans made back to Korea. The reporter did a great job. Unfortunately, my diction was lacking. I said in the article that the modern city of Seoul now reaches all the way to Inchon and the coast. I also said that 50 years ago it took MacArthur four to five days to get from Inchon to Seoul. Because of poor enunciation, it came out 45 days.
Now I know you guys were and are a hell of a lot better than that. Accept my apology.
Those who were in Korea during the war and are interested in making the same trip can contact me and I'll put you in touch with the right people. You will have to pay for the airfare, but you'll be put up in a five-star hotel; you'll be fed three times a day; you'll be toured all around during that time, including a tour of the DMZ. You will also be honored by the Korean people, and you will be given an Ambassador of Peace Medal. It's a great trip.
Sentence discrepancy no secret to black Americans
Concerning your June 19 editorial: "Two cases, two punishments."
The Jay D. Scott execution and the Annette Giancola incarceration clearly highlight what some members of the black community have been attempting to explain "How We Know It" to America for years, the exalted privilege and preferential treatment given to white females in the United States of America.